The Story of Mohammad

The revolutionary, warrior and sovereign


The Story of Mohammad
by Arash Monzavi-Kia

As it was customary among the wealthy Arabs of Mecca, the new born Mohammad was given to a Bedouin nanny to breast-feed him in her tribe’s campground outside the town. Zarrin Koob attributes that separation to the fact that Mecca was so filthy and decease-ridden at the time that most kids would have died, if they were kept there at an early age. So the prophet spent his first years among the Bedouin tribes and in the wild and fresh air of the desert.

Mohammad was very young when his father passed away and his custody (based on Semitic traditions) went to his grandfather, and upon his death, to his uncle. In the brutish city of Mecca, the orphaned Mohammad was treated roughly by the other kids who were better off, and was constantly reminded of his poverty and loneliness. Nevertheless, he grew up to be a hardworking, honest and thoughtful young man, very employable in the service of the Mecca traders.

Back then, the Roman trade with Far East (mostly India) had been disrupted by the century old Persian-Roman wars. Therefore, some of that trade was rechanneled through Yemen, Mecca and Syria. It was a lucrative operation for the Arab warlords who would organize and protect the safe passage of the caravans to the East Roman Empire (Byzantine).

Mohammad worked for nearly a decade in the Roman trade route and became very familiar with both the Christian and the Jewish traditions of the Near East. As an intelligent young man, although illiterate, he absorbed most of the biblical stories, which put his life in a much more appealing prospective. He found solace in the hardship stories of Job and Moses, but perhaps was most influenced by Abraham, a Semitic prophet who recanted his own town and traditions, to build a new Utopia and create a new way of life.

At the age of 40, after marrying a wealthy business woman, Mohammad found some spare time to contemplate his past and future, his beliefs and doubts. Like some other contemporary mystics of Mecca, he started frequenting the caves outside town, fasting and praying to the god for guidance. He finally claimed that an angle of god had spoken to him, and had read him a book (Koran) which would put the affairs of all mankind, including the Arabs, the Jews, the Persians and the Christians, in order!

That message was first tried on his wife and close relatives, with partial success. A handful of them accepted that the honest Mohammad was not lying, and that the incredible verses he was reciting were miraculous and could not be the work of an illiterate man. Soon, the prophet said that god had asked him to openly summon all the people of Mecca to the new faith. But the tough and cynical men of Mecca laughed at Mohammad’s calls to brotherhood, monotheism and observance of what seemed like the Jewish rituals. Even the Jewish rabbis criticized his inadequate knowledge of the biblical traditions and mistakes in reciting their stories as part of a new testament.

The laughter and the criticism made Mohammad upset and angry enough, to start confronting the prominent townspeople with daily repudiation of their barbaric manners. In response, the Mecca nobility boycotted his business, openly disowned him and even encouraged the street kids to ridicule and stone him. Poor and desperate, the prophet then concentrated his message towards the disadvantaged of Mecca, the deprived and the slaves. He not only promised them freedom and hope, but also the Abraham god’s pledge that ‘the meek would inherit the earth’!

When the Mecca upper class was confronted with the specter of a slave uprising, they killed some of the rebellious poor, confiscated Muslims’ properties and banished Mohammad and his followers to the outskirts of the city. Pained and worried that the fickle flame of his calling would die in such hardship, Mohammad sent messengers far and wide. The people of Yathrib (later called the Medina or city of prophet) gave him refuge, and became his base to fight the aristocracy of Mecca.

From his base in Medina, Mohammad encouraged and organized his followers to revenge on the Meccans, who had earlier confiscated their belongings. This started years of looting of the Mecca caravans that had to pass Medina on route to Syria, and back. In reply, the Mecca warlords organized much bigger trade missions that could be guarded more effectively. This in turn encouraged the now militaristically organized Muslims to engage in open combat with the Meccans who were accompanied by large sums of money and goods.

The rich and powerful of Mecca lost their first famed battle (Badr) to the Muslims, because they had grossly underestimated the ragtag party of Mohammad. The true strength of Mohammad’s faith was the open-door policy and merit-based hierarchy. If you wanted in, well, you were in, without any tribal or racial barriers. And if you were any good, you could get command, without prejudice and bias. In addition, most of the followers ‘had nothing to lose but their chains’ (as Karl Marx rediscovered later), and had a lot to gain by attacking and defeating the pampered, pompous and disorganized aristocracy.

His first relatively easy victories made Mohammad both jubilant and gracious. He would be forgiving even towards his tormenters (the Mecca rich) and his ridiculers (the Jewish tribes). However, soon the opposition woke up under the leadership of Mohammad’s own grandfather tribe (Ghoraish), and organized successful campaigns (like Uhud) against the Muslims. Many of Mohammad’s family and friends were killed, and he was himself injured.

But neither the bloody defeat of Uhud, nor the subsequent siege of Medina (war of Khandagh) could break the back of Mohammad’s uprising. In the face of diminished loots and proceeds of war, the prophet promised eternal heaven to his battle-wary followers, where ‘streams of milk and honey’ would quench their thirst and ‘flocks of young virgins’ would satisfy their desires. At a more practical level, Mohammad resorted to such Persian-Roman war veterans like Salomon the Farsi, who taught the latest war techniques to Muslims. He also started a campaign of intimidation against all the Ghoraish allies, including the neighboring Jewish tribes, starting with the threat of force and concluding with their massacre and total annihilation.

Against the undefeated rich and powerful of Mecca, Mohammad the war-strategist concluded a balanced peace treaty, which among other things, allowed him and his followers to visit Mecca and its famed cubic temple once a year during the pilgrimage. The cubic temple of Mecca (Kaaba) was a traditional holy site for the idolater Arabs, where each tribe used to keep its god’s symbol (idol) for protection, and then visit it once a year. The annual pilgrimage was supposed to be a time of peace, and the tribesmen were only allowed to enter Mecca without their weapons.

