Jews Own America

A reflection on prejudice


Jews Own America
by Bahram G

Jews rule America. America may be a Christian country, but the Jews own it. They own all major banks, control the factories and businesses, and run the stock markets. You name it, and the Jews own or run it. The Jews are out to rule the world. They do it by helping each other and show no mercy to non-Jews.

With those thoughts deeply drilled in me before leaving Iran for America, imagine my shock as a total stranger Iranian Jew came to my cousin Jamshid and I in the lobby of the YMCA and asked us for help. Ask us two Iranian non-Jewish students to help him with work? We ourselves were desperate trying to find work. And here I was told how Jews own America and how they help their own. What about this guy? Why don’t they help him? Why would he have to come to us for help?

The lobby of the Y at 826 S. Wabash in Chicago was teeming with college students who had come from as far away as Norman, Oklahoma in hope of landing a summer job. If you want work, you go to Chicago. If you go broke in Chicago, you go broke everywhere in the country. Those were the words on college campuses. And that summer, in contrast to the previous one, even Chicago had very little to offer the horde of college students who came to it to fill the places of the regular workers taking their vacations.

The fellow, Feraydoon, must’ve overheard my cousin and me speaking Farsi. He had figured that here were two Iranian compatriots he could approach for possible help. Feraydoon was one of those out of state students from Oklahoma. Jamshid, the local maven in-the-know was boasting to me about his discovery of a potential treasure trough and Feraydoon must’ve overheard him.

“Look here, Bahram. I’ve got it. I really have. We can make a fortune. I know about this job and we can start tomorrow at the crack of dawn,” cousin was boasting with a great air of self-adulation. I got really excited. It was the best news I could hope for. Things were bleak. Even menial work was nowhere to be had. Nobody was hiring. Regular workers had been laid off or fired by the tens of thousands. Many factories had closed. Factory work was the best-paying work. Not a chance for landing one of those dream jobs. And here was my smart cousin who lived at the Y, went to college in Chicago, and worked part-time down the street at the Conrad Hilton hotel, reassuring me of a real money-maker work.

Only an hour earlier, I had parked my jalopy a couple of blocks away under the El and rushed to get a hold of Jamshid and get on with the job of finding work. The night before, I had packed all my worldly belongings, mostly books and a few personal items, in my car and parked it close to the campus at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. I had one last exam to take and I planned to be among the first to hit Chicago and have a better shot at landing work. The minute I finished the exam, I pointed the wheezing rust-bucket, a 1947 Studebaker convertible, in a northerly direction for the 160 or so miles trip.

During the short time I had been in the States, I was repeatedly assaulted by one cultural shock after another. Some of the shocks were just shocks. I had come to this land of magic with my whole set of hopes and dreams. My fears, emotional baggage and my misconceptions had also tagged along with me. In this new land, a lot of things surprised me and little surprised me at the same time.

One thing that surprised me had to do with Jamshid. He had come to the States only a few months before I arrived. He had enrolled in some college in Chicago, lived in a closet-size room at the Y, worked some and managed to generate enough income to cover his entire living expenses. In addition, he was also able to buy a fairly impressive late model Oldsmobile Eighty Eight. In a few telephone conversations and correspondence we had, he kept urging me to chuck Bradley, move to Chicago, and enroll in the same college as his. Then, we could rent a flat together and seek our fame and fortunes.

Well, I hadn’t chucked Bradley. But, if cousin is the magic-worker that he says he is, I might just do that. I mean the job he has already lined-up that we can start right away and make a bundle in these terrible times. That’s real magic, to my thinking.

“You want work? You have car? Cousin asked Feraydoon.

“Sorry, I don’t, but I can drive,” Feraydoon said sheepishly.

“That’s okay. You can join us,” Jamshid intoned expensively to the supplicating Feraydoon.

“Hold it Jamshid. Hold it right there. You and I need to talk about this. Excuse us Feraydoon. Just one minute,” I yanked at Jamshid’s elbow and pulled him aside.

“Excuse me your Excellency. Did you lose your mind, or you didn’t have one to lose in the first place? I feel for the guy. I really do. Couldn’t you see how he limps? And he doesn’t have a car. How in the world is he going to do the work that requires both cars and strong legs?” I shouted at him.

