The outsiders

Millions of highly educated Iranians feel disconnected from their own country and government


The outsiders
by Mohammad Alireza

Why is Iran importing 30,000 tons of asbestos a year? Do they not know how toxic this substance is? What is it being used for? Does Iran have any environmental regulations for asbestos? (See

The mind goes blank wondering what our so called leaders are doing to Iran.

Our forests are being decimated, our rivers poisoned, our air made un-breathable, and the minds of our youth crippled.

I had held off from posting the following because it was maybe too negative. When I read about this asbestos idiocy I changed my mind.

Iran's presidential elections will soon take place and Iranians will be making a choice between Mr. Ahmadinejad and another who may represent a possibly less disastrous tomorrow. Karoubi is only going to split the vote.

Unfortunately none of the candidates can save Iran from the downward path that it is on.

The problems we face are so entrenched and deep rooted that the entire structure of the economy and government needs to be overhauled and restructured.

Unemployment, inflation, unaffordable housing, incompetent state run companies, urban congestion and pollution are recognized by all Iranians.

But what is most painful is that we have millions of highly educated young men and women that feel disconnected from their own country and government and know that they are outsiders and can not play any significant role in solving the countries problems.

Instead of being motivated to be a participant and contributor to a brighter future their top priority is to find a way to leave Iran.

Instead of voting for the next president they are voting to never to have anything to do with Iran.

The extent of this alienation is so deep that it was not uncommon to hear some Iranians being in favor of Iran being bombed by Bush so as to bring about change.

What does this tell you about the situation in Iran?

It says that given the slightest opening, opportunity, chance, or circumstance, --- even being bombed! --- the Iranian people will remove those in power.

And those in power know this. And it is their greatest fear. And it is this fear that suffocates our youth and our future.

Recently a newspaper was closed down because it ran this headline: "Who is Iran's Obama?"

The answer is that we are all Iran's Obama because we all have the potential to bring about change that this country desperately needs.

Regrettably those holding onto totalitarian theocratic power in Iran have placed a muzzle over the minds of the Iranian people causing a pandemic of self-censorship and an allergy towards revolutionary change.

In place of Orwell's Big Brother they have substituted their version of God.

The greatest achievement of the regime is the successful brainwashing of Iranians so that they obediently herd themselves into voting booths where they unquestioningly participate in rigged elections and mistakenly believe they are taking part in the democratic process.

It seems it's possible to fool most of the people most of the time when religion is used as a stick.

Those that have mistakenly achieved positions of power wallow in superstition and dream of a savior that will swoop down and correct all their shortcomings.

What they don't understand is that the Iranians people are their own savior and superstition is an affliction of the uneducated, especially those that hold or approve of fake degrees from fake universities.

Throwing money at problems is not leadership but evidence of arrogant phoniness and ultimately an act of injustice towards those that are victims of economic cretinism.

While millions bleat like sheep and chant for the death of countries millions more attempt to escape from the madness through opium, crystal meth, and heroin. With the educated in escapist mode, and the addicts slumped into semi-consciousness, all we have left are RoboBasij and money hunters.

Money hunters occupy every office and household. They will lie, cheat, and even steal so as to get hold of money. Contracts are signed so as to know which clause to break. It's not about providing a service or a quality product but about filling ones pockets. If a bribe is not negotiated ahead of time then enough problems are created so that the poor fool is forced to pay a bribe. Civility has been replaced by an anarchic jungle where friends and family have been transformed into an extended network for hunting money. Employees at state run companies grovel to reach a higher position with higher budgets only because this will mean they can fill their pockets with bigger nuggets.

The utopian society that theocracy was supposed to bring about has failed miserably and the national misery index of Iran is its proof.

In order to save Iran there has to be a separation of mosque and state. What has become obvious to all Iranians is that the version of Islam being sold by the clerics in power requires top to bottom reformation if it is to regain its respect and legitimacy. Iran's problems are not economic, political, or social, but religious.


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anonymous fish

oh annie

by anonymous fish on

get over yourself.  americans decided by a landslide vote that we DO want obama.


Obama is NOT a good man

by AmericanAnnie (not verified) on

Iran does not want its own Obama. Obama is not a good man. He wants to enslave Americans and has already begun the process.