Initially, Mohammad had forfeited the holiness of Mecca and Kaaba, in favor of the Jewish holy town of Jerusalem. However, in face of bitter struggles with the neighboring Jewish tribes, and in order to gain favors with the Arab tribes who worshiped Kaaba, Mohammad changed the Muslim point of prayer. Then next year, the Muslims returned to Mecca for pilgrimage and show-of-force, chanting: ‘no god but Allah’. However, they did not otherwise force the issue on the Meccans. Allah being one of the chief existing gods in Kaaba, the message started to sink in.

The simple unifying message of ‘no god but Allah’ appealed to the disjointed Arab tribes who could finally see a chance for unity and nationhood. The most powerful of them appealed to Mohammad to also accept the legitimacy and holiness of four highly regarded idols in the Kaaba, as a precondition for them to join the Muslims. Upon reflection, Mohammad accepted and uttered verses which praised the four idols of Kaaba as holy and legitimate. However, the next day, he changed heart and recanted that acceptance as the Satanic Verses, which apparently the devil had whispered into his ears!

Next year, during the pilgrimage to Mecca, Mohammad summoned 10,000 armed Muslims to converge on the city. He reneged on the peace treaty and gave two options to the Meccans, Islam (submission) or war! However, when the rich and powerful of Mecca submitted, Mohammad was again gracious and allowed them full amnesty, and even notable positions in his armed forces and governmental organization. There and then, the prophet’s journey from revolutionary to sovereign was complete!

Reading Mohammad’s life, one can find so many similarities between him and the other revolutionaries, who tried to change the world but world, changed them. Mohammad being an actual person (unlike such mythical characters like Moses and Jesus with no direct historical confirmation), is so real and flesh-and-blood that we can easily see his similarities with many other revolutionaries everywhere and even down to our own time (Cromwell, Robespierre, Lenin, Mao and even Khomeini).

At the end, no story is luscious without a bit of rumor. In Islamic tradition, it is known that the first wife of Mohammad (Khadijeh) was the first Muslim believer, and that the prophet did not marry anyone else (although Khadijeh was 15 years his senior) as long as she was living. Apparently, it was Khadijeh who proposed marriage (so 21st century) to the then shy Mohammad (a 25 year-old bachelor in her employment). It is also reported that Khadijeh was of a monotheistic family (Hanifian), who are rumored to have been Jewish. Now, based on most Jewish traditions, even if a person born into the faith recants Judaism, they are still considered a Jew. More interestingly, Jewish lineage is a maternal one, going from mothers to offspring. Therefore, deliciously enough, that can make Khadijeh, her daughter Fatima and even her grandson Hossein, all Jewish! Not that there is anything wrong with it!

The 23 years of prophecy, by Prof. Ali Dashti, temporarily posted at the link below.




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Anonymous Observer

Double Standard Indeed

by Anonymous Observer on

So, Mr. Arash, let's get this straight.  When you bash Zoroastrianism,  call Persian kings incestuous child molesters and bring into question documented Iranian history and inaccurately (for the lack of a better word) marginalize pre-Islam Persian culture and history, it is perfectly fine and scholarly, but when we recite, verbatim, documented events about Mohamed from the accounts of Muslim historians themselves, we are "Aryans" and Islam haters.   Unfortunately, theses days at the instigation of IRI and its stooges, Iran bashing has become fashionable and "scholarly" and as we say: "har kas keh as nanash ghahr kardeh rafteh iran-shenas shodeh". 

Your double standard, intellectual dishonsety and unabashed pandering to the rejects of the Iranian society is simply pathetic.  

Persia is Eternal.


Arash Mozavi-Kia

by Mammad on

Thank you for your good article. Even though some of it is not historically accurate, it was very good reading.

I only have two comments:

(a) Robespirre is not in the same league as the rest, and neither is the Prophet.

(b) There is no historical evidence for Hazrat-e Khedijeh being of Jewish origin. It is just sheer speculation on some people's part. Even if she were, it is only a Jewish thinking that children get their religion from their mother. There is no scientific/social reason for it. Not that there is anything wrong with being Jewish.



Why lying moslim?

by Anonymous Reza (not verified) on

Mammad, (1) someone recognized you in another thread and you denied that you were the same professor. Apparently you (like other moslims) do not practice what you preach. Or is lying legal in islam just like khomeini used to deceive 30 million people tp stage the fake revolution.

(2) So you are neither a theologist nor a political expert by training, only like other islamists find answers to all questions in a blindly-read book from 1400 years ago and force down 70 million throats.

(3) What is this religion that you keep bringing it up? If it is a private matter, who cares about it? If it is the same cult that has been murdering our youth and raping our girls for the past 30 years, it is a piece of trash that has now a well-understood record, no need to go back 1400 years to see what it is; islamists showed us what it really meant; the past 30 years of oppression and thievery of a nation cannot be changed no matter how much lipstick islamists put on this ugly pig that they call islam.

I am just saying some facts for you to maybe open your eyes since you may have some sense of logic in your educated mind that most islamists do not have, nonetheless, no insult is intended.

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Faryarm jaan

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

Thanks again for your thoughtful and humanistic reply.

You may want to organize your two replies into a blog or article, as we desperately need pieces filled with compassion and free of bias and bigotry.

Love your train of thought, 

Arash M-K



by Mammad on

Good questions. Here are the answers;


B.S.:  Chemical Engineering, University of Tehran, 1977

Ph.D.: Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota, 1984

Current Position: (full) Professor (since 1994); holder of an endowed Chair (and former Chairman of my Department); several teaching and research awards

Scientific Research: 

Energy (oil, geothermal, nuclear), nanoscale materials, membrane separation, stochastic processes, biological systems

Publications: 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 4 books

Number of independent citations of my scientific papers: about 5000


Political expertise: Iran, Energy, Middle East

Publications: over 50 articles in various publications (Los Angeles Times, International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, Harvard International Review, the Progressive, etc.) and websites (Huffington Post,, Truthdig, Common Dreams, Payvand, etc.)