Jamshid had learned that the telephone company was distributing new Yellow Pages to homes in the city. Anyone with strong back, serviceable legs, and a car could go fetch a consignment of the books, deliver them and earn commissions based on the number of books delivered. That was the treasure trough that he had discovered. And now, he was enlisting Feraydoon in the venture. The poor guy who could hardly walk and had no car was going to be our co-worker-partner.

“Calm down, Bahram. Calm down. The kid needs help and we can help. Besides, he can drive. We load up our two cars and head for the neighborhood. Once we are there, Feraydoon keeps inching the cars forward while you and I deliver the books, you on one side and me on the other side of the street,” Jamshid enlightened me.

I still didn’t think Feraydoon could do the work. But, why not? He certainly had guts. He heard what the work was. A killer to be sure. Hauling those heavy books in the scorching heat. He still wants to do it. So, let him. I capitulated.

The Feraydoon factor dampened my enthusiasm somewhat, but not enough. Images of those telephone books with money dropping from their pages danced in my head.

“I was at the telephone company’s warehouse this morning, but got there too late to get a consignment of books. They were all snatched up by the time I got there. The trick is to get there real early in the morning and get in line. Oh, I would say, we should leave the Y at around three thirty or four at the latest. I know that the both of us have no problems getting up early. Feraydoon, you don’t have problem with getting up early?" said Jamshid.

"Listen, I'm ready to go right now. Can't we just sleep in our cars at the warehouse or nearby, so that we can be first in line?" I didn’t give Feraydoon a chance to reply.

"No. No need for that. If you try to sleep in your car in that part of town, it could save you the trouble of looking for work, altogether. This is not Iran. Things are a bit rough in that neighborhood," Jamshid chastised me. The big city maven was showing off to his country bumpkin cousin. After a long wheezy breath—he always wheezed when he breathed—he continued, "Four o'clock is early enough. Then, we are sure to get both cars loaded with books and head for delivery. It can be a real money maker," said Jamshid with a proud air of, “Here I share with you the precious treasure of the world, gratis.”

I thanked him and tried to get over my worries. Look at the bright side. There is work, come tomorrow. It sounds like another form of piecework. You can work hard and you know how to do that, but you don’t know how to work smart. Some “smarts” of the world believe that only the dumb work hard and the best they can hope for is to scratch a bare living. The smarts work very little and take the big loot.

In the back, and not too far back, of my mind I was very skeptical of Jamshid’s treasure find. Yet in the face of desperation even delusions were relief. We killed the rest of the evening by listening carefully for any news of jobs as people kept pouring in from their futile hunts. All we heard were bad news broadcast in foul language. Some guys decided to go and get drunk, perhaps creating work for the police who were already overworked. The police should hire us. That would get a good many out of town troubled trouble-makers off the streets.

I tossed and turned restlessly in bed for much of the night, anxiously pushing the clock toward three. The clock kept resisting and moved even slower than its usual pace. I was going to go and wake up Jamshid at three thirty. We were going to brave it to the alley to fetch our cars, scoop up our partner and head for the telephone company's warehouse in the southside.

We weren't first in line at the warehouse, by a long shot. Dozens of people were already in the vast yard. I was afraid that by the time our turn came, they would run out of books. Unnecessary worry. I guess Jamshid was right. I worry too much. But life seems to give me a lot of reasons to worry. We got all the books we could possibly pack in our cars and a list of places where they were supposed to be delivered. Jamshid's car, a four door Olds Eighty Eight took a lot of books. We left just a little room for Feraydoon in its front seat. Once he got in, I squeezed about a dozen more books on his lap and the dashboard. My car was already packed beyond its capacity. The retread tires on my car seemed flat, in spite of the fact that we had taken the precaution of doing what everyone else did—pumping them with air just short of bursting them.

As I gingerly inched the Studebaker out of the yard, with my heart in my throat, concerned about the real possibility of a blowout under the ungodly heavy load, I heard my car's tail pipe quarrel briefly with a bump. Then, a part of it dropped off and another part of the exhaust pipe started playing what sounded like a funeral tune using the pavement for instrument. I ignored it and just kept on going. The Olds wasn't faring any better. I could see it ahead of me, in all likelihood, running on busted springs. We, in our eagerness to load as many books as we could, had clearly exceeded the manufacturer’s load limits by several factors.