Both Iran and America want someone like George Washington!

Obama is poison -- to the soul, to the mind, and to the body.

Obama hates America and hates freedom.

If you in Iran love freedom, run from Obama. And pray for America. We are terrorized by Obama, who threatens our destruction by everything he does.


Ali Asghar (dariush my foot)

by electric_samavar on

I am just not able to discuss the stench of feces with pigs!



by Dariush (not verified) on

You keep bragging You are this and that and I make errors. In your latest posting, line 4 you wrote"my views become clearer to you". Shouldn't that be "more clear to you"? not clearer. Again, I am not a genius like you and I make no claims. I type and send. If I was using a dictionary like you, I wouldn't have errors. That is common sense. Don't you think so?

You advised me to go and read your writings again. I did. I saw, you are the one who made personal attacks to everyone who disagree with you and I see more contradictions and lies. You wrote,"I learn everything I can about Iran". But then you apologize that you can not write Farsi for me to read. If you don't know how to write Farsi, then what have you been learning? Farsi is the first step.

You wrote, "I am all for bombing of Iran, if I knew it was going to happen, I will be on the next plane to Iran to welcome those bombs, embrace them and let my flesh feed the free future of Iran".
I make it short. You are as dumb as it gets.

Then you say, when I was 17, I left Iran and made a comfortable life in America. Where were you when American bombs did fall for 8 years? Let me correct you. When you were 17 you ran away from Iran, to save your ass. Then you made a comfortable life in America. Good for you, but what have you done for Iranians in Iran? Have you spent time or money to help some homeless kids, or drug addict or any others in Iran? I bet you have not. Just bragging. Thousands have done more than you with less and don't brag at all. You really are Narcissus. I don't have a dictionary handy. Did I spell it right for you this time? Are you getting the point? or are you just too full of it?
Respectfully, Dariush



by Dariush (not verified) on

You keep writing Ali Asghar. Who is Ali Asghar? Are you going out of your mind?

I don't like to make personal attacks, but I am very sensitive to Iran being bombed.

Alireza wrote, some educated Iranians want Iran to be bombed, so that they can change the government. I think it is wrong from him to make such claims on a site like this, even if he really heard that from a few highly unlikely educated. Because a few do not represents the opinion of seventy million and this kind of statements can be used by media and be sold to the public in west.

You, the highly educated said, it is OK, if Iran is bombed. You would rather Iran be bombed and destroyed, then you can build a perfect Iran from scratch up. You call others including members of your own family uneducated and stupid and call yourself very smart and highly educated. Everyone can read them. You don't even have a clue or care of how many millions will die, how many years will take to build, how much capitol will be needed to build and where you get it from once there is no oil revenue. Unless you become slave to the west to build the oil refineries and buy the oil for $2.00 a barrel just to avoid starvation.
You see, I didn't insult you. You did it yourself.

Now, in your latest posting you consider yourself the lowest of the lowest. Well, I agree with you on this and I have a good new for you. You are not alone. kaveh nouraee, fred, zion, the pope, farhad Kashani are in the same level as you. So, enjoy each others company. Respectfully, Dariush


Dariush (Ali Asghar) Jaan Eftekhar Dadid

by electric_samavar on

Asghar Ghassab-e Aziz, you made me laugh.  I can always use a good laugh. Sweetheart, If you read my "little" note, one more time, may be with the help of an English Farsi dictionary, my views may become clearer to you. 

1- If you have (and that is a big IF) something to say, say it about the socio-political issue discussed here, rather than making it a personal vendetta and worrying about my heart, brain, and particularly my testicles, but I understand the mullahs and their "boys" are particularly interested in such limbs.  Furthermore, I clearly indicated that hired assassins like you cannot insult me, as I consider myself the lowest of the lowest.  A "narcissist", if you don't know what it means, never talks about him/herself in that fashion.2- You think you are glad about what I said about Chaney, boy, I am really glad the little English that you know helped you comprehend that paragraph, partially.  However, you missed the part about my assessment of the intentions behind the war.  I apologize for not being able to type in Farsi, but if you have the patience of putting your dictionary to good use, read that part one more time.3- I am not advocating a war against Iranian people, but giving your vermin employers the choice of opening the ballots to all Iranians, regardless if their affiliation with ANY political or social group or agenda, and under the monitoring of an INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE (not United State) or suffer the consequences.  If and when comes down to "it", a few thousand innocent lives will be lost, but Iranians are already being assassinated, suffocated, tortured, and demoralized by a corrupt and violent regime of "bani khomeini", which has turned the women of the less fortunate to prostitutes and the youths into 5 million junkies.4- Let's not to discuss the "love of the country", since I am just not able to discuss the stench of feces with pigs.



