Teaching grandma

Boys teaching Maman Jan to pronounce in French

Teaching grandma
by Siamack

We were in Kid's Factory in Waterloo, Belgium on a rainy Sunday. I remember giggling at my grandmother's pronounciation of English words. Seems like what comes around really does go around...


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I have a serious problem

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

whilst I often enjoy the family videos, I cannot help noticing that the twins are eating or drinking junk. Is this fair? They are adorable, why get them accustomed to bad tastebuds?
I really don't understand why so many parents do this to their children. Wouldn't it be better for them to learn to squeeze their own orange juice? It's even a fraction of the price of softdrinks.
It just makes me so sad.

On a lighter note, here's Eddie Izzard and Learning French:

and you can tell your Mum she can cheat and order a Croque Madame.

I remember a joke going around about an Iranian, who had difficulty with the genders in French, so the rumour was that he simply ordered a minimum of 2 for the easier plural.