The Way

The Way
by Farah Afshari

Why should I stay?

why should I talk repeat?

I have crossed this way

I have smelt the love

and want nothing more...


I have touched the mirage

pictures of fascinations in a land

lost in dreams of water and growing green

and have come back with dry sand pouring

from between my fingers

an empty heart

and a desire to close my eyes and walk endless

why should I stay?


and I shall take nothing

but all the little things that slept with my soul

for so long

so so long

The way was long and dark

I was a passenger

tired and sleepy

friendship was that little hut

within which the light

gave me the strength

to carry on

now I am awake

with no light insight

why? why should I stay?

The way is long

and darkness entwined with my eyes

why? why should I stay?


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My dear Mojan thank you for

by F (not verified) on

My dear Mojan thank you for your kind comments now and before.


Thank you!

by Mojgan Shahab (not verified) on

My friend,
Thank you for witting back again. You are the reason I frequently check this website. Your poetry is the true semblance of feeling; it takes one away to a land of dreams, giving a new sense of life before the return back to reality.
Please continue to share your thoughts, as I look forward reading them. Yours truly.


It means I have not achieved

by F (not verified) on

It means I have not achieved what I was looking for but I have found out what it should be.


Smell Love?

by gol-dust on

Sorry Farah, what do you mean by "I have smelt love"?

Thank you!