Cowboys and Iranians

Why has Hillary suddenly transformed into a testes- endowed nuclear warmonger?


Cowboys and Iranians
by Mohammad Alireza

It is a very sad day in Iranian history when an American presidential candidate needs to threaten to “obliterate” Iran so as to be elected.

The question that every Iranian needs to ask: “Why has Hillary suddenly transformed into a testes endowed nuclear warmonger?”

Is it the fact that the largest economy of the world, which is driven by the military industrial complex and uses 25% of the planets oil, has concluded that only Iran stands in its way to controlling 60% of the globe's known petrochemical reserves?

Or, is it because it is only Iran that stands in the way of the apartheid-like behavior of the Zionists?

Surely it can’t be because of the nonsense that Ahmadinejad likes to utter because any well informed American “leader” knows he is a light weight nobody that will soon vanish into the pages of time.

So, why did Hillary suddenly decide she had to show she had bigger balls then all her rivals, even bigger than those hanging from that neurotic that sang that Beach Boys song and wants a third Bush term?

Here is a hint: follow the money.

At current prices the oil that sits below Iraqi soil is estimated to be worth over forty trillion dollars, and Iran has about the same. That’s with a “T” and twelve zeros!

For a superpower in decline, with China and India rapidly advancing into the realm of potential superpowers, and the European Union slowly eclipsing the United States, gaining control of the lifeblood of the global economy is the only path that guarantees Americas “vital national interests”, which is equivalent to the continued domination of the world’s economy.

The American Establishment would never have given Bush Cheney Inc. the green light to invade Iraq if the stakes were not so high. The only problem is that they were sold a cheap occupation that now is approaching two trillion dollars in costs, which in actual fact are not costs, but a transfer of American taxpayer money into the coffers of the military industrial complex.

Obliterating Iran has many benefits for the American Empire. It clears the path for controlling the planets remaining significant petrochemical reserves, which therefore guarantees that America’s addiction to oil need not go into withdrawal.

Obliterating Iran also has the added benefit of removing the only remaining obstacle for Zionists from placing the Palestinians into reservations, a process that is taking place in Iraq today.

America was built through the genocide of Native Indians and the continued existence of America requires the same mindset, which the current Cowboy in Chief has put on display for all to see.

Question is will Iranians and Iraqis willingly play the part of Indians in this game of twenty first century cowboys and Indians?

And if you don’t agree with any of the above then what are those forts for that are being built in Iraq? Don’t know what forts are? Hint: They built a lot of them in “Redskin country”.

Further reading
* New York Times: The Big Thirst
* Unraveling Iraq


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Jahanshah Javid

Move on

by Jahanshah Javid on

Further comments on this article have been closed due to personal attacks. Please stick to the issues and avoid attacking one another. Nothing is gained by readers if you have nothing to say other than accusing this person as a hezbollahi or the other as a neo-con. Are you capable of making a logical argument without cursing on name-calling? That would be nice, for a change. Keep that in mind in your next debate.


داريوش؟ نصرالله بيشتر به قيافت ميخوره


 اين ملا زاده ها از سر اين که ملت شناختتشون اسم ايرونی ميزارن تحويلشون بگيرن

دفعه سومته داری شخصی حمله و توهين ميکنی و تهمت الکي.واق واق اخ تفن

من موندم يه بچه ملايه رژيم اشغالگر عربی چه تشابه فرهنگی يا فکری با داريوش کبير داره .اون اگه زنده بود تو و

 رژيمتو که از عن قلاب جبل عاملی اومده ميکرد تو سوراخ.تو اسمتو عوض کن به نصرالله بهتر به قيافت و قومت ميخوره.الکی هم ايران ايران نکن تو و رژيم قراضت  رو وصل ايران نکن.به رسم ملای عربت چاخان هم ميکنی که من با بمباران ايران موافقم.البته بيت خليفت رو بزنن دمشون گرم.امثال عقب افتاده هايی مثل تو سال اول1380  تو انجمن اسلاميای دانشگها زياد بود عين ملخ و انجمن ملخهای مسلمان.من از 7 سالگ نماز ميخوندم تا عن قلابو ديدم و از هر چی متظاهر شيعه مثه اون ملخا فرار کردم.يه خدا اون بالا هست و از ملخها بيزار.شيرفهم بچه ملا؟