by Dariush (not verified) on

I am glad that at least you said a few kind words in respect to Chaney. However, I am surprised someone as intelligent as you with such a high education haven't got the point that the U.S. has not gone to Iraq to deliver democracy.

Even better news you gave and we had no idea of such accomplishments in medical science is the fact that, they are growing limb, skin tissues, ear and etc. Perhaps one of these days they can grow a brain or heart or maybe even balls for you, so you can understand the politic, love your country and write at least your name with your posting. I feel like I am communicating with a highly educated electric_samavar.

As for fixing Iran, Iranians do not need narcissists like you to promote war against them in the name of freedom. Freedom of speech doesn't do any good to a dead man. Do you get it? "Unlikely Educated"



by electric_samavar on

Plekhanov dedicated a book to the dangers of “dualists” in the world and throughout the history.  The “dualists” convolute the clear separation between the darkness and light, or good and evil which Manichaeism (since you mentioned it) is founded on, or the pain and pleasure, or as we say in Farsi, "muddying up the waters" in order to hook the fish, and lots of fish that is, when it comes to the idealogues, such as yourself.

You are right, I am still the Dorian Grey (unfortunately not physically) and stuck at 18 when everything was black and white.  My “friend” you cannot insult me, because of the fact that I consider myself the lowest of the lowest!!!  Not compared to the evil-spirited ignorant creatures of the world, but in comparison with those who have given up their lives for the betterment of the living conditions of the less fortunate.  So, if you are advocating a “rational discourse”, for the good of the audience (if any), let’s have a “rational discourse”.

Blaming our sociopolitical problems to a “Biogeography” issue under “contemporary science” is no different than the profiteering Pharmaceuticals who invent new acronyms in order to get you hooked on their new medication justified under “contemporary science”.  I am not sure what kind of crowd you hang out with, but WE, the highly educated to not-so-educated Iranians, from friends and relatives to every single one that I may have met in any type of gathering, we have been far LESS RELIGIOUS/superstitious, less conspiratorial, and less whining than most European, Black, or Hispanic Americans that I know.

The era of accepting genetic deformity at its face value is over.  We have the capabilities of growing a limb or mending a damaged spinal cord from embryonic stem cell, therefore, we no longer believe in sitting around and waiting for “an industrial revolution”.  We need to interject the embryonic democracy cells into the bodies of destructive Middle Eastern “Mediocrities” as it happened and is happening in Iraq.  Before delving into my argument about Iraq, let me clarify one thing for all of those who would be fuming at the mouth regarding this Issue.  In my opinion Chaney and his retard kid had no intention of helping Iraqis in any shape or form.  Their only intention was about plundering the US Treasury.  They committed the biggest treason by lying to American people, but the biggest service to Iraqis by toppling the demonic regime of Saddam and nourishing its inevitable fruit; the democracy.  Iraqis could have never dreamt, in their life times, to be able to have a democratic elections or a country without Saddam.  If the destructive murdering fanatic movement of ignorant insurgents were absent, Iraq could be a prime example of what a stem cell transplant can accomplish, as I am certain it eventually will; that is if Mr. Obama and his European allies do not commit the typical colossal liberal mistakes of the past.  While I understand atrocities have been committed by elements in the military or intelligence forces, however, Iraqis will be indebted their future to the heroic efforts of American solders who gave up their lives, may be under false pretenses, yet committed the ultimate sacrifice, to bring down Saddam and fight insurgents and planting the seeds of democracy in Iraq.  While I understand such views are extremely unpopular amongst the pilgrims of Middle Eastern mentality, but I leave it to the passage of time before more people believe the earth is not flat.

