America is Hostage

Iranian Americans should not accept devastation of their family homeland


America is Hostage
by Dan Huck

If our national leadership weren't held hostage by campaign contributions and insider special interests, they would challenge the excessive influence of Israel and its 5th column allies. Iran is no threat to America.

The Iranian hostage crisis perhaps is a good example of Iranians' ability to control themselves and their behavior under trying circumstances. For 444 days 60 American diplomats were held hostage by a group of Iranian students outraged by America's behavior. None of those diplomats were killed! Many Americans have died, however, in close proximity to the time when they attempted to seriously challenge Israel. President Kennedy, for example, tried his best to prevent Israel from bringing nuclear weapons to the Mideast.

Twelve years before the hostage crisis 297 American sailors and their ship, the unarmed USS Liberty, were held hostage effectively by the Nation of Israel for 2 hours, during which time every effort was made to kill and bury at sea each and every one of those 297 American sailors. The Israeli's bombed the ship, they strafed it, and finally they torpedoed it. Only because of the exceptional bravery and luck of one sailor, who was able to jerry-rig an antenna enabling a radioed call for help to get through, was the death toll just 34 American seamen and officers. Just 34!  It was Israel's 1967 war and it wanted to take Syria's Golan Heights unimpeded.

None of us dare call it treason when we read President Johnson recalled the rescue planes sent by a nearby Aircraft Carrier responding to that SOS which luckily got through. We didn't want to upset our friendship with Israel which says it respects us so much.  Of the 127 wounded and the others who survived, they were sworn to secrecy as if their life depended on it not to say a word about what happened during those horrible two hours they were held hostage by Israel's demonic cruelty.

Now, again, none of us dare call it treason when we ask and are NOT told the truth about why we have been bringing such death and destruction to the Mideast. Like the German citizenry before us which caved in to their Leader's propaganda, we sheepishly accept the hegemonic agenda of Israel in the Mideast - not to be equal - but to dominate, along with their traitorous partners in the US government, military, and business community, which share Israel's desire not to be equal, but to dominate. These are the people holding all of us hostage.

Friends don't let friends drive drunk.  Our leaders, drunk with power, and with the financial power of their Israeli/American  co-conspirators (70 to 80% of Israeli citizens hold dual passports), are trying every trick to destroy Iran, If they can't get Iran to accept "regime change" and accept domination willingly by the US and Israel.

We Americans will not have a better country, a better life for our families and ourselves, if we accept this perversion of our principles, allowing ourselves to be manipulated by the main stream media allies of this unholy alliance. Iranians who are Americans should not be intimidated and pressured to accept the devastation of their family homeland, their friends and loved ones in Iran, to facilitate American/Israeli domination, even if they detest the Islamic Republic.

The demonstrators against the British, like the students who held the diplomats hostage, were demonstrating against foreign meddling. This is a far different thing entirely, for example, than the Israeli's completely unjustified attack on the USS Liberty, and the obvious intent to murder each and every one of the sailors and officers aboard, and to sink the ship. That is an attack patriotic elected officials would get excited about.  Our Congress and other leadership chooses to show us what they are made of, however.


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Updates from PNN (Palestine News Network)

by AMIR1973 on

Mola Nasreddin (under his new user name iraj khan) is providing a service to the Iranian people, who care so deeply what happens to Holy Palestine. Nothing is more dear to the hearts of Iranian men, women, and children than Holy Palestine, where even the rocks, sand, and sewers are close to Allah. Why should Iranians worry about the murder, rape, and torture of Iranians by the IRI, when they can worry about Holy Palestine and the Jooooz???

Just saying, you know. 

iraj khan

Illegal Settlements

by iraj khan on

The illegal occupation of Palestinians' land by the jewish settlers who have been attacking the natives, burning their farms, destroying their mosques has become an American problem.

The situation has got so out of hand that even Israeli news media are complaining:

'This criminal behavior must be rooted out, and everyone knows where the roots are: they are in the incitement of the settler rabbis, the Israeli governments that over and over again approved the settlers' illegal acts, the leniency of the judges and the powerlessness of the (security services)," wrote Nahum Barnea in the biggest-selling newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

High birthrates among religious Jews look likely to perpetuate Israel's rightist tack and its grip on the biblical West Bank, where the settlements are viewed by almost all world powers as unlawful and an impediment to Palestinian statehood."


Manipulation of American political process by the defenders of apartheid regime of Israel has become our problem living in the United States.

I'm just saying,



مزخرفات همیشگی


Iranian Americans should try to stop Iranian regime's messianic cult of hatred so that there wont be any devastation of their family homeland.

Just sayin. 

iraj khan

Human rights

by iraj khan on

or better said,

the lack of it for non jews in Israel.

This is what was reported by human rights organizations regarding the demolition of homes by Israeli government today : 

"Israeli demolition of homes in the occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem displaced more than 1,000 Palestinians in 2011, double the previous year, a coalition of international NGOs said on Tuesday.

"Since the beginning of the year more than 500 Palestinian homes, wells, rainwater harvesting cisterns, and other essential structures have been destroyed in the West Bank including east Jerusalem, displacing more than 1,000 Palestinians," a joint statement by 20 human rights and aid organisations said."