wake up

by Dariush (not verified) on

Here we go again. Another Pahlavi lover is talking. You seem to be the one who is sleep or even dead.
Watch the real news not FOX. Sadr city that was in peace now is being bombed by Americans. Sadr didn't even fought back when he was attacked so there be peace. Basis and other groups in Iraq and Al qaeda in Afghanistan are being armed and supported again by America and British.
If there is peace there will not be no excuse for west's present in the region. Peace in the region does not serve America and Israel's plans. West wants oil and is getting it from Iraq and will use that leverage to take all the oil from other countries. It is about "ONE WORLD ORDER RULED BY ZIONISTS AND SLAVERY FOR THE REST"
No wonder why you were always a Nokar.


Hillary's Comments to Obliterate Iran

by wakeup on


What is all the excitement about?  Don't get your panties all wrinkled up! This is all election season propaganda. Considering the mess we Americans have gotten ourselves into Iraq under the leadership of this genius short man, I really do not think the U.S. has the appetite or political support of her people to invade Iran.  I personally think that if they really wanted to take control of Iran's oil reserves (as the original writer referred to ), they would have already done this and would not have waited 25 years for it.  And they could have achieved this sinply by destablizing Iran long time ago to bring in another puppet government to have control of oil.

Do you know why they have not done that yet?  Because they already DO have a regime there thru which they can sock out Iran's oil and the wealth that belongs to all of her citizens.  The corrupt regime of these dirty mullahs has provided the best platform for the U.S. to achieve this goal.  Think about it for a second.  Do you think if the U.S. would have felt that the new regime is hindering her efforts to get her hands on easy cheap oil they would have waited this long?  Based on Iran's own reports, there is no accounting on more than 20% of the oil extracted, thanks to mullahs' secretive and private network of tankers.  So, the U.S. does not need to obliterate Iran to get her hands on Iran's oil.  The despot and corrupt regime of these dirty mullahs and their present empty suit president is already taking care of U.S's oil interests in Iran.

But now that readers are all excited about Hillary's comments and so called Zionists threat over Iran, lets WAKEUP and consider the following facts:

  • Is it not true that Iran's dirty fanatics and government have already engaged in obliterating Iran and Iranian people's values, culture, education, freedom, wealth, health, prestige, dreams and anything else that a free citizen is entitled to?
  • Don't you think that this regime, for over 25 years, has been systematically obliterating our freedom, wealth, goals and dreams?
  • We also get all sweaty and raise our fist against Israel and Zionism.  Israel has no interest in obliterating Iran!  If anything else, it would be in her best interest to have relations with iIran economically and politically.  It is this dirty so called defender of Islam in Iran that is trying to export its fanatism and dark ages values all over the world , so that a bunch of mullahs can have a harder grip on providing wealth, power and sex with young boys and girls for themselves.
  • American cowboys are not the ones who are segregating and colonizing Iraqis.  It is the holy sects of Sunnis and Shias that are doing this to themselves.  How can either Sunnis or Shias blow up hundreds of their own people EVERYDAY under the name of Allah?

So, I believe it is time for us Iranians to wake up.  Start getting agitated and concerned about the way the existing Iran's government is looting and raping our country, culture and freedom.

It is time for Iranians to stop hating the U.S., Israel, Western cultures, etc.  These are not what have caused so much destruction, misery, affliction, suffering and pain to our country and people.

Start asking your friends to email and have their voices heard on what these bunch of dirty mullahs are doing to our country and millions of its people.  Enough hating the U.S. or beating the drum of what so called Zionism is doing to Palestinians.  We have been put back to dark ages in this 21st century. That is enough.  Wake up!


