The outsiders

Millions of highly educated Iranians feel disconnected from their own country and government


The outsiders
by Mohammad Alireza

Why is Iran importing 30,000 tons of asbestos a year? Do they not know how toxic this substance is? What is it being used for? Does Iran have any environmental regulations for asbestos? (See

The mind goes blank wondering what our so called leaders are doing to Iran.

Our forests are being decimated, our rivers poisoned, our air made un-breathable, and the minds of our youth crippled.

I had held off from posting the following because it was maybe too negative. When I read about this asbestos idiocy I changed my mind.

Iran's presidential elections will soon take place and Iranians will be making a choice between Mr. Ahmadinejad and another who may represent a possibly less disastrous tomorrow. Karoubi is only going to split the vote.

Unfortunately none of the candidates can save Iran from the downward path that it is on.

The problems we face are so entrenched and deep rooted that the entire structure of the economy and government needs to be overhauled and restructured.

Unemployment, inflation, unaffordable housing, incompetent state run companies, urban congestion and pollution are recognized by all Iranians.

But what is most painful is that we have millions of highly educated young men and women that feel disconnected from their own country and government and know that they are outsiders and can not play any significant role in solving the countries problems.

Instead of being motivated to be a participant and contributor to a brighter future their top priority is to find a way to leave Iran.

Instead of voting for the next president they are voting to never to have anything to do with Iran.

The extent of this alienation is so deep that it was not uncommon to hear some Iranians being in favor of Iran being bombed by Bush so as to bring about change.

What does this tell you about the situation in Iran?

It says that given the slightest opening, opportunity, chance, or circumstance, --- even being bombed! --- the Iranian people will remove those in power.

And those in power know this. And it is their greatest fear. And it is this fear that suffocates our youth and our future.

Recently a newspaper was closed down because it ran this headline: "Who is Iran's Obama?"

The answer is that we are all Iran's Obama because we all have the potential to bring about change that this country desperately needs.

Regrettably those holding onto totalitarian theocratic power in Iran have placed a muzzle over the minds of the Iranian people causing a pandemic of self-censorship and an allergy towards revolutionary change.

In place of Orwell's Big Brother they have substituted their version of God.

The greatest achievement of the regime is the successful brainwashing of Iranians so that they obediently herd themselves into voting booths where they unquestioningly participate in rigged elections and mistakenly believe they are taking part in the democratic process.

It seems it's possible to fool most of the people most of the time when religion is used as a stick.

Those that have mistakenly achieved positions of power wallow in superstition and dream of a savior that will swoop down and correct all their shortcomings.

What they don't understand is that the Iranians people are their own savior and superstition is an affliction of the uneducated, especially those that hold or approve of fake degrees from fake universities.

Throwing money at problems is not leadership but evidence of arrogant phoniness and ultimately an act of injustice towards those that are victims of economic cretinism.

While millions bleat like sheep and chant for the death of countries millions more attempt to escape from the madness through opium, crystal meth, and heroin. With the educated in escapist mode, and the addicts slumped into semi-consciousness, all we have left are RoboBasij and money hunters.

Money hunters occupy every office and household. They will lie, cheat, and even steal so as to get hold of money. Contracts are signed so as to know which clause to break. It's not about providing a service or a quality product but about filling ones pockets. If a bribe is not negotiated ahead of time then enough problems are created so that the poor fool is forced to pay a bribe. Civility has been replaced by an anarchic jungle where friends and family have been transformed into an extended network for hunting money. Employees at state run companies grovel to reach a higher position with higher budgets only because this will mean they can fill their pockets with bigger nuggets.

The utopian society that theocracy was supposed to bring about has failed miserably and the national misery index of Iran is its proof.

In order to save Iran there has to be a separation of mosque and state. What has become obvious to all Iranians is that the version of Islam being sold by the clerics in power requires top to bottom reformation if it is to regain its respect and legitimacy. Iran's problems are not economic, political, or social, but religious.


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I agree

by Mensa (not verified) on

Great insight into what the true problems facing Iran and Iranians. Unfortunately, too many Iranians support this system due to being subsidized one way or another. The leftist support any system or ideology as long as it anti-western. The Basijis and Pasdaris will support the hand that feeds them. The Bazzaris are thriving in this anarchy and control can you say crazy laissez faire. The youth are corrupted by drugs, prostitution, and metal rock (what a joke).... and those who actually voice their opposition are brutally silenced. Here comes the pessimist in me... there is no hope for this nation and its people. Those who were bright, educated, ambitious and progressive were either executed, imprisoned or fled the country (over a million of the finest and brightest). Just to give you a glimpse of the sad state of affairs for Iranians... this site censors and will not print what I write and you are looking at what I write.... God forbid if I disagree or criticize individuals such as Q or Abarmard.... oh well this will not make it either!!!!!!!