Three videos from new rap artist

by Ghormeh Sabzi

A$A is an Iranian artist who lives in the US. She is originally from Ahvaz, southwestern Iran, and her songs are raw social commentaries on the life of Iranian community in diaspora. Her MySpace page: //www.myspace.com/ohasajoon


Also, "LA River":

"Merci Sexi":


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She is not only beautifull

by koorosh10 on

She is not only beautifull and sexy but she is also very exotic. All my American and non Iranian friends admired her movement and style after waching her video. Good luck to her and I hope to see more of her. In some ways she reminds me of Nushafarin.  l

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

اتفاقا جالب بود،اریژینال بود !

متأسفانه ارزش‌های فامیل اصیل ایرانی از بین رفته است ولی‌ ایشان جالب از فامیل خود استفاده کرده بود که ما خوشمان آمد.

پر و پاچه ایشان هم بد نبود ! لذت بردیم.

ممنون از ویدئو.



I like her

by IRANdokht on

The first video was sweet and innocent, I loved the family dance too.

My favorite was LA river. I loved that one! She gracefully expressed the pain and the frustration of the iranian women. The contrast of the execution slides and her dance was just amazing...  

I'd say pretty good for an amateur!  Much better than some of the professionally made videos that I have seen. She is not a star yet, she's got some more work to do, but she's an expressive and daring artist.

Thanks Ghormeh Sabzi. Good find!




by Yana on

for us to have our own Lady gaga... and I think she fits the role, GS make the call

shad zee

y ana


To Jahnshah Javid

by Yana on

I think she would be a good addition to your Iranian.com concert.  She'll spice it up, do something daring JJ !

shad zee



GS, thank you, I loved it :)

by Yana on

shad zee



To gul-dust ...

by Yana on

Sir, why do you call this shameful?  She is a talented artist and her videos are cool and daring.  Why do you guys have to always analyze everything, why can't you just appreciate art in any form that is being delivered to you?!

shad zee



Close Your Eyes Souri Jaan

by kathmandu5 on

JJ, If Souri sees the video, she will call all of us guys nadid badid. lol

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

What is it specifically that you don't like about her?

Even though rap/hip-hop is not my kind of music at all, she's not hurting herself or anyone else with what she's doing.

She doesn't have a hard-core image, yet you're apparently equating her with those girls who are in pornography.

In all of this time I have seen you on this website, your views can be summed up into just two patterns of thought:

1) All women are sleazy:

2) Everything that's wrong with the world is the fault of the Jews.


She's good. I like her if she continues & not be a 1-hit wonder

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

honal ahwaz fi l edahadteh l iraniyeh.

inja ahwaz ast radio sedaye iran              Maziar


Mr. Gol-Dust

by Khar on

YES I've NO tolerance for self-righteous people!

SHE DID NOT JUDGE ANYONE BY HER VIDEOS, but yet she is being judged in a worst way!!!! She is being called a whore, Why??? Just because she is using music and dancing to express herself and her thoughts? She being called a whore because an Iranian male, born and raised in a culture that looks at more than 50% of society (the women) as 2nd class citizens with no right of any kind what-so-ever and believes in gender Apartheid can not accept it , yes that is backward and stupid and wrong. Again I ask If we deny personal freedom and expressions how in the hell we can promote social justice and social freedom?


LION-WOMAN Free agency .. the way the deprived can not digest

by Amir Normandi on

Amir Normandi

Free Agency… a concept that the deprived can not digest.

So raw and unique; a new artist always gives more and she is a very giving talent as JJ correctly points out.

Bandari beats and moves and her interpretations are fresh and daring, thanks to her free spirit. Now we will have other try to creat new molds.

To Agha-zadeh-ha: lets move to 8th century, step by step we need to move forward. 

I have to repeat her lyrics for those that did not get it:

Silent screams, don't hide like a rat.

Thanks Lion-woman (Sheer-Zan)

Amir Normandi



Very good

by Yara on

I liked her lyrics and her self-confidence. She is a promising talent.

Hamid Y. Javanbakht

LA River

by Hamid Y. Javanbakht on

Very sweet song.


Ahmad from Bahrain, "Public Enemy is old school"

by AK69 on

- P.S. - KMPAx2 




More Power to You Young Lady

by bachenavvab on

You kept your national identity and language.  You obviously love your motherland.  You have a message in your art that is much deeper than the pockets of the shallow artists on satelite channels.  You are smart, talented and beautiful.  Keep it up!



very degrading to all decent iranian women! Shameful!

by gol-dust on

Comments are even more shocking. You guys have no family values? Are you gonna show this to your teenage kids? Desperados!


It must be the warm waters of Persian Gulf

by XerXes on

The warm waters of the always Persian Gulf will always sex you up.


Daring Artist with a message

by ramintork on

With her Khoosestani Felfel Namaky looks, and talent, plus being daring in flaunting her sexuality yet having a social message she could do well.




Art is art

by Arash_1970 on

Art in all its shapes is here for us to enjoy ,the audiences will decide who will stay and who will go.Interesting artist ,a new brand of talent amongst us.Iran got talent...part one :-)

Ahmed from Bahrain

Okh joon, aziz joon,

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

fesenjoon.Rap is a phenomena; pure copying is another. Perhaps one day we will come up with our own brand but judging aside, it is attention grabing especially with such a body. Damn, its good.

Personally I prefer a slimmer version but my Arab upbringing keeps interfering..

AK69. Whats with this copy and paste comment. Marg bar this and marg bar that.Give over man.

Try living for once. Repeat: Life is good even if I don't like what I see.

Qorbanat. Okh joon.

Ahmed from Bahrain



by deejaymori on

MB you got to be F&@# Kidding me


Bright, Talented, Beautiful and.....

by Khar on

most of all AHVAZI!!! Complete.

maziar 58

jj wolek beppa

by maziar 58 on

ba beche mahlmoon kari nadashte bash............alaki



Talented and smart girl.

by vildemose on

Talented and smart girl. Needs some refining but she is original and comfortable in her skin.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I think she's a great talent. The music, her themes, are bold and daring.

Mola Nasredeen

Alienation in Motion

by Mola Nasredeen on

Her music video tells of an Iraian woman Being Trapped in the Past while trying to Deal with the Present. She's trying to make sense of her existence in this new settings through HipHop music. Not an artist yet but she may become one day, if she don't give up.

PS: Ghormeh Sabzi and Fessenjoon, two of my favorite dishes.



by yolanda on

1st video, "Fessenjoon":

I like the Persian cuisine, Persian carpet, and pictures from Iran.

2nd video, "LA River":

Some images are very disturbing and sad!

3rd video, "Merci Sexi":

I learned absolutely nothing and can't help, but laughing!



LOL - FessenJoon!

by AK69 on