Take Action

by Fascist Hater (not verified) on

Don't just sit there and take it!
Obliterating a nation?
Are we back to Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Write to Hillary and make your voice heard.
It's easy and only takes a minute to do it:


“On primary election day

by Anonymou (not verified) on

“On primary election day in Pennsylvania, even with polls showing her well ahead in that state, Hillary went lower in her grab for votes. Seizing upon a question as to how she would respond to a nuclear attack by Iran, which doesn’t have nuclear weapons, on Israel, which does, Hillary mocked reasoned discourse by promising to “totally obliterate them,” in an apparent reference to the population of Iran.

That is not a word gaffe; it is an assertion of the right of our nation to commit genocide on an unprecedented scale”.



Hillary or CHUCKY

by Dariush (not verified) on

I thought Hillary only looks like CHUCHY when she smiles, but now I see she thinks like CHUCKY too. Don't hand her the knife!

iraj khan

Take action here, send a protest email to Clinton

by iraj khan on

This is a critical juncture in US history. Therefore, as Americans, we must speak out with a clear voice to ensure that President Bush’s cowboy diplomacy leaves the White House when he does, and is not emulated by the next US President.

Click here to take action: //

It only takes a moment to make your voice heard!  Personalize and send the below e-mail to Senator Clinton’s campaign headquarters today!

Thank you



by Dariush (not verified) on

I can see you through my screen. You are tearing yourself apart. Zionists are no match to Iranians unity!!! If you don't know this, that shows who you are. Your support of CHUCKY (Hillary) for destruction of Iran and her unjust position proves it!



by Dariush (not verified) on

I just heard in the news that U.S. has surrendered Sadr City and started killing and cutting off food and supplies to starve their residents. Same as Gaza. Soon they will use chemical bombs.

As usual first U.S. lied to them and made empty promises, then divided them from Iran and rest of Iraq now is time to destroy and concur.

I like congratulate Mrs. Malihe and other Iranians who worked so hard supporting and raising money for Hillary. She just paid back for some of your efforts by her speech and will pay you the rest later by bombing Iran and Iranians. "If this doesn't wake you up, you are not sleep, you are dead"!!!

That is why some people say if you criticize IRI for their wrong doings, also criticize the west and Israel so they don't misunderstand you! This is how they use what you say and you do against Iran and Iranians. They interview a few Zionists like samsam1111 who is not even Iranian and portrait as all Iranians, then bomb Iran.

For every mullah and samsam1111 that might suffer tens of thousands average Iranian will.

So the Jews and Christians who claim to be against these crimes and are for peace should get out and hold demonstrations instead of sitting on the sideline to take side with the winner.


This is very funny. CREDIBILITY!???

by Kalvoks on

I would be worried if US/Hillary would claim that they love the Iranian people or would like to bring Democracy to Iran.

statement by Hillary means a clear and unadulterated defeat. There is no poker face. We already have read all the cards…

All this is the usual election

Any way, .... 1st off the game is over for USA because

A. TODAY, US is totally bankrupt and Tomorrow, It even will be even more bankrupt

B. TODAY, the world is on to USA and its proxy Israel

The name of the game is a "perpetual war fever used for political purposes".

Washington knows it is unable to confront the real players in the world -

Europe, Russia, Japan, China. Thus it seeks to remain politically on top by bullying minor players like the Axis of Evil, or even more minor players like Cuba. The US propaganda machine will always be warning of tremendous threats (Iraq has the fourth-largest army in the world, its renewed nuclear program will incinerate us all, etc). And to keep the illusion going, Washington continues to develop new weapons designed to increase its already smashing military supremacy, fuelled by the Pentagon's astronomical budget and benefiting the US military-industrial complex. Gore Vidal is one of the few US insiders to deconstruct the process which feeds on the logic of an unending, unstoppable arms race.

B. Israel/Necons have USA in Iraq rapping itself while the white trash American dumbshits are being dumb down with talk of another war to please those who are on top of US/Israel food chain. Meanwhile thousands of Americans are out of Job or can not afford to pay for foods or their homes etc. But rest of the world is on to you.

2nd , Israel wants war because it is asking for genocide

and it does not care about US. Israel can only exist through perpetual war Genocide announced

3rd, The Palestinian-Killing-GAME is over for Israel. Israel can not count ON a perpetual war and continued support of Americans for its existence. Israel will have to recognize the right of the Palestinians and come to terms with what it has done. Peace is the answer.

