One assassination, two killings

Why it's difficult to feel sorry for Benazir Bhutto


One assassination, two killings
by Jeesh Daram

I am deeply saddened and still trying to recover from the horrible news of the killings and frankly, more shocked about the “killings”, than the “assassination”. When I look at her eyes, those innocent eyes, it churns my heart as why should a beautiful creature like her be killed in cold blood. What has she done wrong? What did she say to deserve being killed? What was the justification for her death? Poor dear Tatiana. How come no leader of the world blamed Islamic terrorists to be responsible for your death?

We talk about the environment, global warming, and endangered creatures and species of our planet, yet, everyday we are witnessing how under the pretence of law, crimes are being committed by those who are in charge of enforcing their modem operandi in accordance to what is written and known as the law of the land.

I am deeply saddened about the two killings, although am only somewhat mellow for the assassination.

You might think I am talking about sadness for Benazir Bhutto, and I am not. Although I feel sorry for her decision, however that is not why I am saddened. Benazir’s life was shortened because she decided so. She decided to be a martyr for her cause. Her death became her mission. She died for what she believed in. Benazir became a hero in that part of the world which worships dead heroes.

You can not deny that up to two days ago she was just an opposition leader and a very few called her a “hero”. But now, she is dead and the title is changed to hero. You see, in the East, those heroes whom are not killed or assassinated most likely end up to be accused of corruption by passage of time. Benazir was no exception. She was accused of corruption as well. incomplete heroes end up in prison or die in exile. Quite rare to see that such person lives a normal life as a hero! Bhutto was aware of that, she was a career politician. That is why it makes it difficult to sit here and feel sorry for her, but one can certainly feel sorry for her children and wonder about their mission in life.

In Eastern philosophy of flirtation with politics (regardless of religion), it is much easier to become a hero if you are killed for your cause and your body is mutilated and gets torn to pieces. Upon which your metamorphosis to martyrdom is instantaneous. You can be a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Seek or Hindu, if you are in East that is the name of the game.

However, your acquired title as a hero is neither guaranteed nor eternal. It’s more of a privilege than a right, very much like your passport. Your martyrdom sometimes ends with a change of regime and you become a dead villain overnight. Books that have praised you get banned and burned, your tomb desecrated and your grave can get excavated and exhumed and your remains cremated along with burning tires and plastic buckets, depending on how drastic the regime change might be. Your former supporters will deny any association with you and your name will be removed from public places. May god bless your soul, because your body belongs to the mob!

It is a complex value system beyond the comprehension of an average non-espionage-minded Westerner. That is precisely why the western leaders, parrot-like take their turn and blame such assassination on “Islamic Terrorism”, without giving the proper credit to any real organization that truly exists and is not a fictitious creation of Pentagon. No Oscar, no Golden Globe award, nothing, not even a simple “thank you”, just Islamic Terrorism. What happened to the intellectual property rights?

Now, wait till the Middle East oil runs out in a few decades and by god and the holly mother of matrimony, all crimes committed from then on will be blamed on Vegetarian Buddhists. They will be the terrorists 50 years from now when our pensions will be paid by the Chinese government and China successfully clones one fucking replica of each and every one of us and sells it to us for half price and we think we’ve got a great deal! At the same time, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico will become world’s largest child laborer factory states, making fortune cookies for exportation to China.

Benazir was caught in the turmoil of so many hands interfering with both her mother's homeland (Iran) and her father's (Pakistan). She accepted death because she could not accept all the other deals offered to her, all the other commitments that she would have had to make to survive. That is the way things are in the Eastern world –if you want to engage in serious politics, you must be prepared and willing to give blood or draw blood?

But today I am saddened for the killing of another beautiful “female” creature of god that somehow her murder has been buried in the news. No demonstrations, no public unrest, no burning of cars. She was not a beauty from Pakistan, this one was from Siberia.