Political leaning: Social democrat

Religion: Islam and practicing

Political affiliation (membership): None

I am no religious expert. I only express my opinion about what I believe in, although I have very extensive studies of Islam.

Any other questions?



Distortionist Propagandist & Seljuk Civilization, lol,what?

by samsam1111 on

""Mohammad has been behind the taming of the masses of barbarians in the Middle East and the establishment of one of the two truly monotheistic and non-racial religions of the world. The universal message of Islam, .....targets all the people regardless of their race and ethnicity, has shaped the face of world in form of such civilizations as the ..... the Seljuks, the Safavids and the Ottomons""

Game over !!!

folks tell me, "Sam, why do you judge a book by it,s cover?"..Well !!, I told this dude on his 1st blog (on Hakhamaneshian) , without knowing a thing about him, that , He is either a Reformist/Ommatist or a Pan-Turk. So far He has proven to be both. So Sassanid before Qadesiyeh were barbarians and Seljuks were civilization !!.

 My friend ! , these Ommatist civilizations Post-Qadesiyeh don,t belong to the legacy of Iran , but V-ran . Keep em , it,s all Yours , plus all it,s icons and figures,  except , beloved Ferdowsi, Babak and the likes.

How is my shooting now? right on the money, This polar bear smell salmon miles away . Cheers !!

Zion & AB; thx for ur apples & oranges.cheers!!

Maziar jan; Both ! . once the messenger is finit, fight the message, don,t antagonize the ignorant, Educate em, Cheers! & take care.


Dear Arash...

by faryarm on

Dear Arash,

The sooner, all Secularists, Atheists and followers of all religions,realize that humanity shares One Common Spiritual evolution, that religions have been revealed in different times and places  to different people. Its simple; the spiritual heritage of mankind has evolved just as his physical existence has evolved.

We can only trace what is available and has survived in written history. I believe what Confucius, Buddha , Krishna, Zororaster, ,Moses, Jesus, Muhammad , the Bab and for Baha'u'llah have brought  have all sprung from ONE Infallible Source, what Baha'u'llah refers to as the "Changeless face of God"

It has become vogue to dismiss what the Arabs brought to Iran. In reality The faith of Zoroaster, just like the faith of Muhammd today had sunk into corruption and superstition.

Some historians claim that during the latter stages of the Sassanian Empire,  under the influence of Zoroastrian priests (Mobeds) the descendants of Cyrus and their religion had sunk into tyranny and corruption; the Zoroastrian priests acted like the misguided and the corrupt  Mullahs in Iran of today. The arrival of Islam to Iran  was a blessing in disguise, as a new spiritual force slowly infused itself into the Persian culture as a new catalyst, one that after the passing of a few hundred years gave rise to the next great surge in human civilization with advances in Mathematics, Chemistry and Astrology, a time when its culture and magnificence gained its reputation as "Nesfeh Jahan" , Half of the world.! 

All this while europe was sunk in the dark ages.

We should put everything into perspective. The truth is that once we put away our preconceived ideas and stop listening to the Monks, rabbis, Priests and Mullahs ,  (who caused the wars and the divisions in the first place),and even shallow anti religion idealogy glamorised by Christopher Hitchens, who in turn cause another kind of division,we will begin to stop these silly arguments about our differences. 





Dear Mammad

by questions? (not verified) on

Who are you to challenge me, or anybody for that matter? What is your track record? Where are your published papers and articles? Where are your analyses? What is your education, except what you received for attacking Muslims, and spreading hatred towards them? Who are you, anyway, other than someone who keeps an eye on Muslims on this site?

Mammad, I have the same questions from you. Where did you get your degrees? Do you disclose your Islamist/marxist ideology to your publishers/interviewers?

Where are your credentials in regards to comparative Religious studies??? Why do you think you're an impartial expert on Islam or other matters given your Islamist doctrinations? Do you deny that you're not a disciple of Dr. Shariati?



by Mammad on

Your typical mumbo-jumbo; hollow; meaningless; without any substance whatsoever. Not surprising, of course. As I said, in your case, it is genetic. 

Who are you to challenge me, or anybody for that matter? What is your track record? Where are your published papers and articles? Where are your analyses? What is your education, except what you received for attacking Muslims, and spreading hatred towards them? Who are you, anyway, other than someone who keeps an eye on Muslims on this site?

Since you are such a good spy - a bragging one about everything that you think you know about me - then, why don't you read all the things that you know I have written to get your answers?

Oh, I see! You cannot read. Or, may be you can, but cannot comprehend. You understand only elementary stuff, like bragging, and making pseudo-comments.

You are not in my league, whatever my league may be, good or bad. 



I'm grateful for this

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

I'm grateful for this author's prolific and revisionists blogs. The more he writes, the more he discredits himself.

P.S. I look forward to more "empirically verifiable" accounts of militant Islamist's version of history on all things.


Dear :Amazing Anonymous Mystery doubter...

by faryarm on

You seek for evidence of God and ask for proof of Muhammad's authenticity, without bothering to investigate all that one can about history  and the nature of those who have actually been Manifestations of the God you want to communicate with directly.

Some Answered Questions is a  series of rational responses to questions put by westerners to Abdul-Baha the interpreter of Bahai writings about precisely he kind of subjects the modern mind grapples with in relation to the God, Man, Religion, Prophets, Soul,Mind, etc... 

As a Bahai I believe that God has in a manner we can understand has taught and guided us ever since human appearance on this planet. The problem is that each religion has come for a specific and limited amount of time. All Religions are in essence One in foundation and are the spiritual guidance of the same Divine educator. That is why as a Bahai who is a member of the most persecuted religion in Iran by the so called followers of Muhammad and Islam, I defend the authenticity of His Revelation and teachings but acknowledge the fact that, God has abrogated the laws of Islam and renewed them with guidance and teachings that apply to today and the Global Age of Mankind and not the "savage" tribes of Arabia Of Muhammad's time.س

For the purposes of this thread, i give you an example  of how an illiterate man like Muhammad was bestowed with the kind of knowledge to be able to speak about scientific knowledge that humanity only became aware of centuries later...