Finally, USA has bigger problems now >>>


LOOK for comments by (Anonymous ...) here


Anonymous is hossein Derakhshan

by samsam1111 on

the official Arab regime overseas agent.check his site and see how similar are those kayhan like BS and his writings here...moatalefeh bazari rich kid sent with mullah money to brainwash dumb commies.


Regime agents/Lefties -->Dumb & Dumber

by samsam1111 on

Retards speak: 

!-PanArabism & naserism is good for Arabs but Pan Iranism is racist and offensive.

2-Occupation is terrible in Palestine but good for Iran under regimeh eshghalgareh Arabi.

3-America is the land neocons and imperialists but they refuge in it away from their lovely mullah regime.(why don,t you go to china or cuba or commi sypathizer lands? )

Finally:Retard LSD Brains like you are the cause of this regime laughing all the way to the bank.actualy Kianoory your clan master got his balls handed to him by this mullah kissing their butts won,t get you anywhere.

Hypocrites & truly!!



Commies,lefties,liberal media....

by samsam1111 on

BTW;Iranian shouldn,t have censored my rebuttle to insults from hezbollahis i received.this wasn,t keep their garbage and insults on the site & censore my rebukes..but thats cool..

Research and you find out that behind every genocide & mass muder are lefties detached from reality...Trotsky/russia..Carter pu$$y waggling/Arab regime in tehran...Tudeh,fadaii/Arab regime strenghten..Mao/china...Castro/Cuba....khemer rouge/cambodia...nawadays it,s trendy to support the Orangutans in Arab occupying regime , Saddam,hamas,hezbollah.yara and regime agents here personaly attack anyone who is against the Regime or wants our culture protected against their attack.You can but I don,t legitimize this Arab regime under the excuse of Hillarry,s kind words...Regime wants us focus on BS as it has done for 30 years because of morrons with tunnel vision.fredosi was alone when he wrote shahnameh eventhough majority of iranaians called him zandogh and kafar but he finally was able to send his message out and enlighten minds.payandeh Iran


Another politician up for sale

by Anonymou (not verified) on

"That is why sanctions are there,"

I disagree. The sanctions are there per the influence and instructions of Israel's far right hardliners' desire. Sanctions don't help with anything other than making the people more mad against those who impose it on Iran. Look at Cuba, look at Iran, sanctions have been in place and imposed for decades.

It's all about which lobby has the most power, it isn't about America's interests. She is dancing only to the tune of whoever pays her the most, not America's and Americans' interests.

Hopefully, some day there will be some control on the lobbies' excessive powers and influence over the government and the country's interests.


One last thing

by Abarmard on

I guess Ahmadinejad knew what he was saying, since two countries Israel and US seem to have the exact same mentality and language. It takes one to know one!

iraj khan

Rebuke clinton for threatening to totally obliterate Iran

by iraj khan on


This is a critical juncture in US history. Therefore, as Americans, we must speak out with a clear voice to ensure that President Bush’s cowboy diplomacy leaves the White House when he does, and is not emulated by the next US President.

Click here to take action: //

It only takes a moment to make your voice heard!  Personalize and send the below e-mail to Senator Clinton’s campaign headquarters today!

Thank you


Wake Up!

by Zion on

Hillary hasn`t transformed to anything. She is stating a known fact of nuclear stand off. This has been the policy of every single American president since Truman and it will remain so. Hello? Were have you been all these years? Any nuclear attack on US soil or that of US allies, triggers automatically a nuclear counterattack on the initiator. This is what cold war was all about and why it remained cold.
This is the arena your mad mullahs are taking you in. This is the price you will pay if you let your mad regime follow its lust for power as it is doing now. You have a beef with what she has said, you should take it to your leaders. This is the way this game has been played since 1945. Your only insurance is to stop and not enter it. That is why sanctions are there, That is why your entire future depends on a change to a rational modern and open regime in Iran that will put a stop to this madness.
Wake up people.