By about ten we made it to the designated neighborhood and jumped into action. It was time to get rid of the darned books and start taking in the money. Feraydoon was nearly a cripple. Jamshid was not exactly a Hercules, but could do hard work. Of the three, I was the most fit physically. I volunteered to take the houses across the street and let Jamshid do the ones on the same side as the cars, while Feraydoon handled inching the cars forward and getting the books out. Jamshid said he would come over and help me whenever I fell behind, since I had to cross the street each time to pick up a new armful of books.

Feraydoon didn't turn out to be a liability at all. He amazed me with his chutzpah. He limped very badly. But, he worked just as hard as we did. The only thing he didn't do was climb stairs. He hauled the books out of the car, instead of setting them on the curb he frequently took them all the way to the doorsteps. Feraydoon's hard work eased ours. Jamshid was able to come to my side of the street and help with my delivery, from time to time.

The whole thing was an exercise in suffering. Our cars were damaged by the heavy loads and the constant stop and go burned lots of gas and oil. I worried that my car, after one of the frequent stops, would opt for quitting. I know that it preferred to stop, if it could. Then, there was the unrelenting humid heat combined with the scorching overhead sun that made us pant like dogs. To make matters worse, we were at a constant risk of getting run over by a non-stop procession of cars and trucks. I couldn't haul those books all the way to the intersections and cross the streets there. So, I jay ran to avoid an unwelcome full body message by a car or a truck. At a couple of houses, I meekly asked people for a glass of water. Nice folks. They even gave me ice water. One lady gave me a bottle of Coke. Bless her heart. Coke had never tasted so good.

We didn't take time off for lunch, since we hadn't started the delivery work ‘til mid morning. We figured that we’d get the job over with, then we could relax and count our money. Relaxation time and counting our loot time happened around 3:00 P.M. Jamshid was the purser of the group. We settled in a shady area, I stretched on the ground exhausted and the two of them did the figuring out. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard a loud profanity. Jamshid, a great guy with a heart bigger than Chicago, had a short fuse. A genetic defect that seems to run in our line. He was one of the most irrepressible guys I had ever met. He was also impulsive. He had a tendency to do and say things first and then think. Maybe, he had found out that thinking about things ahead of time didn't change anything anyway other than waste time. So, why think?

"What is it? You're disturbing my sleep. I was going to have some sweet dreams."

"Go ahead and have your sweet dreams, because you are going to need it once we tell you the bitter news about how much you have made," Jamshid blurted meekly.

"Tell me. I can take it. Tell me."

"Glad you're lying down. We each made exactly $6.35 apiece," Jamshid said with a mea culpa look.

"Is this a joke? Are you pulling my legs or are you two thieving me out of my share while I was napping? We each get $6.35? That hardly pays for the gas and oil my jalopy cost me. Come on, give me the real scoop."

"Real scoop is still $6.35," he said.

I'm not a violent man and I truly liked Jamshid a great deal. But when he said we each had grossed $6.35 for all that work, I popped not only a fuse, but a circuit breaker somewhere in my head.

"You $6.35 smart aleck idiot. You-you -you know-it-all self-proclaimed local maven. That’s your brilliant scheme for making money? I guess since you are from the same bloodline as I, you can't possibly be all that smart. We are victims of our subnormal endowment. I put my trust in you and you cook up this idiocy."

Feraydoon broke in, "listen friends, I really don't think I should take an even cut, since you two supplied the cars. And Bahram you're right. It probably cost you more gas and oil money than the six dollars. I insist that the two of you split the total take. Just give me a ride back to the Y. I'll settle for that."

What he said broke my heart and almost made me cry. Although I was terribly frustrated for myself, part of my anguish was for him too. He limped badly, yet worked like a dog in the hope of making a little money. And here he was offering to give up his $6.35.

"Thanks Feraydoon. No way would I take your money. But, I'll gladly take Jamshid’s as a punishment for what he got us into. We should take his share and split it between us, just to teach him a lesson for the future. He can go ahead and come up with all the get-rich-schemes all for himself and not drag fools like you and me into them." Jamshid didn't say a word. His silence was the worst lashing he could possibly give me for my tirade.

"Come on Feraydoon, I'll give you a ride back to the Y," and I got off the sidewalk.

Jamshid stopped us, "listen you guys. We ought to do this again tomorrow. Now, we've got the technique down to a science. We can be much more efficient. Besides, maybe we get lucky and they give us a different location where we don't have to climb these darned stairs. What would you do, if you turn down this suggestion? Sit at the Y and carp all day, with the rest of those mommy's boys who are waiting for executive jobs to come looking for them?"

