Inja Kojast


Inja Kojast
by sobh

Video on oldouz84's YouTube channel uploaded tonight (6/19/2008) in Tehran:

Tonight the sound of "God is Great" can be heard louder and louder than previous nights
Where is this?! Where is this place where everything has been blocked?
Where is this place where people are just shouting the name of God?
Where is this place where the sound of "God is Great" can be heard louder and louder?
Everyday I'm just waiting to see if there will be more and louder voices at nights?
My body trembles
... and I wonder if God trembles too?
Where is this where we've been imprisoned so innocently?
Where is this where no one gives us a helping hand?!
Where is this place, where we are getting our voices heard worldwide through our silence?
Where is this place where the blood of its young people is shed on the streets..., where people stand and pray on their blood?
Where is this place where its people are called "gangsters" and "thugs"?!
Where is this?
This is Iran. This is my land and yours!
This is Iran


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هایل سِزار


آقای سِزار شما که امپراطوری روم رو به گُه کشوندین حالا اومدین اینجا نظر میدین؟ یه کاری نکن انگُشتُمُ رو بیارُم بالا.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You can ask all you like, but the answer is NO.

Under no circmumstances will I ever even begin to entertain the idea of answering to or capitulating to you and your type.

If you don't want me to comment on your comments, as the First Amendment allows me to do, then exercise your rights under the case of Miranda v. Arizona, which affords you the right to remain silent, as anything you say can and will be used against you.



by bartender (not verified) on

Become open-minded and stop being a cry baby. If you make a comment in a public forum, it gives readers the right to comment back. You may ignore them, if you wish, but they can still comment on your posts. That's just the way it works.


Kaveh. I've asked you

by cezare on

Kaveh. I've asked you repeatedly and NICELY to stop accusing and calling me names. It is people like you who give Iranians a bad name. Do not, I repeat do not comment on my comments again.

Kaveh Nouraee

Given YOU the authority?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Provide the proof that you have in fact been granted the authority.

Your arrogance in suggesting that you have any type of "authority" is exactly why people like you, who claim to be "Christians" need to be exposed for the charletans you are and be silenced once and for all.

You have stated that others needs to make the decision for themselves. EXACTLY! So why are you so adamant on exercising your phony authority? You seem to think I'm speaking for other people. I'm not. My problem is parasitic scum like you thinking that you are actually anointed to speak for God, or Jesus Christ.

If anyone wants the junk you are selling, they will come and find you. What is offensive to all is your slimy, smarmy way that you and your cohorts troll for people to exploit and to play on their emotions.

Here is something you can relate to:

WWJD? Not use arrogance like you use as a conduit to reach people.


Sorry Kaveh. jesus Christ

by cezare on

Sorry Kaveh. jesus Christ has given us the authority to speak for Him. Listen no one is asking you to believe anymore since you have made your point clear you want nothing to do with the living God. But I appreciate it if you let others make the decision for themselves. They do not need you to make it for them. Thanks.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

"MY God"? Arrogant, aren't we? God isn't yours.

I don't seek to "silence" God. 

But you are no one to speak for God.

Whatever we may hunger for, God has already taught us how to feed ourselves.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

Does the word "puppet" come to mind when you listen to people like that or WHAT!

hamsade ghadimi

anon fish

by hamsade ghadimi on

he's a basiji on a scholarship from iran. his biggest supporter is his alter ego following him wherever he goes. need not give him any attention; that' his aim. remember the wizard of oz?

anonymous fish

runaway train is right

by anonymous fish on

This train is off the tracks people!  Guided, or rather, MIS-guided by a fool.  Is he/she/it Iranian... does anyone know?  I want to make sure I don't "insult" an Iranian but rather deal with this from the Christian aspect.  I'm pretty proud of being a Christian.  I know it's not perfect but the one thing I do know is that the problems with religions aren't the religion themselves.  It's MAN'S interpretation and reaction.  That's that.  No religious speeches from me.  But this guy?  What the hell is he talking about? 



kaveh. You are better off to

by cezare on

kaveh. You are better off to keep silent. My God is much bigger than you. Little voices like you cannot silence Him. if you don't care for his salvation then kindly step aside, because there are others who are hungry for His life. The Gospel runaway train is going through town and there is nothing you can do to stop it little man.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Are you the only "Christian" on this blog? Dear God, let's hope so.

Whatever you perceive to be your duty as a "Christian", has no place here. There is no one here who has the faintest interest in your blather.

Iran has a Christian population, and thankfully, they're not a bunch of proselytizing Bible thumpers like you. If any of us want to hear your processed baloney, we know where the nearest Wal-Mart is.

Your ideology is a sick joke, on the premise that you worship a Jew as your savior, yet those who follow his religion are condemned to Hell in your eyes. Funny thing is, there are plenty of people who are perfectly content and at peace in their religious beliefs who do not feel compelled to try and "sell" the concept the way Billy Mays sells Oxy-Clean on TV.

Show a measure of respect. If you want to be a true friend and supporter for the Iranian people, keep your personal religious beliefs to yourself. God doesn't need a public relations department, a business development center or a recruiting office. And if He did, I can pretty much guarantee that you won't be getting the gig.


Well, looks like the excitement is over

by Mehdi on

The evolutionary forces, as I'd like to call them, should now start to establish democratic-style institutions. These would be institutions that would peacefully act as alternative to government plans and ideas. They should just make it OK for an "opposition" to exist in Iran. But they should take it easy so that the system cannot take them out by scaring the uneducated into believing that such opposition is opposition to "Islam" or "the Islamic Revolution." In this way, the progressive forces will grow in numbers and people (uneducatd Muslims) will shed their fears of having their own ideas and express them.