Parthian and other "patriots"

by Mammad (not verified) on

People like Parthian, who give themselves an ancient pseudo-name,

(1) apparently believe that because they attach themselves to the ancient Iran, their "patriotism" cannot be questioned.

(2) They seem to believe that their ancient pseudo-names gives them the permission to bad-mouth other people, attack them viciously, label them, and make all sorts of absurd, unfounded, and baseless accusations, only because they read something that they do not like.

(3) Although they claim to be modern and forward looking, they cling to something very ancient which does not exist, and has not existed for 2000 years.

(4) Although they claim to be modern and forward looking, their thinking is tribal; their tribe against the opposition tribe.

Their tribe consists of anybody who is willing to attribute everything bad to Iran (not the mullahs, necessarily), and elevate the West to the highest levels of modernity, morality, etc. They support the illegal and criminal war in Iraq.

And the opposition "tribe?" Anybody, like Sadegh (and me after writing this!) who is against war and sanctions; anybody who believes that human rights are universal and, therefore, one must defend the rights of Palestinians, Iraqis, and Afghans (and, of course, the people of Iran), REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE DONE AGAINST OR FOR IRAN; anybody who wants to hold the US and the West accountable for what they have done, and have been doing, and anybody who believes that no one should interfere in Iran's internal affairs.

In short, in view of Parthian and people like him, all the progessive and truly patriotic Iranians belong to the opposition "tribe," regardless of the fact that they are a very heterogeneous bunch, made of leftists, moderates, progressive muslims, secular republicans, and even some sincere monarchists. In the tribal thinking, there is no difference between them.

(5) They claim to long for democracy, but have not learnt to respect other people's opinions, which is one of the simplest and most essential aspects of a democratic society.

(6) They definitely believe that by using profanity, their demonstrate their "resolve," their "toughness," their "determination."

As for Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill, it should suffice to quote the following from Bill:

"If Israel is in danger, I'll take a gun and defend it."

Now, this is the same guy who dodged military service for his own country during the Vietnam war, just as the chickenhawk Dick Cheney, who sends young innocent American soldiers to their death in Iraq, dodged the Vietnam war because, "I [Cheney] had other priorities."

No US politician who wants to be the President, can avoid supporting Israel and whatever crimes that it commits in the occupied territories. It has to do with the economic and political power of the Israeli lobby in the US, for sure.

But, the most important reason why the US establishment supports Israel is the following.

Since WW II at least, the US has wanted to control the energy resources of the Middle East, and in particular the Arab world's. In the 1960s, Pan Arabism, led by people such as Nasser of Egypt, Abdulkarim Ghassem of Iraq, and Noureddin Atasi of Syria was the most important, and possibly the only, hinderance to the US domination of the Arab world. But, by defeating the Arab armies in 1967, Israel killed Pan Arabism. Since then, the Arab world has never ever been able to unify. Instead, corrupt and dictatorial regimes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab states, all supported by the US, control these countries.

That is why since 1967 the US has blindly supported the US, regardless of what Israel has done. And, that is why before 1967 the US was not so blind in supporting Israel. Recall that, for example, the Eisenhover administration was opposed to the 1956 Suez Canal war, started by France, Britain, and Israel, and after the war started, it forced the three countries to retreat.

So, all the sugarcoating by Israel's supporters and anti-Iran forces of what Hillary said, "If Iran attack Israel..," with emphasis on "if," is nonsense. Israel will be supported to the hilt by the US; wars (such as Iraq war) will start because of, at least partly, Israel. Palestinians will suffer because of Israel, ...

Do not even think for a moment that the US gives a hoot to human rights or democracy in Iran, or elsewhere. Just take a look at Libya. As soon as Qaddafi said "uncle" and surrendered his nuclear program, he became acceptable to the US and West. He is the same terrible dictator and violator of human rights, but the West does not care. He has surrendered, and has openned up Libya's oil fields to the West, and that is enough for the West. To hell with the Libyan people.


Possible Reasons for Clinton's Comments--?

by Hooman H (not verified) on

For those paying attention, Clinton's campaign was very close to being broke when she made this comment. She needs an infusion of cash to keep it going. Threaten to "obliterate" Iran and get some cash from say, rich AIPAC supporters? She also introduced the idea of a NATO style alliance that would include the Gulf Arabs. I wonder if there are some Gulf Arabs out there with some spare coin for Mrs. Clinton--? Hummmm.