Mr. “incognito”,  “changing the nature of OUR government”?  Are you referring to the United States government for which we currently vote, or are you referring to the illegal vermin who have the power in Iran?  They may be your government (employer), but definitely not mine!  Or is this simply an attempt to buying time for them so they can develop their Nuclear Bombs?  Rumor mongering?  Do you understand the meaning of the word?  Rumor means an unfounded accusation.  Are you telling me the vermin of the Islamic Demonic (I have too much respect for the word republic) have not committed the most heinous crimes against Iranian people regardless of their religion, gender, age, and political affiliations?  Do you have the audacity of standing in front of a crowd and denying them?  Calling them rumors, sloganeering?  You may be well paid, but not that well.


تو خود حدیث مفصل بخوان از این مجمل

incognito (not verified)


I wrote, “next to rumor mongering, whining and scapegoating are two of our favorite national pastimes.” You have now urged me to mention another one, sloganeering. I asked for a “rational discourse”, you quoted a song.

I hate to rain on your parade. However, from your own writing it appears that while the rest of us have aged gracefully, you are still frozen at 18. Are you Dorian Grey reincarnate?

You are absolutely right in stating that I “don’t expect us to grab our kitchen knives and go to war with them.” No such thing has ever crossed my mind. You seem to have misunderstood my comment. I question this division between “us” and “them”.

You asked for my prognosis, so here it is. First, throw away this Manichean doctrine of yours. There is a reason that we, as a nation, have flip-flopped between the rules by secular and religious dictatorships throughout our history, never having any chance of escaping this turbulent cycle. In the contemporary science, it is referred to as Biogeography.

Unless, and until, we change our Biogeography (Westerners did it through industrialization), we will be entrapped in this cycle. As the latest revolution in our country definitely demonstrated to all of us, neither “our kitchen knives” nor the American bombs will change anything but the façade of our government.

A change in the ‘nature’ of our government requires hard and dedicated labor of many generations of Iranians. Rumor mongering, whining, scapegoating, sloganeering, etc., won’t do.



by electric_samavar on

Ms./Mr. Incognito, your "argument" comes across as an attempt to devalue the open discussions on an open forum by tainting them as "whining or scapegoating".  And I agree with you on the fact that "appearance of self-righteousness will suffice" for most and especially yours.  You are judging everyone here to be whiners, when only self-righteous arrogant .... individuals judge a large group of people indiscriminately, despite of the fact that debating, engaging, and enlightening of the masses has always been the best tools of trade for intellectuals. The enemy has had 30 years of building an army of thugs armed to the teeth with state of art weaponry and their paid assassins have beheaded the oppositions in the 4 corners of the world.  You really don’t expect us to grab our kitchen knives and go to war with them.  Do you?  I was only 17 when I left Iran and I did not have anything to do with the built-up of the Shah’s corrupt regime and definitely nothing to do with bringing these vermin into the power either, and as a matter of fact, have opposed them from day one!  Hear me out my friend, FROM DAY ONE!!!  At age 18 I was far more convinced that the brutality of slippers (na’lein) will far surpass the one of boots than 1000's of highly educated people who joined the ranks of these blood-suckers and trusting them to be the angels of democracy. Metaphorically speaking, may be we are ultimately responsible for coming down with an acute case of cancer in our body, may be it is due to a bad diet, may be it is hereditary, may be an it is caused by foreign agents, or may be it is a combination of some or all.  It really does not matter since none of them is without its merits.  The bottom line is that we have cancer and we have to deal with it.  Can we accomplish it through self healing and proper diet?  I DON’T THINK SO.  It is far too malignant of a case by now.  I highly recommend chemo-therapy and electric shock therapy as the last resort.  You generously expressed your diagnosis.  What is your prognosis?



Kurush I can see your nose

by Breadandcheese (not verified) on


I can see your nose getting longer and longer from where i sit, when i read in your last paragraph that in your small delusional world, Our revolution was successful and gave us independence and sovereignty! I guess you are in the process of re-defining "successful" in your new dictionary. Please do send me a copy! i must read it.
Funny that you made mention of american future generations having to repay the current debt...of the financiall kind. I wonder who will be re- paying Iran's massive DEBT, financially, emotionally... I wonder If you can share your ideas on this one.


