Traveling Friend

Traveling Friend
by Farah Afshari

There is always a reason to travel

For beyond everything you see today

There is a tomorrow, a yesterday, a today and a forever


And for the night

A reflection lives in that beating of the moon’s heart

To reach you in a rainbow of strikes

Singing blue, silver and green


There is always a reason to travel

For everywhere man lives

Comes laughter, tears

Moments to spare and moments to reflect

And learning,

Learning my friend is wild and vast

Like the history of mankind

Lost to be found by footsteps as yours

-- Farah Afshari



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Your positive outlook is healthy and admirable…

by Probity (not verified) on

And I certainly hope it’s contagious. You are absolutely right, there is always a reason to travel and move forward. Where there are tears, there is laughter. Trees get cut down, but more are getting planted. More and more people get educated and enlightened. There will be progress, only when we have hope and move forward. Well said: “Lost to be found by footsteps as yours”.
Thank you, this poem is as bright as is beautiful.


It's nice to read your

by jamh on

It's nice to read your poems full of hope.  I wish I could believe, but wherever I see humans, I see trees cut down, pollution, selfishness and war.  Yes, we do learn, but we also forget.