She had nothing to do with politics and she had no support from the State Department or secret deals with 10 Downing Street. She was an innocent, lonely, captive prisoner, far from her homeland and in her loneliness suffering without any hope for freedom.

I am saddened for the killing of the Siberian beauty, Tatiana. If you were moved by Benazir’s beauty, then take a look at Tatiana. Look at her innocence, her childish eyes, and her sad and lonely tragic life. Look at Tatiana, the beautiful, lovely little tiger, whom like those captives at the Guantanamo Bay had no one to guarantee a protection for her. San Francisco Zoo became her Guantanamo.

On Christmas Eve, 2007 a young boy Carlos Sousa Jr., 17 also lost his life trying to persuade the tiger to leave his friend alone. Tatiana turned to Carlos and killed him instead. It is yet to be investigated if the Tatiana was provoked. She had also attacked her trainer two years ago, but this time she was able to escape from her cage and attack three people. Tatiana was killed a few minutes after police arrived.

I am also saddened by my cognitive bias, because similar killing that I am referring to can also happen to an Afghan who has been captured a few years ago and is spending his life in captivity at the Guantanamo. One wrong move he dares to make and he can get killed. One wrong answer and he can be tortured. No privacy, no room for thinking, no chance to recover from nightmares of the prior day, or from the tortures of prior night, an endless horror in the hands of his captors.

With every sunrise, the well-fed, strong US soldiers torture the weak and sick captives in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, or is it the Geneva Convention or perhaps Homeland Security? All the same, they are duty bound to torture those “infidels” who have taken up arms against foreign enemies in their own land, in their mother land as they did against the former liberators, the Soviets! They are now in captivity in a land, foreign to both, the captor and the prisoner. No valid reasons as why they are kept in captivity thousands of miles from their home and away from their loved ones. Their destiny unknown, their life worthless, their belief system shattered and the Birth of Christ comes and goes year after year and no one on Earth gives a damn about these captives of foreign greed. It appears as if the entire world has “taken the fifth” and the pledge of silence, in order not to self-incriminate!

What would you have done if you were Tatiana, or if you were in Guantanamo? Wouldn’t you have done the same if your captors at Guantanomo Bay would have given you that opportunity? Would you have killed every one of them for kidnapping, abducting and bringing you from your homeland all the way to a foreign land trying to extract information out of you against your own people? Wouldn’t any American soldier done what Tatiana did, if he was imprisoned for life in a foreign land?

Tatiana died like a hero too, putting stop to a life of captivity in the hands of those that think plastic decorations will match one’s homeland and a Christmas tree means happiness to those who have no one in their lives. Tatiana was a symbol of all those in captivity that are being tortured in one way or another. Carlos was an innocent teen caught in the middle of the turmoil. He became a victim of consequences.

Tatiana would have made a great friend with those innocent Afghans who are being tortured day and night at Guantanamo, while the rest of us are celebrating the birth of Christ…… Oh what fun…!

Let’s hope the spirits of Benazir and Tatiana join in heaven and it certainly makes me feel a bit content that I do not believe in the reincarnation crap. Who wants to come back to this ghetto?

See Tatiana:


See Benazir here:




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Bomb Me Once, Shame On You, Bomb Me Twice, Shame On Me!

by ShamshirH (not verified) on

I'm also saddned by Benazir's death but I think whatever wrong that happens to us is answer to our own mistakes. During Benazir Bhutto's leadership her husband embezzled money and she obviously knew about it and covered it up. Then she moved to the UK and after a while she went back to that godforsaken country which is filled to the rim fanatic, religous freaks just to get her old position and power back, probably by her husband's pressure.
Having studied in Oxford she should have known better not to try to change those Pakistanis into what they're not and she should have known that she can't fool the people again after what her husband did, and,,, she should have known that she shouldn't come out of her secured car just a few days after she barely survived a bomb explosion.
If you walk on the edge of cliff sooner or later you'll slip and fall to your death.