How is it that you have strived to maintain a quality life outside of iran, Only to blow it and "let your blown flesh" bring iranall that good stuff? Are you crazy? Your hatred and disdain of IRI has clouded your judgement and would not let you think clearly and you are so filled with Rage that you
u are taking his comments way out of context and making Unjust accusations. IT is really a shame that there are people out there like you who are Okay with seeing their nation paying such hefty price, experience death and destruction, Yet Again, For Freedom. IF losing lives were supposed to get us any closer to freedom, it would have been the case after many years of war and DESTRUCTION, and all those WHO LOST THEIR LIVES, during the Enghelab.

Pay close attention to the Capitalized words and think long and think hard about what they could possibly mean to you and whether you can understand how crucial they may be to others. come on. You can do it.



by Dariush (not verified) on

You are overheating "electric_samavar". If I didn't know better, I would think you are an electric samavar.

You complimented yourself a lot. A few lines you wrote, told me a lot about you. I don't see you being highly educated, but that is not a shame. One can be highly educated and be a traitor and nokar and much more at the same time. We have seen many of them. I have more respect for an uneducated who is honest, another thing that I don't see in your writing.

I don't think Alireza is writing the whole truth. He only writes the negative aspects of Iran and never about the positive points. He claims millions of the highly educated are leaving Iran and yet Iran is advancing in science and technology more than ever, showing exaggeration on his part. Now, he speaks of asbestos. If true, I am with you. But IRI must be very stupid to do that, while they want to hold on to Iran for ever. Alireza claims to care about pollution, but he would rather to continue using oil polluting everything, instead of nuclear energy.
Sorry Alireza you are not making sense. I like to see some documents on this asbestos claim.

However, I agree that there are many problems that we need to fix. From releasing the political prisoners to women's rights, freedom of speech and much more, including the imprisonment of the criminal officials.


Originally Titled "Voting For More Asbestos"

by M. Alireza (not verified) on


Yes, I agree the issue of asbestos is important and that's why I had given this article the title: "Voting For More Asbestos" as it tied together the various issues that were addressed in the article. However, the editors at have a tendency to edit submitted titles according to their own whim.


The secret of our success!

by incognito (not verified) on

As we all know, next to rumor mongering, whining and scapegoating are two of our favorite national pastimes. Neither needs much intellectual faculty or analytical skill. These prerequisites of any rational discourse are discounted even by many of our so-called EDUCATED ones. For us just an appearance of self-righteousness will suffice.

Before the revolution, it was the Imperial government’s officials who were seen as opportunistic, corrupt and thuggish, or even treasonist. Now, it’s the Islamic government officials’ turn to be held responsible for all of our maladies.

We deny having any role in what transpires in our country by declaring ourselves as OUTSIDERS. We utilize every trick of the escapists’ trade to exonerate ourselves of any responsibility. We disdain that antiquated Iranian art of survival and success in adverse environments.

Our paramount role in life is to play victims of OTHERS’ deviltry. When it is not the shah, it has to be the mullah (or the Arabs); or, the Brits; or, the Americans. Or, if we fail to pinpoint any human culprit, there is always the grand scheme of the things, our luck, our destiny, or some supernatural being.

We insist that we aspire to the “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, as long as some one else caters them to us, even if that requires the bombing of our birthplace! What an enlightened lot we are.


Mohammad Ali Reza jaan you

by Norooz (not verified) on

Mohammad Ali Reza jaan you should have written a separate article about the 30,000 tons of Asbestos Iran is importing every year. It was buried in that link you provided and barely noticable. That is a really good subject all by itself which can be explored and discussed from all angles and motives.

The remainder of your argument is similar to the arguments many make when they talk about US and Israel and earlier generations about England. Replace Iran with US and read your article again and see if you see similarities between your article and those you are writing against. Not that it is wrong but you know.

anonymous fish

earth to kurush

by anonymous fish on

what is the obama and US ranting all about?  this isn't anything to DO with america and here you are... blaming the common cold on americans again.  this is about IRAN.  jeez.


Samaver, so is it safe to assume you're not going back to...