Well, Jamshid may not had much of a brain, but he sure had gall. How in the world are we going to be more efficient the next day? We'll be lucky to be able to crawl out of bed from torturing all the muscles we didn’t even know we had. All the lifting, running and bending over reminded me of the torture I suffered at the hand of the jerk upper classman at the Officer College back in Iran. But, that’s another story. Even if we get an easier assignment, an iffy assumption, and finish our delivery faster and with less pain, how would that change the bottom line? Loading more books into the cars? How, where? My car was ready to commit suicide and put an end to its misery, as it was. No way the wheezing oilholic car of mine can take another round of this torture.

I gave the maven the dirtiest look I could possibly muster. Believe me I can produce facial expressions that are more expressive than any word. More than one person had told me I should go into acting with that talent. But, I think their advice was more in retaliation than sincere encouragement for a rewarding career.

Jamshid wasn't anything if he wasn't persistent. That night, he talked Feraydoon into doing the same thing the next day. Poor Feraydoon knew better, but what could he do? He didn't see himself as one of those "mommy's boys" to loiter in the Y for executive jobs to come to him. All that the man wanted was a few honestly earned dollars to pay for life.

Feraydoon’s case made me think. So the Jews own America, help only each other? Why don’t they help this decent willing-to-work hard Jew? Maybe they don’t own America. Maybe the Jews are not the heartless bloodsuckers that their ill-wishers keep painting them. Well, Feraydoon is no bloodsucker. In fact he bled, like the two of us non-Jews, working like a dog for pennies. Feraydoon’s case convinced me that the allegations against the Jews are little more than a heap of hateful prejudice fabricated by the world’s too many overt and covert anti-Semites. I kept thinking.

And as for Jamshid and Feraydoon. Did they make a lot of money sticking with the delivery job? They wouldn’t say. The fact that they didn’t do it again after the second day, told me all I needed to know.

Me? I still had a whole summer ahead of me to do something to provide for the fall tuition, books expenses and the cost of living. These not so trivial matters kept me motivated to find work. And I did. Perhaps I’ll tell you about it.

But for now, I wish to leave you with a reflection on prejudice. Prejudice is the mental womb for hatred. And hatred is a consuming fire that devours everything in its path, often including the prejudiced person himself.


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You tell me....

by just-a-qustion (not verified) on

'Dear' Jew-hater - how exactly jews of America and other countries , Israel excluded, intentionally murdering defenseless men, women and children?
And why Jews should not have a state of their own where they can fight back well-wishers like you and your kind?


Much Older Than Judaism

by Anonymous. (not verified) on

I believe the controllers existed long before Judaism, and have infiltrated various other religions, the ultimate battle is's not the bloodline that matters, it's the decisions being made.

Terrorists, Illuminati, and Zionism:


“Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio. (Certainly the FBI’s cover-up of the Israeli spy ring/phone tap scandal suggests that Mr. Sharon may not have been joking.)



Dear Bahram, there is just

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Dear Bahram, there is just one definition to Zionism. Perhaps if you know of others inform us. Zionism is the idea of the formation of a Jewish state in ... the promised land, which decided to be in ... Palestine, in the oil rich region of the Middle East. Zionism is an imperialist construction and a racist ideology. I abhor anti-semitism as much any other form of racism, but I also learnt about zionist racism in many encounters with Zionist Jews referring to Palestinians and Arabs as "animals", as "savages", of Palestine having been an empty land with no inhabitants, really like White settlers who 'discovered' America and made it 'bloom' and Australians and Canadians and White South Africans, they just found empty pieces of precious land and settled! Of course, I do not rely on personal experience forming my view of an entire people but there is a large body of knowledge out there and this righteous racism is not a secret. In fact it has been a crucial ingredient for building Israel as a Jewish state, as is the case in all colonial settlements. This is Zionism. Not everyone that lives in Israel is a racist and a criminal, there are many good people there who are opposed to atrocities we are currently helplessly witnessing, however most have been brainwashed to believe it is their right to have a Jewish state excluding the native inhabitants .... through mass expulsion and extermination. However, I do believe the Jews in Israel themselves have been exploited for an imperialist agenda for which it is necessary that they remain scared and insure. Zionism is a racist occupation. If Jews had been living there in their majority and decided that they wanted to have a "Jewish Republic of Israel" ;) that would have been their democratic choice regardless of whether we liked it or not. For a clear definition of Zionist it is enough really to watch what is happening in Gaza and try to understand why the wall, the blockade, the slaughter of innocent population, the destruction of civic institutions?

