Baaghe bi Bargi

New song composed and arranged by Babak Amini

Baaghe bi Bargi
by Ghormeh Sabzi

New song fron "Hajme Sabz" (Green X) album composed and arranged by Babak Amini. Lyrics by Ardalan Sarfaraz. Directed by Siros Kerdouni.

Behind the scenes:


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Googoosh is one of the best in the world

by Helen on

This video is one of the  unic and beutiful one, it is color full, it has best views and picturs and her actng and singing is always amazing.

I wish to see more from her and also see her as international siger and actor.





by sarasepidzadeh on



Sara Sepidzadeh - All Things IRAN


Folies de jeunesse.

by Sinibaldi on

Dans le son  perpétuel de un  automne très  heureux j'écoute  le silence, le chant d'un berger sur le seuil du soleil et la timidité, la naturelle voix  qui rappelle la  jeunesse. Francesco Sinibaldi



by apersianboycom on

Amazing. BEAUTIFUL. Hamisheh Googoosh, faghat Googoosh.
A Golian.


Lovely Song

by Ahura on

A trip down the memory lane, nice beat, splashes of colors, good poem (I could not get the last line), and plaintive song. A lovely work by talented Googoosh, her tribute song “Aghaayeh man…” notwithstanding.

Thanks Ghormeh Sabzi.  


beautiful all around

by minadadvar on

beautiful Googosh, beautiful song, beautiful voice. 

fl O ra

She's timeless!

by fl O ra on

Long before Madonna, we had Googoosh!


About time to stop reminiscing about the 70s ...

by reader1 on

... and breathe the future. Surely there is no shortage of talents among the children of 70s' generation?


How come

by Marjaneh on

How come her coiffure doesn't move?

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin



by Majid on

Very few women age like a "Naab wine" as Googoosh did while many age like milk.

Shaah maahi indeed.


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

reader 1     the younger one may please the eyes for........

But who can relate the 70's better than Googoosh.?       Maziar


A technically superb and well-produced video, but ...

by reader1 on

not quite sure Googosh was the right choice for this particular song.  Googoosh is a great singer, but a younger and fresher singer would have done this production more justice.

Real McCoy

A woman for all seasons

by Real McCoy on

A seasoned woman, with a good voice, and artistically calculated moves.


what a voice.....

by shushtari on

I'm proud to call her my hamvatan....

in the midst of 31 years of hell.....her voice brings back memories of good, happy times.....and a once peaceful iran where we had a semblance of prosperity


god bless googoosh.....


the akhoonds tried to keep her silent forever....but thank god she got out 


Very Nice Song...

by UnitedIran on

Very talented Mr. Amini & Mr. Sarfaraz...Googoosh goes without saying.

Interesting rendition of "Ey Iran" by Babak;



Lovely video

by Naz on

She is number one, sweet as always, a true artist. Looking forward to see more of her all the time.


She keeps getting better! Fantastic!

by farrad02 on

And I see she has put on a little weight! Looking healthy! ;-)