Heavy Norouz

Heavy Norouz
by Setareh Sabety

This Norouz
I sit,
The weight of my heart
Pulling me down.

I shed tears
Centuries old,
Tears of my ancestors.
All those women
Who cried,
Not so much for their
Loved ones,
For their own inability to move

Their paralysis
I’ve inherited
Made it mine.
Because my heart
Too heavy
To enjoy her freedom
Refuses to run.

We sit here,
Heavy heart and I,
Waiting for
Someone to save us
Or make us die.


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thank you norouz mobarak

by sabety (not verified) on

thank you for your kind comments. you brightened up my norouz. the poet is never as sad as the poem! It is great to connect to so many kind and like minded people. Happy, happy norouz. Setareh
P.S I don't know my password to log in so I just send this like this!



by urastar (not verified) on

You were named Setareh for a reason...



by laily.neyzi on

Unfortunately art is always at its best when under heavy oppression, depression, injustice and basically out of the norm extremes. I guess if it were to be another day at the mill situation nothing about it would be unique. For example Van Ghohs paintings were their best at the height of his madness! Poetry is a form of literary art therefore they correlate. 

If you truly feel that way I am sorry but nevertheless that is what makes your work so much better. Congratulations it was very touching and beautiful. Maybe that should cheer you up for the coming new year!


Please don't compare to movies

by anonono (not verified) on

To Anonymous-today: You were doing ok-----until you start saying it's like this movie and that movie and of all movies-----Woody Allen's hannah-----Woody Allen??????? Most depressed man!!!

And, to Setareh joon--it's totally natural to feel bad and depressed. That's life. All I can say is that you are well loved by many.


Beautiful, simply beautiful

by ramintork on

But I do wish your heavy heart turns to joy this Norooz.

Just think about those women with high spirit collecting 1 million signitures and fighting for their rights, that should lift you up.


Melancholically spirited

by sz (not verified) on

So much said in so few words, just great

Jahanshah Javid

Heart on the run

by Jahanshah Javid on

One of your very best. Beautiful with a powerful message. Thank you and best wishes for you (and your heart) in the coming new year :o)

Orang Gholikhani


by Orang Gholikhani on

Your poem is beautiful.

It is sad but you should feel you better after having written it.

happy nowrooz even if in abroad it is not the same. It is a New Day to start a New Life.

Take care

PS : Read this one //iranian.com/main/blog/orang-gholikhani-12 for your heavy heart.



Why such heavy heart?

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

There is not quota in poetry and if you feel bad then I guess you feel bad, but it seems to me you shouldn't when women in Iran are doing their darndest to move on (I know, I talk to my sisters all the time). I guess you could be in south of France and still feel pretty crummy. But come on, it's spring time. Chin up. It can't be that bad. Do what I do whenever I feel blue and fret what I could have done and what I could have been. I always remember all those friends and relatives, my own age, who have been six feet under for years. I could have been one of them dead in Korramshar during the war or in some dank prison cell, and believe me it cheers me up. Maybe I’m simplifying but it’s like that moment in Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters when the suicidal Woody is watching a Marx Brothers film and suddenly realizes what life is all about; or like the moment in Kurosawa’s film Story of Judo when the young deadly serious student after spending the whole night in a cold pond witnesses the opening of a louts early in the morning and the epiphany hits him. That’s life; the everyday, small insignificant fact of it. Happy Norooz.