Ma Bishomarim

Protest song by King Raam

Ma Bishomarim
by mehrdadm

King Raam is the lead singer of the rock band Hypernova. This clip was aired on VOA's Parazit.


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Raw, Real, Rage

by Monda on

Most important features in a Perfect voice of Protest. 

I was seriously taken by King Raam the very first time I heard him, because of the subdued yet potent quality of the dark sound. His brand of Darkness, to me, is a very realistic property/force guiding this band's vision. It's the natural Darkness that their generation grew up with. What I hear through King Raam's voice is, the calm before or in between storms. Expressions feel very honest and passionate. Very Engaging.

Thanks mehrdadm for this post. Saal Behtari dashteh bashi.


Fantastic. Can you imagine

by vildemose on

Fantastic. Can you imagine singing this with full orchestra and back up...He is a very talented guy and his potential are yet to be revealed...

Jahanshah Javid

Protest Song of the Year

by Jahanshah Javid on

Powerful, meaningful... great song