Northern Lights

Northern Lights
by Farah Afshari

Staying awake in the strange horizon

to catch the northern lights

green and red

as it rains on my soul

I remain awake thirsty of holding you tight

Aware of having have to let go

Have I travelled far?

seen enough as eyes should?

been in places I should?

Close to forgetting familiar image

escaping in distance you persist

It is all too late

it is all been a confused, disturbed dream

waken in the dust

lost all over

holding on to you

I can not

Holding an open arms to the wind

as morning awakes

I step out again

this time without you

I can see the sky widening beneath my feet

as I let go

Staying awake in the strange horizon

I let go of you

and hold on to the northern lights…



Farah Afshari


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beautifully descriptive

by Monda on

Dear Farah Afshari I look forward to reading more of you.