Diet & Stardom

You might see me on TV soon

Diet & Stardom
by Siamack


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love the video... just can't

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

love the video... just can't stand the chewing. Don't speak with your mouth full - Please!


Why don't u show the

by hm (not verified) on

Why don't u show the negative comments??? He is such a SLOB!



by SaraKarimi2000 (not verified) on

Siamack Jaan,

You look great! I wach all your video blogs and enjoy every bit of it. Good luck with your new job offer! Look forward to your other videos.


Where is your wife?

by ASalariFan (not verified) on

Looking good and advertising your "goods" on another post, girls can't help but swoon over you and trip all over themselves now! Your wife must pay more attention to what you are doing on the internet! (are you telling her you are "working?!")

Love you Mr. Salari! You rule!


Drip Drip ...????

by Mersedeh on

Siamack-jan, You look so incredibly HANDSOME!!! I think you have always been very handsome, but now that you are melting away all the fat, what is left is just exponentially highlighting both how handsome and how young you are. It may feel like a slow 'drip-drip' process to you, but to those of us who do not see you daily and judge by these video clips, the change is quite significant and very easy to detect.

Congratulations on the possibilities of this new venture, as well as you incredible journey of weight loss. You have really proven that not only can it be possible, but it can be 'enjoyable' too!

Wonderful video as always,



a question from you

by Anonymous99999999999 (not verified) on

what is your purpose in life? i'm just curious.


I was so distracted

by oprbxk1 on

I was so distracted by the smacking lips and the fact that you do not chew your food as long as you should.. that I have NO IDEA what you were saying.

Something about cheese, ham, wine, movie stars, hotel and video camera??? Sounds like a good time to me!