Norooz Blues

Arman and Arvin Hosseini sing and play New Year blues

Norooz Blues
by Arash Hosseini

My brothers Arman and Arvin Hosseini, made this video called "Norooz Blues". It's pretty entertaining. Perhaps they can be my nomination for Iranians of the day?



good job guys

by bluepiano2 on

i like the amalgamation of two cultures.  beautifully done.  i would like to hear more from you two.


Dameton garm

by pedro on

Ma chakere harchi eeroniye bahal mesle shoma hastim. bezanin o bekhonin. shad o sarafraz bashid.

Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisons


Simply wonderful

by Monda on

Thank guys! Happy Nowruz to you!

Don't forget to consider reggae and gypsy genres in your future Nowruzi tunes :o)

Jahanshah Javid

Yeah! Sing it man!

by Jahanshah Javid on

It was bound to happen... Iranian-Americans singing the blues for Norooz... there will be a country-western version too, sooner or later.

Loved it. You guys rock. Thanks for the eydi!