I am sure you know all this and you mean very well but there is atrocity going on to which we are witnesses and it is not directed by Hamas, Hezbollah or Iran, whatever we think of them; it is a grand agenda that feeds on fear. Best wishes.


Diluting Terms

by Bahramg08 (not verified) on

Dear Mehrnaz,
Applying the term Zionism so broadly, as you have in your post, dilutes it and takes away the precision and specificity that are essential in minimizing confusion. To my thinking, words are like surgical instruments that each is made -- in the case of words "coined" -- for a specific operation or function. So, perhaps it is better to limit a word's usage to its main coinage.
Best regards,
Bahram G


A Clarification

by Anonymous on

Somehow my comment, "Government 101" was posted under "anonymous." I don't know how that happened. I just wish to clarify the fact that it was by me -- Bahram G and I had no intention of disguising myself.
Best regards,
Bahram G


A bit of a misunderstanding!

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Bahram, I am glad that you got over your prejudice, but I also hope that you get over your misunderstanding about the notion of Jews running America. Many Jews in America were against the invasion of Iraq and many are appalled, as any human being should be, by the current genocide and the concentration camps in Gaza. It is however a well researched fact that Pro-Zionists groups which include many influential and wealthy Jewish organisations and individuals as well as Christian Zionists, secular Zionists and even Muslim Zionists (yes!) control the foreign policy making in America (and apparently the world, as we see from the security council non-functionality in relation to Gaza massacre). It is Zionist lobby groups like American Israeli Public Affairs Committee that are viciously controlling America rather than Jews. This is a Jewish question is so far as ordinary Jews themselves are victims of imperialist greed and ambitions. I suppose Fereydoun approached you guys because of that same reality, he reached out for his compatriots for help rather than Jews, because of course there would not be much going for a poor limping unemployed person from the Zionist lobby, or better off Jews for that matter, unless they are compassionate and able to help, regardless of being Jewish.
It all depends on how one identifies oneself. I hope that this experience would also lead to you looking into the workings of the Zionist lobby, without prejudice and with keen interest to find out.


Government 101

by Anonymous on

"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the rest," bemoaned Winston Churchill.

Well, friends, that's what we have in the U.S.Democracy. Democracy is subject to influence and manipulation. It responds to power. An individual citizen has one in 200 million (voters?) of the power. So, one or two people are unable to steer the mammoth wheel of this democracy in the direction they want. Hence, people form coalitions -- tens of thousands of them. The American Medical Association, the United Auto Workers, the American Bar Association. Yes tens of thousands of these common-interest groups form to get things their way.

The Jews, the Catholic Church, various Islamic organizations, one and all are the same as other interest-groups that aim to protect and promote their own parochial interests.

Many complain about the Jews controlling the U.S. and its foreign policy. There is no question that the American Jews feel strongly about Israel and Jewish people there. It is understandable. Iranian Muslims have signed up tens of thousands of university student volunteers to go to Gaza and fight along Hamas. Even though, we Iranians have longstanding grievances against the Arabs, some still feel their religious bond with the Arabs warrants getting in league with them.

This sorry business of taking sides and fueling the fire of hatred and killing is indeed horrific.

I, for one, refuse to accept that the Jews are this and that. I have through research and decades of personal experience concluded that any defensive or offensive thing attributed to the Jews as a whole is at least due to the fact that this long-persecuted group of humanity had, per force, to develop some counter-measures to survive. All minorities of the world that managed to survive their persecutors have done so by coming up with some effective counter-measures.

Just for one, our dear Zoroastrian community in Iran. These valiant people, for whatever reasons, did not convert to Islam. For over a thousand years they were persecuted in their own homeland by the Muslims. So, what did the Zoroastrians do? They did the best they could by circling the wagon, so to speak, and helping each other to survive. Some, per force, left Iran for India so that they could practice their religion and lead a semblance of normal life.

It is not fun to be a minority in the land of an oppressive inhuman majority.

Jews have been pushed around in just about all over the world. They have had it. They don't want to be pushed around any more. So, they do what they can to survive.

