Forget pneumonia, V's pregnant!

From feeling fine to gasping for air in 3 hours

Forget pneumonia, V's pregnant!
by Siamack

I had a health scare while V is three-months pregnant. No twins this time.


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American Wife


by American Wife on

and glad you're feeling better.

Just curious... are your twins fraternal or identical?

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

You told me about V's pregnancy a couple of weeks ago. I was so thrilled. I think you should have 20 kids, at least. The world needs more good, happy human beings raised by Sia and V.

Take care of that chest baba. Great that you recognized pneumonia at an early stage.

I'm tired of saying you're looking better and better. But you are! Stick with the diet.


wish you health

by majid khorasani (not verified) on

I am sure you'll be alright. are you taking diet pills? just exercise and watch the eating habits. You may be under lot of stress or some kid of heredity issues. however, I have a request. I do not know if you ever knew farsi. YOu look very iranian with that mustache of yours and first name. You remind me of the animation movies like cars; you sound just like one of the british dialog in either cars animation movie or may be I heard the similar sound in another animation video!.humm, anyway would you please speak some farsi next time? may be couple of minutes or more. in farsi: ey ba ba khasteh shodam, misheh farsi sohbat koni? merci. :)
take care, movezeb khodat bash mashti..
khoda fez

Darius Kadivar

Mashallah Siamak Jan

by Darius Kadivar on

Your Prolific. Comment Tu Fais ? ;0)

Warm Wishes to your family and lovely wife. May the kid arrive in good shape and condition. Keeping my finger crossed.



I wish all the best for

by Fidelio (not verified) on

I wish all the best for Siamack and his family,and you know what? I'm sending him some positive energy and prayers too.
I should mention that I enjoy his clips a lot too.
"Bon Chance" e a la prochain fois.



by JWY (not verified) on

Glad to hear your well Siamak ;)
many blessings of love , light and health for you and the family.
your fan,
Seattle, WA