Conspiracy for Greatness

From new book, "Conspiracy for Greatness: Mastery of Love Within!"


Conspiracy for Greatness
by Behnam Bakhshandeh

Behnam Bakhshandeh is an accomplished life and business coach & trainer in the areas of accountability, productivity and achieving peace of mind and fulfillment in all aspects of personal and professional life. His book, Conspiracy for Greatness: Mastery of Love Within!, has just been published. This is an excerpt from Chapter 1:

For many years, I was fascinated by our ability as a human race to shift our thinking. One of the main elements that define us from other species is this ability to “think,” and to decide and redirect our minds to what we always knew we could do! Look at our collective recorded human history, and you will find all those wonderful, brilliant and fascinating human beings who directed their thinking to an area or topic, producing unprecedented results, incredible inventions and so many amazing creations that we can barely keep count. Now, you and I are taking advantage of the outcome of those brilliant thinkers!

All inventions, all new methods and all new ways to do something new or improve something that someone else came up with a long time ago has come from our thoughts. What makes a human being think the way these geniuses have thought? You can see them everywhere, in science, in technology, in politics, medicine, sports, aerospace, architecture, engineering and many different areas. This list can go on and on.

Why do you think Thomas Edison did not give up after trying over 900 different materials that would make the light bulb work? Why did Louis Pasteur not give up on finding a cure for so many human illnesses and diseases? Why did Dr. Luther King, Jr., not give up on his dream for social equality? Why did Mahatmas Gandhi not give up on dream of a free and independent India? Why did Leonardo Da Vinci not give up on coming up with a new invention year after year, after year? As you know, I can give you thousands of examples from thousands of amazing human beings that made the world a better place for you and me. An amazing point to note here is that all of them had the same 24 hours you and I have! Why is it that most of us cannot achieve as much as they did?

We Are NOT Different From The Great Thinkers!

Maybe we think they are different from we are, like they have more brain cells than we do, that they have different genes, or that there is something dramatically different about them! I know as well as you know that there are no differences between those people and us! Contrary to what you might think, or want it to be, there is no difference. Not in biology, not in abilities and not in circumstances! We all, as they were also, have and still deal with life’s circumstances. As a matter of fact, they had so much more hardship in life compared with what we deal with today. Did they have the Internet, cell phones, computers, a college counselor, a high school prom, a personal trainer, a coffee latte or parents who were committed to their development? No. We have that! We are spoiled and we are lazy! VERY lazy!

What made these great minds different was their mentality, their view of life and their vision of their world. In their view of life there were no limits, and if there were, they knew they could work around them, and they knew they could get over that hump. If there was a limit, it was not a limit they imposed on themselves, but rather it is what others insisted on!

There are no limits, there is no hardness, and there is no “I can’t” until we say “it is,” or we listen to others saying “it is!” What is this amazing phenomenon that some people have created mastery around and for so many others it is still a mystery?

They had vision! They saw a future, and they started planning and designing their actions to correlate to that future they saw. But they did not act like it was a fantasy or some pie in the sky, but like “it is true and I am getting there!” They did not know how, but they knew they could reach their goals. So can you if you change your thinking.

We all are experts in DOING. By the way, just DOING is not enough for us; we have to DO IT GOOD, or DO IT RIGHT! Take a look around, you are either good at what you DO or you go to school to become good at what you are going to DO, or know someone who is very good at what they DO, or what you need them to be good at! Or you hire someone who is good at what you want them to DO! It is all about DOING, and we have to DO it right!

That is what makes things work around our lives, and what we need! We have made our environment so complicated and so out of control with doing rules, doing laws, doing governments, doing parenting, doing this and doing that, which forces us to go through many years of education and do a lot of other DOINGS just so we can afford doing the education. We teach our children to do the same thing to become someone that does something that will make us proud of what they do, and then we are all getting busy doing what we all do! How is that for a great picture of our lives and our world that we have created around us?

As I said, just doing it is not enough. We must to do it right! If we don’t do it right, we suffer for years and are stuck in a battle with ourselves. We make ourselves wrong for not doing it right the first time, and the first try! Can you see yourself there? I am sure you can, as can I. We have started so many things and have not finished them, because it was not RIGHT ENOUGH, it was not GOOD ENOUGH. The result? We just dropped it.

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