To: Concerned Iranian

by Ghaysar Tolooee (not verified) on

I disagree with the message you gave below because I am from Pakistan.

You sould be a skitzo paranoid, a typical Baptist from the south who thinks thousands and thousands and millions of Pakistanis are TERRORISTS! I guess you haven't been to East St. Louis or downtown Chicago after 9 p.m. to understand that Pakistan is a very civilized country. A Muslim nation that practices Islam and hopes for better education and prosperity.

Benazir believed that as long as SHE is alive, it doesn't matter how many of her supporters are blown to pieces (Bush thinks the same way). If she was a peaceloving woman she should have not reappeared after close to 200 people were blown to pieces in her prior appearance a couple of months ago.

Tatiana was as inocent as those Afghans in capitivity. Who told you that Afghans support Al Quaida? How the hell do you know what goes on in that part of the world?

As a Pakistani I think Benazir should only advocated peace and equality and lowered her level of greed for higher office. We know her well. She wanted to intorudce us to Islam advocated by those in France, England and USA! We are a pceaceful nation, we are poor and we kill our enemies...


Compare Tatiana, Afghan and Benazir?

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

I do not see how you can pass judgment on somebody like Benazir. We really do not know what she was thinking. All that is apparent is that she placed all her faith in her people: the people of Pakistan. As she found out the hard way, some of these people did not deserve to be trusted. Remember, Pakistan has the most dangerous population on earth. There are more terrorists in that country, I venture to say, than the rest of the world combined. There are hundreds of thouands (if not millions) of Pakistani people there who would take up arms to kill innocent individuals in the name of god. To place your faith in these people is the height of folley.
Now, for this writer to then go n and compare Tatiana to the Afghan people as a complement is improper. Tatiana was a wild animal which did what she knew how to do best, to kill its prey. If the writer suggests that the Afghans who are in Gunatanmo Bay are also wild, I do not agree with. I do, however, suggest that the majority of the captive Afghans are pro-Taliaban terrorists who are much much lower than a wild beast. You have no right to compare a wild animal to these terrorists. In doing so, you are elevating the statuture of the terrorist, which obviously is not acceptable.


To: Siddiqui and Ghassabi -both wrong on Musaddiq

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Dr. Ghasaabi you may wish to appease Sarafraz Siddiqui but you are 100% wrong in your assessment of Dr. Muhammad Musaddiq an individual whose imprint on the history of Iran has had enormous impact on modern history. A hardcore nationalist who fought tirelessly for his country’s independence from foreign intervention and exploitation of its resources. He was an incorruptible figure very rare in the world of politics.

Within his own extended family, Musaddiq had a reputation of inflexibility and unwillingness to extend favors to kinfolks. Quite the opposite. He consciously attempted not to extend any special assistance to relatives. Relatives simply did not count when Musaddiq made political and economic decisions.

He was a secular liberal who believed neither in ideological dogma nor the use of coercion in government. He was a man of principal, and an individual who contained within himself the hope of his Iranian contemporaries. Musaddiq was a beloved figure of enormous charisma to Iranians of all social classes.

Contrary to your statement he was neither pro-British, pro-American or a lefty.

Throughout his political career, Musaddiq had one preeminent political preoccupation: a thorough opposition to foreign intervention and interference in Iran. While deputy to the Fourteenth Majlis, he stated, “The Iranian himself must administer his own house.” And as a French newspaper noted: “The opposition called him an Anglophile. The Russians entitled him the servant of American imperialism. The British labeled him a Communist. He was neither.” It was clear that Musaddiq was a national champion who without any foreign support whatsoever fought for the independence and freedom of his country.

As he repeatedly stated the days of British exploitation in Iran were over, that nationalization would stand, and that Iran would determine the compensation to be paid to the AIOC.

This obviously shocked both the British and the Americans which lead to initially both countries boycotting Iranian oil in order to strangle the Iranian economy and soon thereafter planned to overthrow Dr. Musaddiq in the coup d’etat of 1953 famously known as operation AJAX!