So, before freaking out, lets look at her motivations:

1 - Pander to the people that are scared of Iran right now to get some cash/support.

2 - Demonstrate that she is tougher than even McCain to the American public. Not like that "tree hugger", Obama. Poor white guys seem to like authoritarian figures that will kick some a$% for some reason. She's already bagged the women regardless of income levels, but hey, a b$%^& from hell that will nail those damned "rag heads" is "A Okay" for white guys that used to work in a steel mill that is now churning away in China.

3 - This is more philosophical: like any other nation, we Americans needs an external "threat". Someone to blame our ills on, so to speak. Blame the other guys and your people won't turn on you for things like, well, failure in Iraq, a faltering economy, high gas prices, etc. I think Hitler blamed the Jews for the very same reasons. Like it or not: Iran is the new "evil empire". All sorts of US politicians will use Iran as a focusing point to unify the masses on this side of the pond. Hopefully it will stay cold war style and none of our politicians will start bombing our grandmothers on the other side of the pond.


See guys, the problem some

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

See guys, the problem some of this Iranians have is not just with Bush, they have problem with U.S itself and anyone that stands up to the fascist regime in Tehran,I've been saying that all along, now they call Hillary a "Warmongerer". Anyone who stands in the face of the Iranian regime to them is a warmngerer, but the regime itself who took us through the longest war of the 20th century is not a warmongerer!

Mola Nasredeen

Examples of men gone mad, Insane-Insane1111 and HartoParthian

by Mola Nasredeen on


On my trip to the "Velayate Farang"I was told about a disease called Mad Cow Disease. I never had the opportunity to see any of these unfortunate infected humen beings. But now on this website I've read their writings although they both are probably the same patient due to Schizophrenic state of mind. I wished "Hazrate Frued" was alive to explain and expand on their disease.

mola on the road


Dear Parthian the reason why Hillary should be taken seriously

by Abarmard on

Do you remember when Saddam attacked Iran while the green lights from the west given to him? Do you remember that Iran was known to be the country that initiated the war with Iraq? Iranians knew well who started the war but did the western public, or even Japanese know?

The answer is no. The entire world had declared that Iran initiated the attack. It was way until the time that Saddam took over Kuwait that the world began to change their story.

Knowing that only a donkey falls in the same hole twice, you should know that when there is an air strike against Iran, the world could say that it was initiated by Iran...How are you going to prove otherwise?

Don't underestimate the power of AIPAC!

Ahmadinjad and the akhunds say things on a manbar but these guys kill for real. No joke about it.

Problem is with many individuals that just trust a system because it is western base or style! I would say wake up. If Iraq is not enough to convince you that these groups are criminal murderers then nothing else can open your eyes. This has NOTHING to do with IRI.


Ayman and Hillary!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Mr. Ayman also had some anti Iranian rhetoric about the same time (// .... as the proverb says Oon_ke_be_mA narideh_bood, kalAghe_koon_darideh_bood!



by Dariush (not verified) on

Samsam1111 are you one of the true Iranians that when going got tough put you tail on your back and ran away? You were not there to fight the Arabs first time, but Why didn't you go fight the Arabs second time? That is really not the problem right?
You really want the destruction of Iran because you are zionist and Iran is an obstacle for your dreams coming true!!!

What hurts you more is when you see how we Iranians despite our differences are united and have the balls defend Iran and Iranians on this site and anywhere in the world. We may not be happy with our government, but they are nothing compare to you Zionists and Noe-cons!!!

So you keep kissing the same place that parti is kissing!!!



by Dariush (not verified) on

That is why you are so off (parti). If Hillary had a little decency and humanity in her, she should use her power to stop Israeli's violence which is the source of all threats, not make more threats. It is clear to everyone that U.S. have and will support Israel in doing any kind of inhumane and illegal actions. So there was no need for Hillary to confirm that. She just want to repair her crying images by acting tough. But she is locking herself in a position that she can not afford and should not. Iran doesn't want to attack any country, but will defend herself. Therefore threats is not going to make them to hand the country to terrorists and stop defending helpless Palestinians and others.
So you See how all these are relevant?
So you keep kissing!