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

to Iran unless you could watch it bombed?!!! Are you nuts? Have you asked your shrink to double your meds?
Iran is lucky that a nutjob like you resides somewhere else.
The people who run IRI are despots, but for "opposition" like you there are not enough nuthouses in the world.

Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

I am with you 100%.

Payandeh IRAN
Down with IRI


Dariush or Ali Asghar?

by electric_samavar on

I am an Iranian, born from Iranian Parents, raised and educated in Iran and continue being educated about Iran by studying anything about Iran, as well as Science, Environment, Economy, Politics......., and you are at no position to tell me I am not!  I am educated, highly educated that is, and you with your grammatical errors are no one to tell me I am not.  I come from an average income family and I have busted my ass to maintain a quality life for myself here in the U.S. without a single dime coming to me from my family ever since I was 20 years old or from any government (unlike you).  You are an agent and you know it, not the author of this well written and well articulated article.  And, FYI, I am all for bombing of Iran!!!  If I knew it was going to happen, I will be on the next plane to Iran to welcome those bombs, embrace them, and let my blown flesh feed the FREE future of Iran.  The criminal regime in Iran has had two accomplishments, not one as Mr. Alireza Mohammad has indicated, with he second one being the eradication of their opposition in the most brutal and viral ways.  If they shut down a newspaper for asking who Iran's Obama is going to be, it is very obvious that what Mr.  Mohammad’s argument is what EDUCATED people will believe, not paid barking dogs’ views.  Objecting to the incarceration of thugs, thieves and drug addicts?  What a crock of stinking crap!  Who are you trying to fool?  The thugs, thieves, rapists are the founders of Jomhoorieh Eslami who continue plundering the national resources while brutally murdering the voices of opposition including their spouses.  Bottom line, my blog is not an attempt to convince a vermin like you.  I am writing it to have every single EDUCATED person around the world, Iranian or not, to oppose the involvement of their government with these sub-human creatures who have brought death and destruction to OUR country and exported their criminal activities all over the world.  To tell Mr. Obamas of the world that negotiating with parasites will not bear any fruits, other than tainting your policy with a deadly disease and compromising the strive for democracy and human rights.


Mohammad Alireza

by Dariush (not verified) on

You say, some of the highly educated Iranians in Iran don't want to have anything to do with Iran, because they can not change Iran from the downward path and the alienation is so deep that some are in favor of Iran being bombed by Bush, so they can change the government.

If they want Iran bombed, they are not Iranians. They must be agents.

If they are Iranians and want Iran bombed, they are as stupid as it gets, not highly educated. Downward path is better than destruction like Iraq and perhaps much worse than Iraq.

If they wanted Iran to be bombed, destroyed and killing of many Iranians by Bush, to change the government. They just want the power not serving people.

Does Iran has problems? Yes, but which country doesn't? You complain about pollution. well Iran is trying to build nuclear power plant for clean energy, but we are being threatened and you are against it. Iran is trying to advance in science and launch satellite, but we are being pressured. Iran wants to trade, but is sanctioned. Some complain about the thugs, gangs, rapes and etc and when government puts them away, you call it inhumane. when they don't, you blame it on government that there is no safety. All these and more, are the main cause of the problems in Iran and some in government and public who are trying to fill their pockets are making it even worse.

At the end it comes to whether we want to become independent or not.

I think you are OK and want to help. You just see the glass half empty. I think fixing Iran and keeping everyone happy is not an easy task and we will get there some day, but it won't be with Americans and British help. They are not there to help.



by Abarmard on

The system is as it is, no matter what you decide to call it. Iranian system is very much based on Capitalist model. If sanctions are lifted then more capital will flow in to the country. That's besides the point and the possible arguments that might come to your mind as corruption in the country.

There is no dispute as what kind of economic model Iran follows, I am not sure what you are trying to say. You maybe confusing the individualism and freedom with the economic model, you should not do that. Look at China. 



by who'stoblame? (not verified) on

"In regard to nature and pollution, these are the direct result of capitalistic systems;;;"

What? Mullahs as capitalist? Bite your tongue. The holy official in Iran have fought capitalism all their lives. Seyd Ali even lost his hand....

