Lost in a Dream

Lost in a Dream
by Farah Afshari

I dreamt of you last night

lost, I could see the end near 

on the road I walked to reach you

trees of apple tall, flowering in the hands of the wind

drinking from my heart

and I wished you

like the moment gone...


I dreamt last night of the

poem I can not write, I can not burn

I dreamt of walking a long walk

walking one way out of my heart

but I remembered,

remembered in despair,  

I will be lost in the dream...


Farah Afshari


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Azadeh Azad

I will be lost in the dream..

by Azadeh Azad on

Beautiful! Thank you, dear Farah.



welcome back

by Mojgan Shahab (not verified) on

Dear Farah, I am so happy that you back here again. Please write more; let us enjoy your beautiful poetry.


The voice of a north wind.

by Francesco Sinibaldi (not verified) on

An alley
brings me in
the sound
of a waterfall,
with a white
water recalling
the purpose
and the flight
of a swallow.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Nazy Kaviani

Like the moment gone...

by Nazy Kaviani on

Oh, how beautiful...and how I know about the poem that one cannot write, nor can burn. Thank you.