Khoda Midooneh

Shant Sevag's video for Mohsen Namjoo

Khoda Midooneh
by Ghormeh Sabzi

This video was created by Shant Sevag. Also see his other Namjoo videos, "Hamash Delam Migireh", "Faghih Khoshgele" and "Buddha". He writes: "I found this music online and the images of Namjoo that are all around the web. Some people have the Opportunity to have the Artist but me, I just use their wasted videos..."

Nam JOO MiX from shant sevag on Vimeo.

این راه کج می رسه به مقصد؟
خدا میدونه
من و تو گمیم توی این اندازهء بی وسط
خدا میدونه
تا کی شتاب، رقص نور و آب
توی قطار زندگی، انتخاب توهم و سراب
آخ که چه حالی می کنم من!
توی این چرخهء سردرگم
من می چرخم یا چرخ گردون؟
خدا میدونه
من دیگه راه نمی رم، نمی دوم، پرواز می کنم، بال ندارم!
توی دشت خدا شناکنان، صخره ها رو ناز می کنم، پرواز می کنم!
آخ که چه حالی می کنم من!
توی این چرخهء سردرگم
من می چرخم یا چرخ گردون؟
خدا میدونه


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Shant's Knowledge of Iranian Culture is Quite Limited

by moftaki on Iranians' Waiting Station

Shant Sevag only spent his early years as a child attending an Armenian school in Iran. He is a very talented video editor, but has yet to understand the history of art and culture in Iran as well as in the USA. 

He just doesn't understand the significance of the statements made by Namjoo, and most of the times he relates the lyrics to the wrong scenes from his library of videos which mostly come from the West even if the depict the East.

Maybe if Namjoo were to colaborate with this young talented man they can come up with the right chemistry.

13th Legion

To Saeb ,Saman and eroonman

by 13th Legion on

The video was not made by Namjoo, he has nothing to do with it, this person Shant Sevag is making his these videos on his own based on his own interpolations of Namjoos work and posting them on YouTube.

Read JJ’s comment.

3 rounds of chill pills, on me. ;))




by eroonman on

Namjoo used to stand for something, alternative. This is simply an LA music video. Very lame. Sad to see a legend turn into a sellout.

The more things change the more things stay the same.

I must go and throw up now.


No way Mohsen

by Saman on

I'd be surprised to know Mohsen approved this Javaatt omolli, outdated techno/electronic beat over his song!

Someone must have ripped him off and added their own flavor of cheap Casio cheese to it. 

Immortal Guard

Now Shant Sevag...

by Immortal Guard on

Now Shant Sevag is qualified to direct an Indiana Jones movie!


Beautiful and profound

by Arthimis on

Beautiful and profound lyrics, as 13 legion preciesly put it : "It hits home", big time. The music and performance is good too. The video clip is well done, but in my humble opinion, we should just stick to our own diverse cultures within Iran and Iranians from different backgrounds. Since the beat is somewhat Electronic/Persian fusion, it is also OK to incorporate some western sounds, voices, images and characters as well since Namjoo now lives outside Iran and in the west, so there is a relation there, but with all due respect to Indian culture, this Indian dance doesn't have any relation to this song whatsoever and in fact diverts the real attention from the meaning, feeling and the true message of this song here in my opinion. Never the less, wishing Shant Sevag all the best for all his good efforts on Namjoo's songs and interest/contributions to this new style of Persian music and art... Peace.

Free Iran.


فقط همین یکی‌ رو کم داشتیم




اگه پول داشتم تمام نسخه‌ها و حق و حقوق این یه دونه ویدئو رو
می‌خریدم، که بذارمشون دَمِ پیاده رو، واسه کامیون شهرداری. البته سلیقه‌ها
مختلف و هر کدوم محترمه. من با چپوندن رقص هندی و اصولاً مخلوط کردن اون
فرهنگ اونطرفی( آسیای جنوب شرقی‌) با مال خودمون مخالفم.


"Learning carries within itself certain dangers because out of necessity one has to learn from one's enemies."


Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

The collective of lyrics, music and images. Thanks.


نا‌ هماهنگ


همیشه میگویند بهترین آثار در سختیها و در زیر فشارها و کمبود آزادی ساخته میشود.ایشون وقتی‌ در ایران بودن کارهای جدید و سبکی نو را داشتند،حالا در آزادی مطلق و فراق خاطر این نوآوری فکر می‌کنم از بین رفت.هدفم خراب کردن یا کوچک کردن ایشان نیست،اما به عنوان یک شنونده برای من خیلی‌ عجیب است،موزیک ایرانی‌ با رقص هندی و کردی و صدای دکلمه نخراشیده یک ........البته ایشان آزاد هستند و سلیقه‌ها مختلف.به امید کارهای بهتر. 

13th Legion

BIG UP's خدا میدونه

13th Legion

Namjoo & Shant make a real good team, dameh jofteshon garm.

Love the lyrics, it hits home.


Jahanshah Javid

Shant the Great

by Jahanshah Javid on

I had no idea Shant Sevat was creating these great videos all by himself, without Namjoo's direct participation. Well, lucky Namjoo, because Sevant's interpretations work beautifully.

And the lyrics... just magnificent.