"... you know that before the observations of modern times—that is to say, during the first centuries and down to the fifteenth century of the Christian era—all the mathematicians of the world agreed that the earth was the center of the universe, and that the sun moved. The famous astronomer who was the protagonist of the new theory discovered the movement of the earth and the immobility of the sun. 5 Until his time all the astronomers and philosophers of the world followed the Ptolemaic system, and whoever said anything against it was considered ignorant. Though Pythagoras, and Plato during the latter part of his life, adopted the theory that the annual movement of the sun around the zodiac does not proceed from the sun, but rather from the movement of the earth around the sun, this theory had been entirely forgotten, and the Ptolemaic system was accepted by all mathematicians. But there are some verses revealed in the Qur’án contrary to the theory of the Ptolemaic system. One of them is “The sun moves in a fixed place,” which shows the fixity of the sun, and its movement around an axis. 6 Again, in another verse, “And each star moves in its own heaven.” 7 Thus is explained the movement of the sun, of the moon, of the earth, and of other bodies. When the Qur’án appeared, all the mathematicians ridiculed these statements and attributed the theory to ignorance. Even the doctors of Islám, when they saw that these verses were contrary to the accepted Ptolemaic system, were obliged to explain them away."

from Some Answered Questions, Bahai Writings. 

Arash Monzavi-Kia

The Bahai view

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

Dear Faryarm,

Many thanks for your thoughtful account of the Bahai view on Mohammad. The fevered hatred fanned by the 'Zion's and the 'Aryan's of this world, makes an impartial evaluation of Mohammad's contributions to the world civilization ever more important. Funny enough those same characters embrace their rotten ancient prophets and kings like eternal gems. 

Whether we like it or not, Mohammad has been behind the taming of the masses of barbarians in the Middle East and the establishment of one of the two truly monotheistic and non-racial religions of the world. The universal message of Islam, which like Christianity, targets all the people regardless of their race and ethnicity, has shaped the face of world in form of such civilizations as the Abbasids, the Seljuks, the Safavids and the Ottomons.

No message and no religion is perfect (except MINE of course :-), but we should realize what Mohammad and the other ancient founders have done and build upon it, by fighting what is obscene and inhuman (like the IRI) covering itself in faith and obedience. If Islam was an improving force in the life of people in Mohammad's time, why should we stop improving our lives by thinking, innovating and changing what has become rotten, old and disgusting?  

Arash M-K



by Anonymous mystery (not verified) on

That those western-educated western-lived people who have lived within a physical world where laws of physics strictly rule suddenly jump in and believe that a mysterious god talked to only one person without a shred of hard evidence - but only based only 1400 year old hearsay.

It is further amazing that the god of their religion is a childish spoiled ruthless coward, who not only did not want to talk to his subjects directly, and not only did not want to create them according to his desire as perfect human beings, but was incapable of punishing them when they disobeyed his laws that they did not know. He hired mohammad to commit crime on his behalf. What a non-sense joke, manufactured only for arabs of 1400 years ago and those who still want mentally to live as arabs did and were not aware of basic rules of our physical world.

If god wants to talk to me, he should do it directly, and not through an intermediary dubious character who lived 1400 years ago in arabia and destroyed MY country.

It is also amazing that after 30 years of seeing islam in action in our beloved country, people still think that that goddamn cult is anything but a jim jones cult who survived to torture us and keep us from having a prosperous life. Reminds me of khomeini responding to montazeri that reminds him of his unholy murder orders, that he knows all about islam and is practicing islam when ordering mass murder of iranian youth.

As for felestinians and esrailis, they are two people struggling to live with their equally murderous incompetent discriminating gods who does not allow them to live side-by-side and always favors one over another but never stops the unfavored side from bearing more unfavored children. As long as they believe in their thuggish gods, they are two nations well deserving of each other. Let them fight tooth and nail and kill each other until hell freezes over.


Islamist Dr. nuke

by Fred on

Islamist Dr. Nuke’s usual put down in the form of Islamists’ routine misogynistic format aside, does not answer the question posed to him. And on top of that yet again hurls his Islamist tactical atomic bomb in the form of“a plain manifestation of hatred towards anything Muslim and Islamic, you would not be yourself “. He keeps hurling it knowing fully well that it is a dead sentence. When on two separate instances the Islamist doc nuke was challenged to substantiate it with actual direct quotations all he could come up with was bubkes.

 Your Islamist republic and all its adherents and lobbyists regardless of their religious beliefs are Islamists.  Islamists are most loathed by Moslems who are perfectly aware of the damage the Islamist hooligans have caused their belief. Now how about backing up your outlandish claims doc?


Zion and samsamiii: Once

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

Zion and samsamiii: Once again, thank you for repudiating and exposing these zombified characters' propaganda.



by Mammad on

You never ever disappoint me, because I just know that you cannot help yourself. If you don't couple your usual hollow, meaningless, mumbo-jumbo, smart a.. "comment" with a plain manifestation of hatred towards anything Muslim and Islamic, you would not be yourself. That is who you are, and that is what you represent. When it comes to you, it is genetic. You have an amazing "talent" for showing your true colour.

You have never ever written a single meaningful word in this column. All you do is spying on people, and then bragging about the results of your spying. Most spies hide their work, but in your case not only you spy on people, but also are actually proud of it. And spying on what? Something that a person like me has said or written about PUBLICLY!! Wow! You are a discoverer, and your 'discoveries" only go to show your mentality.

What you also do is trying to spread hatred towards Muslims and Islamic. All you do is acting as a smart a.., taking things out of context, skewing them with the help of your utter imbecility, and presenting them as "facts."

