The Land of Living

The Land of Living
by Farah Afshari

The face of a man lying in the dust

hidden from shying eyes

Children remembering the moment of disaster dead or alive

silent as innocence makes

I see you walking past

wearing the news on your feet

words of wisdom as dust in the wind

bring no mircale

war continues through the streets of dark shadows playing guns taking land, building endless walls

No  pain counts, no views, no history, no beliefs, no faces of humans eating dust in the streets of disaster,

and grief walks naked, heavy eyes calling names of those gone one by one in the streets of disaster

Come to me, come to me, I have poetry screaming in my veins, blood shouting out of my mouth, and miracles growing out of my eyes

come to see I was, am, will be the land of my people, to hold them in, feed their children, be their love

I am the land of living 

Farah Afshari


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by Mojgan Shahab (not verified) on

In a world of unawareness & …silence, what a prevailing message you holler!


Palestine's anti-semites existed prior to inception of Israel

by Xpatriot on

The terrorist tendencies of Palestinians was well rooted prior to inception of the state of Israel. As a matter of fact, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, the grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a great supporter of Adolf Hitler!  The deep hatred of Jews in Islam goes back to the Quran itself.

As long as Islam remains a big influence in this world, true peace is not possible. Those who are only Muslim by name and lineage and care little about practicing their parents' faith are the only hopes for the Islamic world in order to co-exist with others on this planet.


An Awaiting Surprise Guest at Home

by Anonymous54 (not verified) on


The Illiterate

Several morning glory seeds
In a pot full of nutritious soil
With couple of sticks inserted in there
To crawl on
Now after couple of months passed
In cold winter freeze
When everything is frozen
Except the evergreen trees
Every now and then
I see one or two of them in full bloom
In a surprise delight
Like finding a guest from paradise
Waiting for you from behind the window
In an splendid colorful attire
In green skirts
That spell the word love for the illiterate

--Abol Hassan Danesh, Ph.D.

Azadeh Azad

Dear Farah

by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you for this powerful and timely poem.

Someone should tell the two sides of any conflict - great and small - that the only intelligent and effective way to destroy one’s enemies is to turn them into one’s friends.


Mariam Amiri

Farah, excellent poem that

by Mariam Amiri on

Farah, excellent poem that invokes the daily life of people under seige in a vivid way. Your poem reminds me of Mahmood Darwish's seige poem:


Under Siege

Here on the slopes of hills, facing the dusk and the cannon of time

Close to the gardens of broken shadows,

We do what prisoners do,

And what the jobless do:

We cultivate hope.

A woman told the cloud: cover my beloved

For my clothing is drenched with his blood.
If you are not rain, my love

Be tree

Sated with fertility, be tree

If you are not tree, my love

Be stone

Saturated with humidity, be stone

If you are not stone, my love

Be moon

In the dream of the beloved woman, be moon     So spoke a woman to her son at his funeral


In the state of siege, time becomes space

Transfixed in its eternity

In the state of siege, space becomes time

That has missed its yesterday and its tomorrow.

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Sorry, but for the last 60 yrs, it's been the land of the damned

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

The nation of Israel wants to survive, prosper and grow; and to that end, is prepared to sabotage, attack and demolish its enemies. Unfortunately, as Israel has been created over the pain and suffering of Muslim Arabs, its enemies constitute a vast portion of the Islamic world!

The creation of Israel has been a negative side effect of WWII, when masses of the tortured and persecuted European Jews sought refuge in their legendary utopia. British and even Russians originally supported the idea.

Sadly, the aggressive tactics of the Jewish newcomers who had been hardened by the WWII tragedies quickly antagonized the indigenous Arab population and started a bloody and endless war.

The state of Israel has been at war with its neighbors since inception. That animosity has turned into a septic wound and source of grief for the displaced Palestinians. Most of the Islamic world feels empathy with their fellow brethrens and share their pain of subjugation.

Neither the state of Israel, nor Palestinians are going to disappear any time soon. Hence their relentless struggle for land and growth will continue to create turmoil, fighting and hatred in the Middle East.

As long as both sides are fully entrenched in their antagonistic positions, without the ability to see and feel the pains of the other side, this major blunder of colonial era is bound to besiege us.

Muslims will continue to perceive Israel and Jews as ruthless schemers behind every twist and turn in their politics and every upset and misery. On the other side, Israelis view the Arab and Muslims as their archenemies who will destroy their nation, if they get a chance.