So what's the answer? Telling the Jews to stop pushing what is in their interest? You want to say that to the tens of thousands of common-interest groups as well? You are going to enforce that? How?

Perhaps, the only hopeful way for all of us to live in this common village earth is to get rid of our prejudices and hatreds; to create a world where everyone, first and foremost, is a member of the family of humanity, and second he is a Jew, a Muslim, or any other sub-type.

I know. I know that some think me naive and Pollyanic. But the old ways of hating and fighting one another has brought nothing but suffering to the common weal. Sure enough, for a time, one group had prevailed and one group had suffered. But, the win-lose strategy is inhuman. It is the vestige of our primitive past. We can and must go with the new paradigm of win-win approach.

Now, all of you who still love hate can go ahead and say all the nasty things that you want about me and all the people and systems that you abhor.


Bahram, you say Jews dont' own America? Any doubt now?

by Observer (not verified) on

Have seen the pictures of Palestinian children blood on their faces walking aimlessly on the streets of Gaza? A human being can not watch an animal in this state and not be outraged! This is what Jews of the world and the United States have to offer to the world.

This crime against humanity is happening with the U.S. approval. And do you know who the U.S. government consult with before any decision is made? Israel. This is not some conspiracy theory. It is fact proven over and over by independent reporters and researchers. Here is a clip about how Israel controls U.S. foreign policy:


Obama the 'tanned' neocon

by IraniIrooni (not verified) on

Have you noticed that this Obama guy never says anything with substance? This guy talks like a football coach:

Obama: "We have to take action and implement policies to help end the current recession."

football coach: "We have to score more points than our opponent to win the game."

It is amazing. On top of that, based on who he has surrounded himself with, Obama appears to have sold his soul to the Clintons, in other words, to the neocons. This obama brotha ain't gonna change a thing in Washington DC. I'll admit though, that we at least got the least worst guy to be our President. Not sure if McCain could do any better. And certainly not his fault as our Republican party has been destroyed by the theocratic minded Bush and his master neocons.


What is your point!???!?!?!

by IraniIrooni (not verified) on

You will realize that jews (mostly non-Iranian) really do run this country's media, entertainment and foreign policies. This is not based on hatred, it is a fact. Actually, it is because of such power and control that many Americans hesitant to express their frustration and/or criticism of the jewish communities or powerhouses (like AIPAC). In the last few yrs, some Americans (from intellectuals, professors to law makers) have finally had the courage to crticize israel and its control over the US.

Isn't it amazing? An American feels more at ease in accusing the President of wrongdoings and criticizing his policies, but doesn't even dare to say anything negative about israel!

You will also realize that they're nice to you when they need something, or are doing business. The iranian jewish group in the US is literally a closed community, closed to non-jewish iranians. Muslims and Christians are not accepted. Their relations with the Bahai's is ok, then again, that's based on feeding off of the 'umfortunate religious group' thing that they say they have in common.

Lastly, I recommend that you try not to write such a lengthy story. Try to summarize it to get your point across as quickly and easily as you can.


Zion for President! I love it how you put them in their places

by MRX1 (not verified) on

They don't want to believe the superiorty of Jewish blood that's what it's all about. We rule.


I love how many irrevelant arguements are..

by Aenehzodaee (not verified) on

attempted to be made in the comment section. I don't see what slander of Obama or praise of Bush have to do with anything.


Dear Anonymous Observer

by Zion on

LOL. That was just great! FIPSOS, eh? I'll remember that one. :-)


Is it the Jews or is it the Arabs

by "Iranian" View Point (not verified) on

Lets not debate the obvious that European Jews are the masters of America. And equally obvious is that Arabs run Iran. So touche...No need to prove the laws of nature here. But who is the enemy of Iran?

Jews and Iraninans have the same enemy now and for many centuries. It is the fanatical Arabs and their brutal ways that have brought harm to Iran and Israel. Enemy of my enemy is my friend. So lets join forces with Israel and lets wipe the world clean of these religious fanatics.

What Israel is doing now is no less than I would do as a true Iranian if I had the chance (by the way, I am not a mullah or a fake Arab pretending to be Iranian who happens to have a prominent position in IRI!)

Anytime you get angry at Israel, go on YouTube and listen to the last words of the Arab hero, Sadam Hussein, may God burn his soul in hell!!