To: Siddiqui; you are wrong on your assessments as well regarding Dr. Musaddiq
The only potential resemblance that one may attribute to him and to Benazir Bhutto is that he was born in 1882, into arguably the most prominent Iranian political family of the past century. He began his political career while still in his teens and received his doctorate in law from France and Switzerland. The resemblance ends right here!!

And with respect to your statement that he agreed to the 50-50 split but later backed off because he was mistaken in thinking that he had the support of the people. He didn't;

Wrong again on your choppy analysis!

In order to resolve the impasse Musaddiq proposed his best offer to the Brits in October 25, 1951.

The major points included the following: (1) a national Iranian oil company would be established and would be responsible for the exploitation, production, and transportation of crude oil; (2) the Abadan refinery would be sold to a non-British firm that would select its own technicians; (3) the AIOC would establish a purchasing organization to buy, ship, and market Iranian oil; (4) the contract would be in effect for 15 years; and (5) the price of petroleum would be determined through negotiations between Iran and Great Britain and would not exceed $1.10 per barrel. The final result of this pricing scheme would have closely matched the fifty-fifty profit-sharing arrangement then in effect in Saudi Arabia.

However, the British refused this compromise. They found the nationalization principle unacceptable. The exclusion of British technicians from Iran also upset the British Government.

Musaddiq was not willing to accept anything but nationalization. As such, the result was the coup d’etat of 1953.

Do you get it, or NOT!! And no Bhutto is not comparable to Musaddiq in her aim to serve the welfare of her country. These are all lip-service she gave to the poor people of Pakistan, whom she bussed from around the country to cheer for her.


Correcion last comment hat not Hate ...

by Tatiana's Father (not verified) on



Very passionate – My hate goes off to you!

by Tatiana's Father (not verified) on

We are collectively Tatiana's Parents.
It is your silence and Ignorance that leads your own children turn on their parents ..

USA is at an epicenter of a global shift it has brought about with its miss adventures in Iraq and support of Israel …

Today in US, the killers of Iraqi children are labeled as heroes ... when these heroes come back home make sure you are no where around when they decide to intact their heroic tails ...

And intact their heroic tails, they Will


Very passionate – My hate goes off to you

by Tatiana's Father (not verified) on

We are collectively Tatiana's Parents.
It is your silence and Ignorance that leads your own children turn on their parents ..

USA is at an epicenter of a global shift it has brought about with its miss adventures in Iraq and support of Israel …

Today in US, the killers of Iraqi children are labeled as heroes ... when these heroes come back home make sure you are no where around when they decide to intact their heroic tails ...

And intact their heroic tails, they Will


To: Xerxer

by khashmgin (not verified) on

Xerxer, I agree they were all corrupt. But the mother of all corrupted people is YOU. You are corrupt financially and politically. You are a corrupt person. How many must suffer before you reform?


قد قد قد قدا

پرنس کافکا (not verified)

این همه مرغ مال کیست؟


The "martyr" and "martyrdom" concept

by (Anonymous) (not verified) on

The "martyr" and "martyrdom" concept in my view display acceptance of backwardness, death surrender, savagery, revenge, blood, violence, and killing.


Dr Javanbakht Ghassabi

by Sarfaraz Siddiqui (not verified) on

You are a great Iranian and a great thinker. Hope to see more of your comments here and everywhere.



by Ali P. (not verified) on

Who can answer this:
No offense to doctors worldwide, but how come, every single so-called doctor, on this site, is an imbecile?


To Sarfaraz

by Dr. Javanbakhteh Ghassaabِإ (not verified) on

The only Iranians who look down at Pakistanis or their Arab neighbors are sons and daughters of corrupt techoncrats whom Reza Shah gave cravat and a chapeau! A tie and a hat, and told them you are better than anyone elase.

But this is an old British politics in the west Asia, they want cultures hate each other and they want chaos.