If Saddam Had Nukes in 80's, wouldn't be talking about Iran Now!

by easycake on


so, with Iraq War in the early 80's and Israel getting rid of their Nukes
plant back then... is all but forgotten?

are you saying that we are not better of having Israel
around us, even with having Our Country "under Siege" by own Gov !?

i think you Hate Israel,
because they did not went further and Free Iran back in early 80's !
so,  now if the would have, hen now, some 30-yr's later, we would have had a "true country"
to ourselves to brag on...

in other hands;
what a shame that Israel
did not do the JOB for us in the first hand, so we could enjoy it by now !  



yes, Nobody is friends...

by easycake on


Israel Spy's to verify the actual line &  intent, to find
out where the real Balance is. they spy to verify no ill is driven by some

America Spies too! spies
for same reasons...

they are not giving FREE money to Israel, the give for the same reason
they give to Pakistan, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Egypt,
Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, & many more in Europe , Asia, & Latin America,
...  America even pays to an independent Poll & Election agency in
Russia !

 everybody spies, not for destruction of the other, but for
flow & marinating of the good from the other -- then they confront the
other if there is Ill
and threat to go public with it if not stopped. -- they all do that especially
if the Other claims that they are doing only GOOD to you!  Israel was
spying on some radical right wings who were lobbying the US Admin. to sell
super-high-end-fighter Airplanes to Saudi’s,  they went public with it and
the plan  ended in Israel’s favor!
...the spy was caught & was sentenced.

Lets Not forget, that the Evil regime of Iran picked on Israel as their enemy, raided their
embassy on the very first day after the ’79 revolution was won. Hey, the regime
in Iran Is Evil, and we are sitting here talking about Israel – the only Enemy of Iran Gov. described by the Evil
Iran Regime! 




Devastation of homeland by Iran's Leaders; got to do surgery

by easycake on


before the 79 revolution, Israel
was the single most important ally of Iran. at least they had pacts
against Arab attacks & changed Cheap-oil vs. Tech & industrial update
exchange(even during Iraq War) !
so what happened after 79 revolution!?
the single most important ally was pronounced "the worst enemy" !huh!?

are we all forgetting that,  or just being numb or just
assume that we are suppose to be Enemy of Israel by our guts, or because  it is our culture to hate or is it because it's
been ordered in our holy book to be enemy of them!  None of it!

the fact is that we all know the Evil took over our country, and
the first thing Evil did was to get rid of the best friend from the "good
times", the prosperous times... !  we were the regions superpower
while the oil was 36.00 & without any Nuclear arm power!  why do we
complain that the West & Israel would want this regime to stay and obtain

If we let our people in Iran to Drive their country as Drunks,
as they are forced to do so…, then we have Let the Police to take charge and be
involved. Don’t we all hate the Cops, for doing that …
and doesn’t all Experts (doctors) of Society & Psychology recommend that
the Police to Stop the Drunk Driver !

For Iran’s
regime to stop any Harm to their country is to let the Int’l inspectors do
their job easily & freely!
It did not happen during Saddam in Iraq… and the warnings went on, UN
sanctions were imposed, he still DID NOT let them in !   Do we all think this has to happen and takes
it’s course that long just!

For Iran People, who are our homeland relatives, to stop all Harm is to
organize in one big mass, and at least go on strike. Another simple way would be
for most all to drive their cars & all-at-the-same-time stop their cars on
an particular Time at all Traffic lights (intersections) & walk out of
their cars just walk out, and create a massive traffic Jam… the system shuts
down in few days… !


iraj khan

Nobody's friend

by iraj khan on

Israel is. 

FBI has noted that Israel maintains

"an active program to gather proprietary information within the United States."  A key Israeli method, said the FBI report, is computer intrusion.  In 1996, the Defense Intelligence Service, a branch of the Pentagon, issued a warning that "the collection of scientific intelligence in the United States [is] the third highest priority of Israeli Intelligence after information on its Arab neighbors and information on secret U.S. policies or decisions relating to Israel."

Israel has been spying on us in spite of all the financial, military and political support that United States has porvided it over the years.



by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

During the Irak war against Iran in the eighties Israel was one of the very few countries providing Iran with military assistance. I hope you have not forgotten that this war was orchestred in the background by the carter administration. Just wondering, how you can incorporate this detail into the hypothetical aggression of Israel against Iran ?


I could not say it better !

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

hafez, honour to you and your avatar for this clear and true words. 


good joke, man

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

hey dan huck,

wundeful !!  You are a comedian, right ?

I am also always wondering how these twenty-something million jews are so encredible in ruling the whole world ????    And I always thought thats cause the evil US stands behind them.  No I have to learn from you that they even manage all of this without Uncle Sam.

This can only imply that the Jews are really really "Gods chosen people" ;-)

(Feel free to include this in your next comedy show). 


The Anti-Semitism charge…

by Bavafa on

Ranks up well with the obsession of the IRI with the said groups. 