"Israel's Lobby wants America to help Israel remain the dominant

by Observer (not verified) on

regional power". John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt research indicates:

"Maintaining U.S. support for Israel's policies against the Palestinians is a core goal of the Lobby, but its ambitions do not stop there. It also wants America to help Israel remain the dominant regional power. Not surprisingly, the Israeli government and pro-Israel groups in the United States worked together to shape the Bush Administration's policy towards Iraq, Syria, and Iran, as well as its grand scheme for reordering the Middle East."

It doesn't matter to Israel's Lobby what damages United States will endure as long as Israel's goal of dominating Middle East is fulfilled.


Killing is abomination

by Anonymous on

To my thinking, killing is abomination. Even killing of animals for food is something that bothers me. Although I must admit that I am not vegetarian. But just try and conjure the image of a child, be he/she an Israeli, a Palestinian or of any other ethnic/nationality/religion or other demographic characteristics, being killed or maimed because of some murdering adults are feuding among themselves. It breaks your heart to see victims of wars, oppressions, injustice and any other form of crime.
We, the rank and file, can not remain silent and indifferent to the atrocities that go on in this world. Palestinians have certainly suffered long enough. So have the Jews. So have a whole host of other people. One and all are victims of senseless quarrels that can be settled without bloodshed.
It is useless to try to stick with our guns and prejudices. All it does is to prolong the suffering. It is time for all quarrelling parties to start anew. There is so much joy in life that we all can enjoy as well as so much suffering that together we can ameliorate. Life is a killer as is. We humans hardly need to give it a hand.
I know that all this sounds so surreal to some. Well, I am fed up with the horrible reality that various gangs of self-promoting politicians and religionists have made of this world. Let us raise our voices and confront these agents of war and proclaim that people are one. People are precious. Justice must rule supreme without regard to any and all considerations.
That's all I am saying. Let us bury our hatchets. Enough suffering. Let's fully subscribe to the magnificent ancient Farsi poem: bani adam azaye yek deegarand -- ke az adamiat ze yek joharand. cho ozvi be dard avarad roozegar -- degar ozvhara namanad gharar.

Anonymous Observer

Well Put

by Anonymous Observer on

and a great departure from piece after piece written by our resident FIPSOS (Female Iranians with Palestinain Signifigant Others) who are constantly featured on this site.


Jews control United States foreign policy, it's a fact not a

by Observer (not verified) on

fiction. Read the following line by two of the most respected social scientist who teach at the University of Chicago:

"A key pillar of the Israel Lobby's effectiveness is its influence in the U.S. Congress, where Israel is virtually immune from criticism. This is in itself a remarkable situation, because Congress almost never shies away from contentious issues. Whether the issue is abortion, affirmative action, health care, or welfare, there is certain to be a lively debate on Capitol Hill. Where Israel is concerned, however, potential critics fall silent and there is hardly any debate at all."

Their study called: THE ISRAEL LOBBY AND U.S. FOREIGN POLICY is published on line at //


Nice Car!

by Immortal Guard! (not verified) on


You tell me....

by Soothsayer (not verified) on

I haven't really studied to see whether or not the Jews rule America. But, what everyone can see nowadays clearly is that a state called Israel is committing mass murder in massive scale and in bright daylight and takes pride in doing so. In the meantime, all this mass murder is taking place with weapons provided by us here in the USA. Even worse, the whole ruling elite, all the mainstream media, and the topmost civil and military leaders in our beloved USA not only do nothing to stop it, they cheer and support this mass murder. They even block the global initiative for a ceasefire in the U.N. so that more women and children are murdered by the gifts of mass destruction we have endowed to the holy state of Israel.

Almost the entire media here in the U.S. have been mobilized in full force to justify this mass murder and cover up its evil intentions and its brutality. In the process, they have managed to desensitize us all into accepting that somehow this carnage has been unavoidable. This is how we become content with amusing ourselves with abstract discussions on whether the Jews rule America. Whether they do or not, they are, intentionally murdering defenseless men, women and children (500 so far). They are wounding, dismembering, and paralyzing many hundreds more, destroying civic infrastructure, creating more orphans and widows, and planting the roots of hatred and despair deeper in that damned, fertile soil of the land of the children of Abraham; all with unconditional love and support from our beloved USA. Now, you tell me who rules where and who owns what.


