Sounds of Spring

Sounds of Spring
by Setareh Sabety

The sounds of spring have no reason

To stop


Nature shows off her clout


Unable to anticipate

Her fate


She continues


Her nurturing ways

And stays



That around the corner


Death loiters

Silent and patient


Smirking at all

This seasonal optimism


Knowing that his

Reign will come soon


Licking his lips

At the tasty prospect


Of feasting

On nature’s ruin


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Setareh Sabety


by Setareh Sabety on

thank you. baa tabrik faravan vaa arezooyeh khosbakhti dar sale jadid.



by Monda on

I enjoy the humanlike sensual nuances...licking his lips at the tasty prospect of feasting on... BTW the flower in the photo is mysterious, beautiful and dark like your poem.

Nice wishes to you in the New Year.


Beauties Are Ephemeral !

by Mehman on

Very nice and thoughtful poem Setareh,

Yes there is no escape from death. The shadow of annihilation follows everything and everybody. 

They say the universe will come to a total darkness...


Happy Norouz 

Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on



Setareh Sabety

FS khanoom

by Setareh Sabety on

eideh shoma ham mobarak. thank you for liking my flow!

Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on