As always (not usual, because with usual there are exceptions; with you none), you are yourself.

Now, go back to recommending reading things about Iran - things that everybody knows - as part of your continuing "discoveries."



Prophet Muhammad- Without the Prejudice: The Bahai View

by faryarm on



This is an interesting point of view from the Bahai writings,Some Answered Questions.

The vocabulary is the language of the early 1900s. It was written  as a series of responses to questions from visiting western Bahais, when Abdu'l-Bahá (1844-1921), the son of Bahá'u'lláh (1817-1892) -- Founder of the Bahá'í Faith

was still a prisoner of the Ottoman Turks in then Akka, Palestine .

About The Prophet Muhammad, He said:

"..... Americans and Europeans have heard a number of stories about the Prophet which they have thought to be true, although the narrators were either ignorant or antagonistic: most of them were clergy; others were ignorant Muslims who repeated unfounded traditions about Muḥammad which they ignorantly believed to be to His praise.

Thus some benighted Muslims made His polygamy the pivot of their praises and held it to be a wonder, regarding it as a miracle; and European historians, for the most part, rely on the tales of these ignorant people.

For example, a foolish man said to a clergyman that the true proof of greatness is bravery and the shedding of blood, and that in one day on the field of battle a follower of Muḥammad had cut off the heads of one hundred men! This misled the clergyman to infer that killing is considered the way to prove one’s faith to Muḥammad, while this is merely imaginary. The military expeditions of Muḥammad, on the contrary, were always defensive actions: a proof of this is that during thirteen years, in Mecca, He and His followers endured the most violent persecutions. At this period they were the target for the arrows of hatred: some of His companions were killed and their property confiscated; others fled to foreign lands. Muḥammad Himself, after the most extreme persecutions by the Qurayshites, who finally resolved to kill Him, fled to Medina in the middle of the night. Yet even then His 19 enemies did not cease their persecutions, but pursued Him to Medina, and His disciples even to Abyssinia.

These Arab tribes were in the lowest depths of savagery and barbarism, and in comparison with them the savages of Africa and wild Indians of America were as advanced as a Plato. The savages of America do not bury their children alive as these Arabs did their daughters, glorying in it as being an honorable thing to do. 1 Thus many of the men would threaten their wives, saying, “If a daughter is born to you, I will kill you.” Even down to the present time the Arabs dread having daughters. Further, a man was permitted to take a thousand women, and most husbands had more than ten wives in their household. When these tribes made war, the one which was victorious would take the women and children of the vanquished tribe captive and treat them as slaves.

When a man who had ten wives died, the sons of these women rushed at each other’s mothers; and if one of the sons threw his mantle over the head of his father’s wife and cried out, “This woman is my lawful property,” at once the unfortunate woman became his prisoner and slave. He could do whatever he wished with her. He could kill her, imprison her in a well, or beat, curse and torture her until death released her. According to the Arab habits and customs, he was her master. It is evident that malignity, jealousy, hatred and enmity must have existed between the wives and children of a household, and it is, therefore, needless to enlarge upon the subject. Again, consider what was the condition and life of these oppressed women! Moreover, the means by which these Arab tribes lived consisted in pillage and robbery, so that they were perpetually engaged in fighting and war, killing one another, plundering and devastating each other’s property, 20 and capturing women and children, whom they would sell to strangers. How often it happened that the daughters and sons of a prince, who spent their day in comfort and luxury, found themselves, when night fell, reduced to shame, poverty and captivity. Yesterday they were princes, today they are captives; yesterday they were great ladies, today they are slaves.

Muḥammad received the Divine Revelation among these tribes, and after enduring thirteen years of persecution from them, He fled. 2 But this people did not cease to oppress; they united to exterminate Him and all His followers. It was under such circumstances that Muḥammad was forced to take up arms. This is the truth: we are not bigoted and do not wish to defend Him, but we are just, and we say what is just. Look at it with justice. If Christ Himself had been placed in such circumstances among such tyrannical and barbarous tribes, and if for thirteen years He with His disciples had endured all these trials with patience, culminating in flight from His native land—if in spite of this these lawless tribes continued to pursue Him, to slaughter the men, to pillage their property, and to capture their women and children—what would have been Christ’s conduct with regard to them? If this oppression had fallen only upon Himself, He would have forgiven them, and such an act of forgiveness would have been most praiseworthy; but if He had seen that these cruel and bloodthirsty murderers wished to kill, to pillage and to injure all these oppressed ones, and to take captive the women and children, it is certain that He would have protected them and would have resisted the tyrants. What objection, then, can be taken to Muḥammad’s action? Is it this, that He did not, with His followers, and their women and children, submit to these savage tribes? To free these tribes from their bloodthirstiness was the greatest kindness, and to coerce and restrain them was 21 a true mercy. They were like a man holding in his hand a cup of poison, which, when about to drink, a friend breaks and thus saves him. If Christ had been placed in similar circumstances, it is certain that with a conquering power He would have delivered the men, women and children from the claws of these bloodthirsty wolves.

Muḥammad never fought against the Christians; on the contrary, He treated them kindly and gave them perfect freedom. A community of Christian people lived at Najrán and were under His care and protection. Muḥammad said, “If anyone infringes their rights, I Myself will be his enemy, and in the presence of God I will bring a charge against him.” In the edicts which He promulgated it is clearly stated that the lives, properties and honor of the Christians and Jews are under the protection of God; and that if a Muḥammadan married a Christian woman, the husband must not prevent her from going to church, nor oblige her to veil herself; and that if she died, he must place her remains in the care of the Christian clergy. Should the Christians desire to build a church, Islám ought to help them. In case of war between Islám and her enemies, the Christians should be exempted from the obligation of fighting, unless they desired of their own free will to do so in defense of Islám, because they were under its protection. But as a compensation for this immunity, they should pay yearly a small sum of money. In short, there are seven detailed edicts on these subjects, some copies of which are still extant at Jerusalem. This is an established fact and is not dependent on my affirmation. The edict of the second Caliph 3 still exists in the custody of the orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, and of this there is no doubt. 4

Nevertheless, after a certain time, and through the 22 transgression of both the Muḥammadans and the Christians, hatred and enmity arose between them. Beyond this fact, all the narrations of the Muslims, Christians and others are simply fabrications, which have their origin in fanaticism, or ignorance, or emanate from intense hostility.