Dear Bahram

by DoJewsOwnAmerica? (not verified) on

This is one of the most irrelevant articles I have ever read. Your initial raw and naive perceptions of the role of the jews in America were induced into your mind and soul by the perpetrators of compound ignorance in the IRI before you came to America. Induced compound ignorance, however, is never a good reference point for later comparison.

Contrasting that naive and ignorant understanding with a very limited personal experience with a jewish compatriate, and trying to arrive at certain (new) conclusions with respect to the issue of the role of the jews in America also leads to yet another version of compound ignorance.

The role of jews in America is a complex matter and has continued to be the subject of both scholarly and populist discussions and debates. Populist, flashy headlines like "Jews Own America" would serve no intelligent purpose other than trivializing such a complex matter.

While your personal experiences are worthy of respect, there is a lot that you should learn, experience, and above all comprehend regarding the role of the jews in America. I encourage you to do that. It will open your eyes wider. You might be in the danger of elevating your understanding of this matter to a higher orbit.


Iranian run the world

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

The Saudis own 70% of the stock market, therefore own most of America. The Jews run the media and Holywood. the richest people in America are Christians, but the Iranians run the entire world.


Nothing to discuss

by IRANdokht on

Barack Obama won the election and he'll be the US president on the 20th of this month.

there is only one very appropriate word that can be said about that:



Eurpean Jews don't like Iranian Jews! European Jews control US!

by gol-dust on

for the most part! All hatred that I heard in Iran was against the Israelis and their inhumane treatment of palestinians! They never said anything bad about the the jews as a whole! I heard them saying: " we respect the jews, they are people like us who happened to have different faith!"  Even one time I ran in to a Hezbollahi where the discussion went to israel, and he pointedly said that he had a lot of respect for the jews, but not the zionists who mistreat the palestinians.

So, I don't know where you guys get this infrmation that iranians are against the jews! My closest friend at work is Massoud who happened to be jewish. For some reason I like him much more than the other iranian coworkers. I really never cared what his religion was. I recently recruited Siamak knowing he was jewish. but to me he is an iranian. So what's the big fuss?


What We Should Really Be Discussing

by A Conservative Republican Who is also an Iranian (not verified) on

Please take a little time to look at this 30 second clip. I am interested to know your opinions regarding it. I view it as a clear outline of the Iranian regime and how B. Hussein Obama will treat it differently than President Bush has.


Are these quotes representative of Sen. Barack Obama?
If they are, do you support these views?

Whatever you think of this video, it is a clear example of how Sen. McCain would have had an offensive foreign policy platform, similar to President Bush's, as opposed to Obama's defensive one.

In my opinion this is what B. Hussein Obama believes. I disagree with him, and I disagree strongly, but I will not insult him. Many people, including myself, view him as under-qualified to be president. Especially when taking his 'present' votes in the IL state senate into account. He is a respectable human being, especially because he admitted his mistakes on the O'Reilly Factor, but so did Senator McCain. Sen. Obama's social policies are very out-of-touch with the rest of us living in America who are pro-life and anti-gay marriage. Obama opposed something similar to the Born Alive Infants Act in the IL State Senate. Also, Obama opposed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban that President Bush supported and proudly passed. Obama is for the radical redefining of marriage. I just hope Obama will not go through with his promise of ending President Bush's prodigious tax-cuts and fixing loopholes such as cell phone taxes and internet taxes, will be sure to keep our low inflation and HIGH GDP growth rate.

My final message:
Thank You President Bush

Vote Huckabee 2012


Thanks for the touching recollection

by Zion on

Information, that is the antidote to hate and prejudice. And so good to see that the ideological brainwashing was not able to penetrate the Iranian culture this time either, as it proved unable in the past.


Nicely written,

by cyclicforward on

If only people look at each other as humans rather than this and that the whole life would have been much easier.





I know a Jew!

by Anonymous xyz (not verified) on

Thank you for the article. I have also had an iranian jew classmate and then friend for many years. He is one of the most decent men I have ever known. I can trust him with my life and have often turned on him in difficult times. I went to see his parents in iran and they are equally decent and honorable. Because of him, I feel shame when I hear that iranian jews are bad-mouthed or are under pressure in iran.


Very nice story!

by Hamvatan101 (not verified) on

Thank you Bahram. I find this attitude among Iranians all over. The past 30 years of attempted brain washing by the rulers of our country has not helped.