Nevertheless, while Israel has not occupied my mother land [yet] it is highly suspected of murdering innocent Iranian scientist which are civilian and deserves our condemnation. 

Furthermore, my concern and contempt for the group is in regards to my new home country and its future which is being eroded rapidly by the Zionist hostage taking of its politician and media.

  To deny that fact ranks up will with those who believe IRI is a free country.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Zionism/Jooooz/AIPAC/Mossad is favorite diversion of IRI et al.

by AMIR1973 on

And nothing discredits proponents of this obsession more than the never-ending emphasis on a country which has not occupied one inch of Iranian land or killed a single innocent Iranian civilian (as far as we know), but nonetheless serves as a constant source of hatred and propaganda on the part of certain elements.


It is not an occupation of the goverment...

by Bavafa on

But hostage taking of our politicians as well as media.

 And sadly $$$$ is the name of the game and what rules in this country rather integrity and principal.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


P.S And nothing discredit the proponents of this hostage taking greater than the rhetoric and charge of “anti-Semitism” leveled at ALL including  Jewish people and those of decedent holocaust survivors if they are critical of Zionist faction of Israel. 


Variation on a theme of ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government)

by AMIR1973 on

It seems that a couple of the people posting on this blog subscribe to the theory of Zionist Occupation Government:


Perhaps, they attended former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke's lecture at the 2005 Holocaust denial conference in Tehran... 


iraj khan

Absolutely the worst thing that has happened to American people

by iraj khan on

Israel is.


America is no hostage to annyone

by hafez on

Israel has been a loyal friend and ally to America since it was founded in 1948.   Never switching sides like Egypt, Iran or Pakistan.  I can’t say that for too many countries around the world.   How many times have you seen an Israeli shout “Death to America”?     


It is true that Israel has a strong lobby in the United States.  However, America’s national interest always comes first.   Armenians despite having a powerful lobby have not been very successful to convince the congress recognize the Armenian genocide at the beginning of the last century by the Turks.  Turkey is a staunch American ally.  There are many numerous examples like this.


This is typical Iranian anti Semitism rant against Israel on this site.    How many times have you seen Israelis disrespecting Iran?  How many times have they called Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf?   This is despite Ahmadinejad’s constant call for the destruction of a sovereign nation.


Israel will never attack Iran.  They are smarter than that.   However, Iranians should be ashamed of themselves ranting against a country that has never done any harm to Iran.



The hostage taking of America by AIPAC…

by Bavafa on

And the special interest which seem to have near full control of the Congress should be a concern of all American people and not only Iranian-Americans.


At the time when many Americans do not have a roof over their head or food to eat, it is criminal and a betrayal to your own people to send Billions of $$$ to Israel.

 It is a known fact and expressed by some politicians that Israel has become a liability for US and it is in the interest of US to let this decayed tooth to sort its own cavity.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Lost the hyphen? Good idea: Choose ..

by Joubin on

"You worry about your country Mr Huck and Iranians wil worry about theirs! "

He was addressing "Iranian-Americans". "Our" country is America.  Repeat: Mr. Huck's Country == an Iranian-American's country.

That said, I agree that both Zionistan and Qom Inc. are dangers to world peace.  Both are client states of deep financial power (the same one that has "our" country's IOUs .. which should explain quite a bit).  And both are megalomaniacal theocracies that act contrary to the interest of their captive citizens. 

aside: In all my years in US, I have yet to meet a "German-American", or an "English-American", or "Dutch-American", or "French-American", or ...  


Dan Huck

by Simorgh5555 on

Iranians who are Americans should not be intimidated and pressured to accept the devastation of their family homeland, their friends and loved ones in Iran, to facilitate American/Israeli domination, even if they detest the Islamic Republic.

I actually admire Dan Huck's article. He believes America should put its own national interest above that of Israel. If only the stupid occupiers of Iran shared the same mentality and put Iran's interests above that of Palestine. If we did then there would be none of this brinkmasnship in the Middle East in the first place.  

Because Israel is bad then the Islamic Republc is OK. 

What does Dan Huck know about Iran? What does Dan Huck know about the millions of people executed since the establishment of the establishment of the Islamic Republic? Does he care about the political prisoners, beaten, imprisoned, raped and murdered for taking part in a demonstration or writing a blog? Does he know about the posonous levels of pollution, mass deforestation and precious green belt areas in Iran being destroyed by government contractors? Does Dan Huck know anything about the thousands of young Iranians summarily executed and dumped in mass graves during the prioson purges of 1988?

Dan Huck is entitled to his opinions about Israel. If he sees Israel as a destructive force in American politics and that they are taking American tax payers and servicemen for the ride then he needs to address it. Iranians know better than to side with the Islamic Republic simply because 'my enemy's enemy is my friend'. The Islamic Republic is already devestating Iran and as far as I am concerned they are the descendants of the Arab Muslim invaders who occupied the country in the seventh century AD. 

You worry about your country Mr Huck and Iranians wil worry about theirs!  


The 5th column

by Fred on

Among the triumvirate of Islamists/rabid Anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies, the McCathyish “5th Colum” theme is catching on, do they have  first hand experience in the craft?