For example, the Muslims say that Muḥammad cleft the moon, and that it fell on the mountain of Mecca: they think that the moon is a small body which Muḥammad divided into two parts and threw one part on this mountain, and the other part on another mountain.

Such stories are pure fanaticism. Also the traditions which the clergy quote, and the incidents with which they find fault, are all exaggerated, if not entirely without foundation.

Briefly, Muḥammad appeared in the desert of Ḥijáz in the Arabian Peninsula, which was a desolate, sterile wilderness, sandy and uninhabited. Some parts, like Mecca and Medina, are extremely hot; the people are nomads with the manners and customs of the dwellers in the desert, and are entirely destitute of education and science. Muḥammad Himself was illiterate, and the Qur’án was originally written upon the bladebones of sheep, or on palm leaves. These details indicate the condition of the people to whom Muḥammad was sent. The first question which He put to them was, “Why do you not accept the Pentateuch and the Gospel, and why do you not believe in Christ and in Moses?” This saying presented difficulties to them, and they argued, “Our forefathers did not believe in the Pentateuch and the Gospel; tell us, why was this?” He answered, “They were misled; you ought to reject those who do not believe in the Pentateuch and the Gospel, even though they are your fathers and your ancestors.”

In such a country, and amidst such barbarous tribes, an illiterate Man produced a book in which, in a perfect and eloquent style, He explained the divine attributes and 23 perfections, the prophethood of the Messengers of God, the divine laws, and some scientific facts.

Thus, you know that before the observations of modern times—that is to say, during the first centuries and down to the fifteenth century of the Christian era—all the mathematicians of the world agreed that the earth was the center of the universe, and that the sun moved. The famous astronomer who was the protagonist of the new theory discovered the movement of the earth and the immobility of the sun. 5 Until his time all the astronomers and philosophers of the world followed the Ptolemaic system, and whoever said anything against it was considered ignorant. Though Pythagoras, and Plato during the latter part of his life, adopted the theory that the annual movement of the sun around the zodiac does not proceed from the sun, but rather from the movement of the earth around the sun, this theory had been entirely forgotten, and the Ptolemaic system was accepted by all mathematicians. But there are some verses revealed in the Qur’án contrary to the theory of the Ptolemaic system. One of them is “The sun moves in a fixed place,” which shows the fixity of the sun, and its movement around an axis. 6 Again, in another verse, “And each star moves in its own heaven.” 7 Thus is explained the movement of the sun, of the moon, of the earth, and of other bodies. When the Qur’án appeared, all the mathematicians ridiculed these statements and attributed the theory to ignorance. Even the doctors of Islám, when they saw that these verses were contrary to the accepted Ptolemaic system, were obliged to explain them away.

It was not until after the fifteenth century of the Christian era, nearly nine hundred years after Muḥammad, that a famous astronomer made new observations and important discoveries by the aid of the telescope, which he had 24 invented. 8 The rotation of the earth, the fixity of the sun, and also its movement around an axis, were discovered. It became evident that the verses of the Qur’án agreed with existing facts, and that the Ptolemaic system was imaginary.

In short, many Oriental peoples have been reared for thirteen centuries under the shadow of the religion of Muḥammad. During the Middle Ages, while Europe was in the lowest depths of barbarism, the Arab peoples were superior to the other nations of the earth in learning, in the arts, mathematics, civilization, government and other sciences. The Enlightener and Educator of these Arab tribes, and the Founder of the civilization and perfections of humanity among these different races, was an illiterate Man, Muḥammad. Was this illustrious Man a thorough Educator or not? A just judgment is necessary."


The Banú-Tamím, one of the most barbarous Arab tribes, practiced this odious custom.   [ Back To Reference]


To Medina.   [ Back To Reference]


Of ‘Umar.   [ Back To Reference]


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6. Cf. Qur’án 36:37.   [ Back To Reference]

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8.Galileo.   [ Back To Reference]




by Abol Danesh, scientist (not verified) on

...I knew A friend who was studying political science at the phd level and was working on similar theme but instead of mohammad he was working on Ali. After he was done with his work I and bunch of other guies got together rolled up our sleeves to help him open up a third class pizza restraunt as a way to help him out to carv out of living...

It was at the beginning of iranian revolution and he had no desire to join the aytollah khomeini to close all universities at the gun point so he stat lecturing on Hussein and yazid before the a prelude to help him to print new money after his own image...

What do we want?
Close all schools and universities!
What do we want
Shut down all colleges!
What do we want....


Anonymous Observer

Zion - Thank You Again!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

Zion, if I wasn't married, if you were (or are) a woman and if you were not a Republican, I would marry you!!!!!!  You nailed it once again.  I wanted to mention the same things about this guy's double standard.  His comparisons also don't make sense in that he wants to compare Mohammed, a supposed religious figure with kings.  It's comparing apples and oranges.

Persia is Eternal.


Argue till giraffes all fly

by Anonymous* (not verified) on

Argue till giraffes all fly An-225s and all elephants each win more than 99 gold medals at the olympic games in swimming.
It is not going to change things much here.

God does exist and the representatives he sent (many more than we know of) did exist but not as we see them and try to figure them out or analyze fully.

Stories ate just THAT, stories.

Facts are what we see on the surface.
There is always more to these facts than we see.
More often than not We cannot decipher our OWN whys and hows let alone that of others and More...
If we want to look at the facade only, that is just fine, but the core is far different and hails from the heart.

