We finally did it...

2000 miles over 10 days across some of the most stunning European scenery.

We finally did it...
by Siamack

Oh and we are officially in love with Tuscan cuisine. I had a request for details of the places we stayed at. Here's the contact info:

FRANCE - Lyon: lespasquiers@orange.fr (Tel: +33 474 69 86 33)
FRANCE - Aix-en-Provence: m.cuxac@wanadoo.fr (Tel: +33 490 08 36 89)
ITALY - Vicchio: info@leduevolpi.it or heidiflo@gmail.com Tel: (+39 055 840 7874)
SWITZERLAND - Lucerne: mail@wilden-mann.ch (att: Christian) Wilden Mann Tel: (+4141 210 16 66)


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Thank you

by AnonymousNYC (not verified) on

Thank you for posting details of the places.


Travel plan

by AnonymousNYC (not verified) on

Dear Siamak,
First, one exchange of parental experience: After your sons got used to water, please never use those arm floats. They will keep them too vertical, and in a positioin which is not good for swimminig. Use floats that stay near their lower back, and tie around their waist. These will keep them more horizontal, and will help them to scoop and kick better, and learn to swim without floats.
Second, I was impressed by your choice of travel plan. If possible please post the info about the towns/cities you travelled, and the places you stayed.
May everyday of life for you and your family to be a happy one.
With regards from NYC


Italian vacation

by maziar 58 (not verified) on

beato te! khosh behalet back in the 80's we used to back-packing from Rome to trieste and your clip and( I enjoyed watching all others from the menu).
grazzia si-ya-mak.


Nice one!

by Aref-Adib on


Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Seems like such a good time Siamack! Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories with us. Cherish these days. I remember travelling with my boys when they were your boys' age and the sweet memories have stayed with me through the years. And I know what you mean about Tuscan cuisine! I have family who live in Florence, so I have been fortunate to visit frequently.


Done well

by Sialashgar on

 Thank you Siamack. Hossein

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

What a holiday indeed! And your editing skills and choice of music made it even more enjoyable to watch. I had a pretty damn good time in Chihuahua, but Christ... your trip beats them all. Those boys better be grateful of their mom and dad when they grow up! :o)