Cowboys and fear-based policies

by AHmed from Bahrain (not verified) on

This is a little silly coz Iran has also said "IF" Israel attacks Iran and there has been no short of threats from Israel, right from the top echelons of IDF to the fanatical rabbis. They have all said they want to attack Iran IF it acquires nuke technology. They are not prepared to negotiate or listen to Iran's demands. They only want Israel to be the dominant nuke force and subjugate other under US/Israeli hegemony.

We in the Middle East do not want such righteous bosses or anyone else for that matter bossing us around. I am sure Americans do not want say Japanese soldiers roaming their cities and carrying out huge military exrcises in their waters. Period.

israel has gove to so much length to be a force against Iran, by using USA, UN and Europeans even though they have not signed the NPT or allow inspection of their own nukes whereas Iran has.

So who is bullying who? and what is this IF all about. Let us face it US/Israel want to dominate by force and they have used brute force continually topromote their fear based foreign policy.

Get over it and see the truth from fiction. Iran has no war with anyone. Their history speaks louder v. US/Israeli history of domination.

Go visit Iran and see how wonderful people will treat you. You will be utterly surprised. You will not see such kindness anywhere in the world and your stupid presidenttial nominations want to vie for Israel's love by showing who can nuke Iran more viciously. Ask yourself Is this a platform to choose a president? What about your poor, your sick and homeless. Defence money is best put to good use. Charity begins at home not the billions of tax payer money going to Israel so they can bully Palestinians to extinction.

Shame on you. Be a force for love, peace and brotherhood of mankind. Not destruction and hate-mongering.


Are you a genocidal maniac!!

by Ari (not verified) on

What is it with you samsam1111?

I can't believe what I am reading.

It seems like you are taking a joy at what Hillary the warmonger has said about turning 70+ million of our people into ashes, and our country into rubble.

You can't possibly be a true Iranian I don't give a damn if you keep using the old names of the Persian Kings. Any Iranian who makes such statements does not belong to the Iranian nation; past, present or future.

My God, I never believed I would hear these kind of statements from any human being!

As Sa'adi said, "Human being is no name for Thee"!!


Dear DumbDumb agents: Facts about Iran

by samsam1111 on

 Don,t worry too much about Hillary,s bomb.Find a cave to hide soon

1-Iran : Occupied land by Murderous Arab regime.

2-Arab mozdoors/agents paid by oil & blood money defend it on internet.with diversified characters.

3-Arab regime mozdoors/agents completed brainwashing & censore in emarateh alarabi of Iran.plan to extend it to overseas & the net.

4-For 1400 years Iranians (the Azari/Turks/Kurds/Lurs...etc)kept that prescious flame of our heritage alive without internet,tv,radio,sms,,so it can turn into an inferno one day and burn the with all  modern media at our disposal you think they can put it out...Nah

5-Remember gilan revolt against khalif & 20000 cutoff heads of Khalif Army & Mozdoor traitors the morning after.

Your Judgment day is near and you have no place to hide from Hillary,s America to Chavez venezuala.


Because Babak children have plans for you!!!



No Matter how much crap you

by Parthian on

Dariush and Sadegh throw on the screen. It is after all bunch of crap having little to do with the argument. Clinton's statement was a conditional statement of "IF Iran attacks Israel, and it will be obliterated...". This is clearly a response to Antari who has promised to wipe Israel off the map, and he has repeated this on several occasion.

Another truth is that if IR decides to do what Antari states, than there are consequences, Hillary is being upfront and clear about it. You guys are not fair, if you don't like these kind of statements about Iran, I know I don't, than you should first and foremost condemn it when expressed by an Iranian president. You can not have it both ways. You can not dismiss Antari's statement, excusing it as "he has no power..etc..." That is nonsense! Hillary also does not have any power, and she is being upfront about it. Both statements should be condemened, but as an Iranian, I will start with Antari first...