By the way God and faith is what we should believe in in the privacy of our inner soul.
It is not to be forced down anyone's throat.

It should be: Believe as you want -- you are free, as long as you do not encroach on any other persons rights.


Islamist Dr. Nuke

by Fred on

The Islamist says: Above all, he ( Khatami) demonstrated the inherent contradictions within the IRI system, which is that a president gets 22 million votes, but controls 25% of the power, but an unelected Leader has the other 75% of power."

Habitually defending the Islamist republic is one thing, pulling out corroborating statistics out of thin air is quite another.

 The nuke loving Dr. know it all must provide verifiable data for his statistics of 25/75% ratio. And if and when he does then he must answer the yet unanswered two gazillion dollar question that Islamists and other regime lobbyists namely NIAC/CASMII duck all the time. 

 Accepting on face value the hypothesis that Khatami was/is Jefferson in disguise and even swallowing the nonsense about all the reforms of his tenure and passing the responsibility for all the nasty stuff done on his watch to whomever but him the problem of what to do with the pink elephant in the room remains.

Your Islamist reformer had the Islamist “presidency” for two terms, had the absolute majority of the ersatz Islamist parliament and even most municipalities and according to all accounts the overwhelming majority of the popular votes and besides buying time for the regime achieved what?  What besides sheer blind faith would give you the gumption to say the Islamist system is reformable? The contradiction the he achieved to show was a known fact and akin to reinventing the wheel.


Double Standards

by Zion on

I am not going to comment anymore on the kind of fairy tale Arash choose to recount about his prophet. There was just one interesting sample of hypocrisy I find worth commenting. This is the answer Arash chose to give in response to various comments noting the perverse sexual obsessions of Muhammad:

'Compare him with Chinese kings, Roman Emperors, Eyptian monarchs, even medieval kings of Europe with their 12 year old brides. But it is not fair to compare him with a modern man; of course other than Charlie Sheen! '

What about Zoroastrianism? What about alleged mistreatments of subjugated people by one Sassanid king? Why is it fair to compare them with modern notions, baseless as those accusations proved to be-I am arguing just the logic here, why were they supposed oddities and empires turned to Vampires? Why is it that Muhammad deserves a special treatment, but the very roots of Persian (Iranian) culture and identity do not?



by Ashley (not verified) on

As usual when it goes on Islam, your comment does not meet the core discussion. Here, the discussion is that Muhammad was a self-appointed prophet. The article implicitly described him as a non-divine personality, an ambitious person who could force or manipulate his naïve and bedouin society to follow him.

Now, once for the sake of your beloved religion, stop jumping over a nonsensical comparison of Muhammad / Islam with other dubious prophets / religions, Palestine with Israel, Khatami with Ahmadinejad.... This is not the discussion, do not divert from the core topic. Nobody is preaching for another religion, bashing Palestinians....

Your blind belief does not let you being for a short time ready to figure out such a profane and "shirk"full question as "If is Muhammad a God's picked messager or, on the contrary, a self-appointed one? You need an act of courage to publicly talk about this particular subject.

The idea is, Muhammad as a man with perversion like sadism, paedophilia, kleptomania ( pathological thief), caravan robbery, and many frivole characters cannot be a divine personality . Regarding his jihadi wars, he is believed to commit genocide against humanity, what resulted into destruction of many great civilisations, including our ancient Persian and slaughtering of millions of people.

His religion; or better said, traditions of primitive pagans, has practical acts of a and is accused of race hate, anti-Semitism, or violence against non-Muslims.

Evidence shows, Islam has been brainwashing millions of innocent people, fantasised our Persian advanced culture to the poit of sineh zani, Ghamah zani, Siegheh...and produced an Islamist backward society which their "intellectuals" are lumpen Muslims like Dr. Haji Ahmadinejad, Dr. Haji Abasi, Dr. ayatollah sayed Behshti.

Now, after this concise reminiscence, if you can prove your counter-arguments, then go ahead, but do not lament on other irrelevant subjects and do not blame others of lack of Islamic theological knowledge!

furthermore, do not only blame a radical line of Holocaust denial in your beloved IRI, prove if your core Islam from muhammad to Khomeini would not do the same Holocausts if once armed with atomic weapons.

Quote your holy Quran and Hadith as the author of this article moderately did and many other citations that for such practicing Muslim like you are at hand. Show if your religion has done good for humanity and is nor a cult of violence and barbary.

Otherwise, in a fair handle, Islam and its Islamic laws (sharia) and its institutions, given powers to rule on Muslim civil cases, must be internationally criticized.

Let's also imagine that sharia courts with these inhuman powers have been set up in ancient Persian right after the first invasion of Islamists. Sharia has committed crimes and brutality under all Muslim ruling class until now. Therefore, dealing with it requires the introduction of a sharia denial law and a new definition of religious freedom when it goes on Islam.

A classified regulation which offers "non-offensive" religions must be distinguished from "offensive" religions or cults of violence, jihad, misogyny, intolerance, and all brutality we witness with historical advent of Islam.


ma roo sana neh?

by Maziar 58 (not verified) on

mammad aga, balam jan, take it easy.
who cares about the palestinians struggles, where as many Iranian families just tonight may have put their heads to bed with empty stomach and maybe nothing bright for them the following day ?
Brother of the same language please go back to Iran and reform the mullahs maybe the filsitinians also find peace in their land too.; In their dreams.


si o no ?

by Maziar 58 (not verified) on

Mr. sam ;not to argue with you, But the (pbuh) you'd put there was,was it a sarcastic remark or out of respect ? just curious !




by Mammad on

Since you say, "not all said," then, let me tell you what you did not say in your comment. What you say - sheer propaganda by most monarchists and MEK supporters - is fictional.

