Story through body

Sahar, the Persian Dancer

Story through body
by Ghormeh Sabzi

"Sahar, the Persian Dancer, channels a story through her body, one personal journey filled with the mysticism and sensuality of the beats."

Dancing in Persia from Carlos Opitz on Vimeo.


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Thank you

by Souri on

Best luck!


No I'm not :) I'm in the

by KhorshidKhanoom on

No I'm not :)

I'm in the US/MD 



by Souri on

Thanks for your input.

Are you the same Khorshid Khanoom from Canada?


This really isnt persian dance...

by KhorshidKhanoom on

As many others have stated before, this is kind of like a mix of persian dance and belly dance.

The music is great- she could have done alot more with it.

I mean- props to her ... but I didn't really enjoy it, and I've done my fair share of dancing and teaching Persian dance :) 

کلاه مخملی

لذیذ .. :)

کلاه مخملی





You Can Dance

by Hamed on

Is it an ABC show? "you can dance", where aspiring dancers try their art in front of a three judge panel? It is in one these networks. anyway, and after a minute or so into the music and dance, the lead judge says, stop, stop, I have seen enough. This is what i did , had to stop the video after couple of minutes. I had seen enough. The artist tried to synegize the traditional persian dance moves with nouveau (man dar averdi) moves and twists that offered flashes of ballet, arabic and modern dance not blending well together like a bad cake mix full of lumps. Moves were amaturist and did not flow with and respond to the music, they were rather detached and failed to capture and reflect the passion of the sound eminating from the strings. I liked the outfit though, very original. Why not try the gig at You Can Dance show?


why arabic dance?

by Guilan on

It is not persian dance but an arabic dance with persian music. BOF

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

jj  come on man! you can like a dance of some sort with nice music an' all 

BUT as they say in Budapest : NISHT, NAMIYAD.      Maziar



by Aarash4545 on

We've seen much better dancers with more grace and style than this 'khosguel-e zooreki'.

The music however is devine!


Jahanshah Javid

Hazrate Abbasi

by Jahanshah Javid on

You really didn't like this dance? Really really?

I just can't imagine that I would judge an artist, a dancer, a writer... by their style. I would never watch someone dance and then judge her based on whether her style fits my definition of Persian, Modern, Salsa or Tango...

I could care less what her style is. Does she dance beautifully? Is she passionate? Is she sensual? Is she immersed in her craft? And most important of all: Did I enjoy her performance? YES! Tremendously. The rest is irrelevant.



by yolanda on

Thank you, Souri and Red Wine for the great video clips.....I enjoyed watching them!


Red Wine

The Lady Kaboli's Dance Style

by Red Wine on

This is a good example of The Original Persian Dance... Is not a very pro but reminds me those golden days(all Bazm and dancer which i saw then . . .)..before 1357 revulotion.



I like this one better

by Souri on

This girl also shows lots of passion and sensuality. Nothing wrong with dancing a traditional dance, as long as it is really beautiful and eye catching.




by yolanda on

Nice music and can play Tic Tac Toe on the back of her vest.


جی جی جان، بش برسی‌



دوستمون به در میگه، دیوار بشنوه.... خانوما اگه اینجوری بلد نیستید برقصین، دنبالم نیفتین :)

ولی‌ فرم این خانم بسیار زیباست.‌ای کاش همه سایز صفر بودیم... آاه 


Anahid Hojjati

I am with Gharib, creativity over tradition

by Anahid Hojjati on

year after year eating same ghorme sabzi and dancing same old style, why not go for creativity?


Souri jan: You leave it up

by vildemose on

Souri jan: You leave it up to me, I'll make that 51-year old butt shake like there is no tomorrow...You just need to be inspired and find your


Vilemose jon: You and me together? maybe :)

by Souri on

If you meant that we could present a team work, then you might be right!

I can only dress like do the rest!!!

Shaking that big butt at 51, is not so easy , LOL :)

Azarin Sadegh

This is called belly dancing on Persian music!

by Azarin Sadegh on

I am sure she is a great belly dancer. But this is not Persian all! I agree with Redwine...


"Persian Dancer" vs. "Persian Dancing"

by Gharib on

If you note the explanation at the top of the page, you notice that there is no reference to Sahar dancing core Persian.  It says she is a "Persian" dancer.  

I find it a bit surprising that while there have been praises on other clips posted on this site, calling the clip, innovative, original, etc,etc.... that we call the moves that she has created "man daravardy".  Isn't that the same as being creative and innovative?  

Who determines that a dancer has to stay within the defined traditional moves and expressions, the way we know it. What would be said about Shahrokh Moshkinghalam then, if we limit ourselves to the walls of tradition.

This is a mixed dance not a core Persian dance, however "Sahar" possesses what many core Persian dancers don't and that is dancing from "within".  She is all  heart and soul and that is something you can't learn, in any dance school, even the "Persian Dancing".

I commend her for her passion and creativity. 


I love her dance costume. I

by vildemose on

I love her dance costume. I admire her effort. But as souri and Red wine pointed out, this is man daravordi. I wish her well though. Hope she hones her craft in the future.


P.S. I think Souri and I could do a better

Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I liked it.  No, I more than liked it.


Redwine jon, you nailed it!

by Souri on

I congrats the young lady for her talent.

But honestly, I believe with her self-invented (man daravordi) style, she thoroughly ruined the Persian Dance !

I have seen many good Persian dances by the students of Ms Lazarian and some of the Talar Roudak's Persian dance courses, which were just perfect. They stayed true to the original Persian dance and not a mixture of  Arabic belly dancing with the western aerobic gymnastic à la Shakira........

Good luck to her anyway. She seems to be a true passionate one.


Still waiting for the story

by Puck on

I failed to see or hear the significance which made it eligible for the front page.

My heart is true as steel.

Red Wine

من درآوردی

Red Wine

با اَندکی‌ جستجو میتوان چند صَد ویدئو از رقصِ دخترَکانیْ ایرانی پیدا کرد که واقعاً به سبکِ اصیلِ رقصِ پارسیان میرَقصند،با چندْ حرکت من درآوردی و چند تکانْ، مانند رقصِ عَربی‌ و تُرکی‌..نمیتوان همچین جُنبشی را رقصِ ایرانی نام نَهاد !غیر از این،ما هیچ نکته خاّص ،چه پوشیده و چه نا‌ پوشیده از رقصِ ایشان ندیدیم !

موفّق باشید.

Jahanshah Javid

Dance your heart out

by Jahanshah Javid on

There have been at least a couple of dozen clips of dancers on Most have been very good technically, and very beautiful, but not a lot of personality or passion. Sahar has got it all. A perfect balance of east and west, beauty, and lots of passion and sensuality. If you're going to dance, especially for an audience, dance your heart out. Dancers! Please learn from Sahar.