Iran has the most just, egalitarian, spiritual, and benevolent system of governement run by the most pious, godly men directed by Al-Mahdi.

Iran epitomizes the Islam-e-Nab-e-Mohamadi, utopia.

Enough of this nonsense!


including those of us that escaped to the outside for a better l

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

I am, for my part, happy to read rarely but sometimes likewise comments in "IRANIAN". also the pics are very very nice. Those who decided to leave - it was not an escaping, because nobody was prevented to leave the country, the leaving was absolutly legal - begann to lament, saying permanently : my country is lost, God damn this and that person and a lot of nonsece as: as Islam conquered Iran and likewise matters, well this kind of reactions impleis only the frust and depressed mind. the individual who makes a decision - hier leaving Iran - must also accept that she/he alone is responsible for the consequenses. I must make an end, i want to watch MARDE 2HEZAR CHEHRE IN JAME JAM.Greeting


All true but lets not

by Bavafa on

All true but lets not forget who are those that are doing all of this, including the mullahs. They are all Iranians, including those of us that escaped to the outside for a better life (including myself). We just don't have it in us to fight back or stay true to ourselves and our land not to be corrupt, or not to steal. It is us and can not blame any one but ourselves. We don't need the next Obama, we just need enough people to say "Buck Fush" and bring change to the country as they have done in the States (will see how much change that will brings us). Of course it will require sacrifices, some thing most Iranians are allergic to.

Good luck




by ali122 (not verified) on

i'm with you brother.....
get rid of these vulture akhoonds and let there be free elections without a one handed cripple at the top who thinks he's god(with england's permission, of course)

we're almost there my dear's just too bad we've wasted 30 years and countless lives

javid iran



by Anonymous... (not verified) on

These important issues you've addressed are the exact same issues and problems we are experiencing here in the United States.

Are you talking about Iran or the US?


Very well put argument

by Abarmard on

You seem passionate and care a great deal about Iran. I also agree with your input and add a quote from a good friend of mine.

"Put the best government in Iran and they'll become corrupt and dictatorial, and put the worse government in the US and they'll become better and democratic".

The logic behind that quote, although has room for argument, is the concept of the people and their level of understandings about the civil society and liberties.

Perhaps the only positive that we are gaining from the current system is the social awareness and growth along with the understandings about the place of the religion in regard to social life. That is an important lesson for the Iranian people.

I am still optimistic about Iran in the near future.

In regard to nature and pollution, these are the direct result of capitalistic systems rooting in the third world/under developed mentality (countries). It's not exclusive to Iran and Iran is not witnessing the worse case scenario among the developing nations.

Thanks for this very passionate piece. 


Mouthpiece of anti-Iranian propaganda

by Kurush (not verified) on

This is a typical grovelling essay kow-towing to the current Western dogma. Why is the author winking us into buying his face value characterization of Obama being tantamount to change. What chang but window dressing, given the past 8 years of catastrophic imperialist agenda which the US has pursued with sever violations of the human rights ( AbuGhraib, rendition, torture flights, outsourcing torture, Guantanamo, etc.) extreme tragedies of Iraq and Afghanistan? Just because in the Orwellian world of America placards procaim 'change', are we to fall in the line and worship the great bringer of 'change'? The status quo is very much in place, and a repressed nation, the Americans, have been persuaded not to follow revolutionary goals despite the great theft of their taxes & hocking of America's present & future generations who must pay the unpayable debt. What change? Iran had its revolution successfully and attained its century-long quest for complete indepnedence and full sovreignty. It is time for America to change, and that it ain't gonna happan by Obama, but by the American people themselves going the old-fashinoed way of making the real Revolution.


Unemployment, inflation, unaffordable housing, incompetent state

by lucifercus (not verified) on

run companies, urban congestion and pollution are recognized by all Iranians. Consequently:
تظاهرات بزرگ لندن در اعتراض به بحران مالي و بي عدالتي آغاز شد


The outsiders = اخراجیها

luciferous (not verified)

the disgracefully disbandeds. the second serie of the film is running in Iranian movies. In the real life are the deserteurs who are disbanded. Unfortunately these individuals turn out to be the most intelligent Iranians. Thez write, saz and think the same as ..... never mind.
How peculiar.