First of all, blaming the Chain Murders, and students repression on Khatami is utterly wrong. Neither the Intelligence Ministry, nor the police and the Sepah are controlled by Iran's president. So, blaming Khatami for something over which he had no control is utterly unfair, to put it extremely politely. In contrast, he tried his best to reveal who the perpetrators behind the Murders were.

What Khatami did control showed improvement in many, but not all, aspects. He liberalized the press, and we had many excellent reformist newspapers. But, he did not control their closure, the Judiciary did.

He controlled the foreign policy to some extent, and Iran's image and foreign policy greatly improved.

He controlled the state budget, and used that to make it to some extent transparent, like how much all these religious organizations which are supposedly independent receive from the government.

He improved the economy greatly, something for which he does not get any credit.

Above all, he demonstrated the inherent contradictions within the IRI system, which is that a president gets 22 million votes, but controls 25% of the power, but an unelected Leader has the other 75% of power.

Was, or is, Khatami the ideal leader? Not at all. But, those who attack him unfairly - and he can be criticized legitimately on many grounds - have no solution for the present state of impasse in Iran, other than advocating, directly or indirectly, military attacks and sanctions (a low-intensity war).

You also make insulting, and unfounded, comments about Islam, about which you manifestly demonstate no knowledge whatsoever. Believe in what you want, but as you said it yourself, your comments open the door for people like me to show how ignorant you are.

The Islam that I and people like me believe in has nothing to do with Al Qaeda. Your - politely put - absurd statements about this only goes to show your lack of any knowledge or information about Islam. Just because some people commit crimes in the name of Islam does not mean that the religion is bad.

Christians have murdered far more than Muslims everywhere in this world. Just over the past 20 years, over 1/2 million Muslims have been murdered by Christians, and another 1 million Muslims have been killed the responsibility for which is largely on the Christian's shoulders. How many Christians have been killed by Muslims over the same period?

The Jewish State of Israel has consistently violated the fundamental rights of Palestinians, disobeyed UN Security Council resolutions, has murdered thousands of Palestinians and confiscated their properties, and has created a huge refugee problem. It has created the largest jail on Earth in Gaza Strip.

Hindus kill Muslims in India on a consistent, steady basis, and they do not stop there. The other day, there was a big news item about how Hindus in an Indian city have threatened the Christians to either convert, or move away, or be killed.

So, where is your superficial or real sense of outrage about all these crimes committed by non-Muslims?



To Ashly

by Gina LoLo Brigida (not verified) on

Ashly you sound angry! What do you expect, to overthrow the entire religion overnight? Why do you bring the sexual affairs of people into the discussion? Do we ever get to ask you who you do or did and at what age?

Go get you a Hustler and leave religion alone. It's a dangerous mix...

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Good Shouting ; Poor Shooting

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

Dear Samsam,

Good shouting, but poor shooting is what I always remember of our compatriot Lors. The Bakhtiari lads could frighten kids with their hullaballoo, but could not shoot an elephant 10 yards away ;-)

Now, dear Samsam (o-saltaneh I suppose) you are not much better either. All pomp and circumstance, but no substance! Just prancing around and shouting pimp this and ommatist that ... not realizing that any fair argument should be a two way street. Just bringing your 'pre-qadesieh' ideals to the seventh heaven of milk and honey, while dragging everything Semite and Arabic through the gutter, is not going to enlighten anyone and create any real progress.

I actually do not place much value on either Zoroastrianism or Islam, as viable religions or ideologies for the modern world, but would like to make sure that the youth are equally aware of both the 'Aryan' and the 'Arabic' biases and bluffs. Only realistic and critical minds (not one bound to fairy tales) can take a country forward.  

Arash M-K


Thanks for proving my point on Reformist agenda

by samsam1111 on


Whenever you get a chance , drop by my last blog & refresh Yourself;

"Pimping for Reformist/Ommatist agenda in the west"


It seems, You outdid yourself in an subtly unbiased, complimentary, mild review of Mohammad(pbuh) , Yet You went out of Your ways to distort, demean & villify the legacy & teachings of Zaratostra (pbuh) in your recent blog with absolute prejudice .

Mine was the 1st uncomplimentary comment You had when You subtly distorted  pre-Arab conquest Iran . I could smell ur reformist/ommatist agenda like a polar Bear smelling Salmon . Now, I am what  you might call a spiritual , logic of being God almighty believer & personaly have respect for Mohammad(pbuh) as I have for most religious icons to a different degrees since billions rightly or wrongly worship these figures ,  except,  shia paganism (being a shia by birth) whom I think is a cult of anti God  jiberish & source of division .  So I am not blaming you for beautifying Ommatists early days but simply reminding You that ; Your gig is up  & I the Polar Bear , know my salmon,

btw..ur last comment on your last blog reads;

""Samsam is a Bakhtiari Lor and I'm part Ghashghai Turk, so our animosity is almost as old as Shahnameh""

::)) See!!,  you finally came clean when I asked you ""Are You a Pan-Turkish?""  lol ..Man I,m right on the money,s my lucky day..gote go to Las ! Now we got ourselves a Turkish persian hater with a reformist agenda...I,m just kidding though . I love Azaris & Turks since most are unbiased toward Pre-qadesiyeh Iran, but you need to work on yours a bit more. !!

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Honey, perfume and women

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

The purpose is of course a historical discourse about the immense significance of Mohammad's uprising over the whole world civilization. However, as in everything in life we (the non homosexuals) inevitably turn to WOMEN.

Mohammad has famously said that, 'I loved three things in this world; honey, perfume and women.' He reportedly was good-looking, tall, fit and with flowing hair to his shoulders. Now about the women:

Compare him with previous Semitic prophets who had up to 100 of wives (David and Solomon);

Compare him with Persian kings who had multiple wives and tens if not hundreds of concubines;

Compare him with Chinese kings, Roman Emperors, Eyptian monarchs, even medieval kings of Europe with their 12 year old brides. But it is not fair to compare him with a modern man; of course other than Charlie Sheen! 

Arash M-K