Do not worry about the bomb. Those backward rulers of Iran only brag on invisible things:

Atomic bomb
Imam zaman
nuclear submarines
supersonic missiles

you see what I mean?

Bunch of bragging thugs trying to keep their people entertained. The day they actually build a so called BOMB, their ass is grass! These are lies they give to make people think they are strong.

Of course west likes that becuase it can keep them from real progress, to fight addiction, prostitution and all the other ailments.

Anyway, if you go to villages and towns of Iran, you will hardly hear one bad word about Pakistanis, Arabs or Americans, only from the ones whoes parents were sold out to the British and French courts and think they are better than the next human being.


To Dr Ghassabi

by Sarfaraz Siddiqui (not verified) on

Thank you for your comments. Although I am a Pakistani from Islamabad, I have Iranian relatives wih whom I discuss many points in our countrys political developments. The trouble is that Iranians in general think very low of their Pakistani neighbours. But the fact is that we have many common grounds based on which we can cooperate. The only ground that I am very sorry about it is that we gave the Islamic government the blue print for making the atomic bomb. I hope they don't make a real bomb out of it.



by Mahmood Afghan (not verified) on

So funny, imagine the tiger eating Ahmadinejaad! I am still laughing. It makes a great kids story! Please write about it....


To Sarafraz

by Dr. Javanbakhteh Ghassaabِإ (not verified) on

Dear, of course Pahlavi's were corrupt and are corrupt, and of course Mossadegh was corrupt, we never deny that.

Mossadegh was fully in the hands of the British and once the American failed, he leaned to the left and that triggered the British to finish his carrier.

I like talking to you. You are open minded.

As for Ghajar! the corrupt of the corrupts, creme de la creme! They wrote the book on corruption! Oh yes, they also liked poetry.

The country is filled with their Shazdeh! Dime a dozen....

Farah is nothing more than a branch of Ghajar clan. Did you see her pciture with Alain Delon! What a moron.


To XerXes

by Rudy Julee Anee (not verified) on

I agree with you. The 19 year old son, whom for some reason dressed like the son of Don Corlion with Italian sunglasses, can now do what he wants till time comes. Mom was good to leave such an open opportunity for her kids.

And the freaky husband was indeed smiling on TV! And we Iranians are crying for her! LOOOL

Praise the London inhabitants whom always think of our benefit! May the Lord cure their hemoroids and kill them of syphilis.


If Benazir was corrupt so were many others

by Sarfaraz Siddiqui (not verified) on

Including the Pahlavis and yes Mosaddiq too. He came from a land owning family like Zulfaqar Ali Bhutto. Qajars were not known for their clean hands and integrity. The point that some of you are missing is that populist leaders like Bhutto and Mosaddiq came from the rich fuedal families but were committed to the welafare of the people. By the way, Mosaddiq initially accepted a 50-05 division of the oil revenue with Americans but later backed off as he thought, mistakenly, that he would have the support of the people. He didn't.


not the usual jish

by MRX (not verified) on

well jish not your usual style but not bad either. Benazir was a nice lady but an incompetent poilitican. she did not do a thing to fight islamo facistism in pakistan, to improve secular education, close down filty madrasa's , improve literacy, status of women,etc and now the result now speaks for it self....

As for the tiger, I felt sorry for him/her. Most of these zoo'z should be closed down,and the animals should be returned to wild. Would have been nice if Tatiana the tiger would have tried to eat ahmadinejad, or rahbar moazam, or folks like him, but I think he would have just thrown up eating that kind of shit!


Watch her corrupt family

by XerXes (not verified) on

Apples don't fall far from the tree. Watch her corrupt little horny boy try to accumulate wealth like his father did. They are all corrupt and disgusting. Too bad for a nation to admire an individual who already has proven to steal the country's wealth. Am I mistaking to say that her husband filled his pockets with stolen money? now people wanted her back? The son seemed very happy to have a job as a CEO in the Bhutto's political factory. Now he can go fuck and have a good old time until CIA calls him. The father (Bhutto's husband in an interview) could not take smiles off his face, happy that now people perceive his dead wife as a hero and he knew that he is back in the business. I bet he is, watch.