I am the only Christian on

by cezare on

I am the only Christian on this Blog? God I hope not! If you are it is
time to speak up for Him. These young people should know that they
don't have to die in cold blood when Christ died for them. Those who
mock their own creator have a thing coming to them. And I am not
ralking about the moon god "Allah." There is a grave waiting for
everyman. Some will go earlier than others and those who encourage
death instead of life are the real enemy. 

The Iranian peopel are not aquainted with the true and only God
their savior; all they know is the fake God Allah! It is our duty as
Christians who are in the land of the free to impart this knowledge of
truth to these young people. Human beings by nature love the smell of
blood including Mossavi and all who favor the protests. There will be
more blood shed. I hope you all will take a good look at the mirror to
see the reflection of evil those who went to sleep after seeing the
death of that young woman live on TV.

Wisdom belongs to the humble man. The most precious asset of a human
being. Are you humble those of you who call for another bloody
revolution? First make a revolution in your heart then you will see the
power you will be imparted from above. Those of you unbelievers may
scoff and laugh it off. But you won't laugh when your grave will call
you. Mosavi, be a man and defend the truth if you dare. Proclaim jesus
Christ as your savior. Your call to martyrdom is only good for your own
cause and not the cause of souls.  You want to be a true friend and
advocate of the oppressed, call upon all to embrace the Great Savior
God who has shown favor to you in the first place.


Mesbah Yazdi

by Mehrban on

The concern of many people in Iran is the appointment of Mesbah Yazdi as the Velayat Faghih which will be - to put it mildly- disasterous for Iran. 


I re-read your article, "Atomic Akhoond" (about Mesbah Yazdi).

I am sorry about the arrest of your family members.  I want to say that my prayers are with them but in this environment I wonder about prayers.......


We must not Back Down!

by LalehGillani on

If we back down, generations of Iranians will live in a military state. There is no going back.

Khamenei himself is ill, suffering from kidney problems. He isn’t expected to live for long. Khamenei’s son (Mojtaba) is pushing his father to consolidate power and name a successor. Mojtaba is lobbying on behalf of Mesbah Yazdi. Hojjatieh is making a direct attempt to seize power in order to establish a military style regime.

The invasion is wide-spread. Known activists are being picked up. This is not about the election anymore. Two members of my family were arrested. We don’t know where they are and what has happened to them. I haven’t been able to call home since Friday June 19th but am in touch with family members by other means.



by WHOISCEZARE (not verified) on



What are you talking about?

by Human Being (not verified) on

What are you talking about? These people must stand and we're standing with them, we are watching the whole world is watching, now is the time to act.



by t (not verified) on

Cezare what the f_ _ _ are you talking about. Iran needs to be freed of this totalitarian regime. We need to rid ourselves of the Islamic Republic and religious governance. Only then can we go back to our ordinary lives and start rebuilding our nation to its past glory and pride.

Those who have given their lives for us will always be remembered. You have to ask why did they take on such risk. Maybe because life in the IRI is so grave that risking one's life is worth it.


NightLife in hand Basiji

by Freedom (not verified) on


Basiji Savages

by Free Iran (not verified) on


Savage Basiji Killing Iranian

by Free Iran (not verified) on


The demonstrations must

by cezare on

The demonstrations must stop because blood will be shed. This fight is
not for the ordinary citizen. Shame on people who consider themselves
educated supporting this movement. Why don't they fly over there and do
it? They talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. The sitiation is much
more complex than what there petty minds can bear. The isalmic republic
is a fascist regime and it is not for defensless citizens to come up
against it. IT IS UTTERLY FOOLISH! We must voice our concerns for life
and tell these young men and women to get off the streets and tend to
their lives. Only God has the power to remove this regime. That is; if
anyone really beleives in God. I hear ALLAHO AKBAR but ALLAH is a Fake
Moon God. Get this. All men have a grave waiting for them.. Why shoiuld
a wise man trust the words of mortal man when there is a real creator?
Solomon said, wisdom starts by the fear of God. Tell you what; know one
has got it, this timeless verse. All we can do is hurl fuel to the
fire. Iranians overseas are mostly a bunch of petty selfrighteous bunch
because they live in freedom and have failed to convey the message of
the price of freedom that is taught in a free world. Shame on everyone
of you godless people. Even the death of this young woman has not
stopped your empty words that are good for the grave.

Iranians. Come to your senses. Get off the streets and tend to your
lives and thank the almighty for what you got. Only God has the power
to remove this fascist regime. Stop breaking your parents hearts.
Mosavi does not represent you. He has a grave waiting for him just like
all man. He just called for his own martyrdom which brings him to the
level of the mullas. This is not your revolution. First make a revolution in
your heart. Trust your Savior Jesus  and he'll take care of you.


Criminal Besiji and Mullahs are babe killer

by From I Report (not verified) on

بچه اي كه در شكم مادرش تير خورده



Stephen Harper! What are you doing?

by Quebeqi on

You may be my prime minister but not for long. I can't hardly wait when Michael Igniatief wil replace you. Count on my vote, he will.

Vous me faites honte. Ouvrez les grilles de notre ambassade aux blessés!

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Nazanin-Iran elections 2009



so sad......

by Farzad1 (not verified) on

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Ahmadinejad on People During Campaign

by Darius Kadivar on

Ahmadinejad on People


mossavi calls for...

by cezare (not verified) on

The latest from Mossavi is that he is ready for martyrdom and called for a national strike if he is arrested. Finally this guy shows his colors. A selfish, careless advocate for HIS OWN CAUSE. This guy does not represent me.


Call your Canadian government represetative

by Farzad1 (not verified) on

According to // It's confirmed Canadian Embassy rejects injured protesters today.