To the ass-brain Iran-Irooni

by Tarzan's Mother-in-law (not verified) on

You little bag of sperm and diluted DNA, do you think your life is more precious than a tiger? You are so stupid to think that way.

A tiger has far more dignity than someone among zillions of useless humen who think they are worth a shit in a stinking world.

Go back to your cave and leave our jungle alone.

I think Tatiana's death was wasteful.

The zoo should have special guns or tazers to disable the tiger but not killing her. Don't blame the tiger for your own stupidity.


True, Benzair was greedy

by Tarzan (not verified) on

She caused 170 people die in her prior appearance! She did not pay attention and caused another group of people die during her last visit.

Anyone who thinks that she was doing all of these on her own and she was a true hero, must be smoking cocain in public bathroom. Wake up and stop praising anyone who is willing to face a bullet because you are affraid of it! To face a bullet is not a brave act. To convince the assassin is the work of a hero.

Benazir was a gambler who would have done great in Wall Street but not as well in politics. Revenge of her father's blood was her wrath to rightiousness and she failed to complete her revenge by getting into power again.

Greed hurts, Greed is not good!


Sorry, but this is another article by a hippie!

by IraniIrooni (not verified) on

As another person said, you are comparing apples and oranges. What's worse is that these days Americans continue to place more value on animal life than human life! Who gives a fuck if a tiger that attacked a human being was shot to death. What do you want? For the tiger to be left alone and continue to eat up a CHILD, a HUMAN BEING? Only in San Francisco do you find people protesting the shooting of the tiger, a tiger that almost did the same thing 2 years ago! They should've just flown it to a jungle and let it out. But they kept him to entertain the animal-loving people. The same ones probably that treat or handle their little kids the same way as they would a little dog! I'm still amazed I see people with LEASHES on their CHILDREN! And its usually the same type of parents that supposedly want world peace and push for the death penalty on Michael Vick, while they protest the death penalty on criminals that have killed HUMAN BEINGS!

And to Sarfaraz ... Mossadegh did NOT give up! He had no choice or else the country would be unstable and thousands of Iranians would be killed. Also, just compare his age at that time to Bhutto's. I am not saying that one is better; they are both heros to their people; but I do disagree with you downplaying Mossadegh's decades of hard work. And I wouldn't be surprised if US had known about this Bhutto killing or had something to do with it. After all, the US has practically given Musharraf the throne. On top of that, more instability is better since it gives the US just another excuse to meddle into other countries' businesses, cultures, traditions and LIVES.


Benazir was our Tigeress

by Sarfaraz Siddiqui (not verified) on

Sir, as a Pakistani from Islamabad and a member of the PPP, I am interested in your writings about our beloved Benazir Bhutto. I have been discussing her case in much detail on a different thread on this site with one of your compatriots, Arezu,
(see the link //
and was natually ttracted to your recent piece of that Shaheed. Like Tatiana, Benazir was a rare and beautiful species. Her mission was to save her country from the claws of the Islamic Fudamentalists. But unlike Tatiana she meant no harm to any one except those who killed and maimed hundreds of people through shooting and bombing. But like Tatiana she fell victim of her own natural instincts. She had no option but to oppose the people who had ruined her country by bravely returning from her exile and confronting them face to face. You have implied that she had made secret deals with the White House and 10 Downing Street. Although no one can for sure suggest that this was the case, can you name one politician of significance from our parts of the world who has not made deals with superpowers as in a bid to save his or her country. Even your own Dr Mosaddiq had reached a deal with the Americans before being toppled. Benazir did not want to sell out her country as part of the deal to return to power.
God Bless her soul.


mumbled thoughts

by Anonymous-chikky (not verified) on

Long way to go about mixing apples and oranges