Cowboys and Iranians

Why has Hillary suddenly transformed into a testes- endowed nuclear warmonger?


Cowboys and Iranians
by Mohammad Alireza

It is a very sad day in Iranian history when an American presidential candidate needs to threaten to “obliterate” Iran so as to be elected.

The question that every Iranian needs to ask: “Why has Hillary suddenly transformed into a testes endowed nuclear warmonger?”

Is it the fact that the largest economy of the world, which is driven by the military industrial complex and uses 25% of the planets oil, has concluded that only Iran stands in its way to controlling 60% of the globe's known petrochemical reserves?

Or, is it because it is only Iran that stands in the way of the apartheid-like behavior of the Zionists?

Surely it can’t be because of the nonsense that Ahmadinejad likes to utter because any well informed American “leader” knows he is a light weight nobody that will soon vanish into the pages of time.

So, why did Hillary suddenly decide she had to show she had bigger balls then all her rivals, even bigger than those hanging from that neurotic that sang that Beach Boys song and wants a third Bush term?

Here is a hint: follow the money.

At current prices the oil that sits below Iraqi soil is estimated to be worth over forty trillion dollars, and Iran has about the same. That’s with a “T” and twelve zeros!

For a superpower in decline, with China and India rapidly advancing into the realm of potential superpowers, and the European Union slowly eclipsing the United States, gaining control of the lifeblood of the global economy is the only path that guarantees Americas “vital national interests”, which is equivalent to the continued domination of the world’s economy.

The American Establishment would never have given Bush Cheney Inc. the green light to invade Iraq if the stakes were not so high. The only problem is that they were sold a cheap occupation that now is approaching two trillion dollars in costs, which in actual fact are not costs, but a transfer of American taxpayer money into the coffers of the military industrial complex.

Obliterating Iran has many benefits for the American Empire. It clears the path for controlling the planets remaining significant petrochemical reserves, which therefore guarantees that America’s addiction to oil need not go into withdrawal.

Obliterating Iran also has the added benefit of removing the only remaining obstacle for Zionists from placing the Palestinians into reservations, a process that is taking place in Iraq today.

America was built through the genocide of Native Indians and the continued existence of America requires the same mindset, which the current Cowboy in Chief has put on display for all to see.

Question is will Iranians and Iraqis willingly play the part of Indians in this game of twenty first century cowboys and Indians?

And if you don’t agree with any of the above then what are those forts for that are being built in Iraq? Don’t know what forts are? Hint: They built a lot of them in “Redskin country”.

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Hillary & McCain are in AIPAC's pocket = War aginst Iran

by gol-dust on

That's why she moved to NY. This in my main problem with her. however, the truth is they all are lobbyist for israel, except ron paul! lieberman is following maccain like his shadow as he wants to become the old man's vp. that would be good to kill another hopeful's chances as he did to gore! they got the money and control of everything, just about everything!


Elect Obama and put an end to...

by Hillary the Hawk! (not verified) on

...this war mongering!
She is using the politics of fear. Guess who voted for her in PA? People without college degree!

She want to win based on prejudice and ignorance and fear!

If she was really that tough she would have done something when Billy was getting on with the 20 old year intern in WH.

Lets hope Obama puts an end to this drama!

Ironcally the day Hilarry pledged her support for Israel another Israeli spy was arrested in US!


I am not a Jew&dumbdumb spelled Aryan ,,iliterate!!

by samsam1111 on

I am not a jew but even if i was..what is it to you?you can love your regime..good for you...don,t give me this BS about iranian have no country only mullahs who rule over it...and you mullahs & agents of mullahs outside iran don,t give a damn about Iranian nation or folks who live in morons & your ahmadinejad are the cause of all these miseries and threats .you are a regime agent.go away

iraj khan

Re: sam...You are all wet!

by iraj khan on

You are filled with so much hatred that your brain has shrunk and stopped to function. You are repeating a bunch of mombo jumbo and you think you are the only one entitled to be Iranian. If you had the smallest understanding about iranians you wouldn't have written these nonsense. You have the illusion of being a pure full blooded "Arian". Actually, I think you are a jew, your name sounds like you are one. Iranian nation is in danger of being "oblitrated" and you continue with your bullshit.   


I told you so.. obama is tha man

by shirazie (not verified) on

a few weeks back a young Iranian lady asked us to back Hillary. No way then No way now

She makes McCain look like a dove. She will steal this election from Obama.

It is going to hot summer


Senator from New York

by cyrus- (not verified) on

who could forget that ir was the jewish lobby group from NY that helped Hillary to win in NY , she did not even reside there to begin with.
and if you think that american jews are not behind Hillary , you are sadly mistaken.


they will only obliterate the Beit al khalif

by samsam1111 on

امريکا در فکر حمله است و رژيم اشغالگر عربی در ايران در حال حمله{حزبالله حماس جيشالمهدي} و کشور سابقان ايران و اشغال شده فعلی امارات العربيته ال عيران توسط خلفای بيگانه 30 سالست که روزانه بمباران ميشود بدون اعلام جنگ.بدون در نظر گرفتن جنگ عراق  رژيم اشغالگر عربی  150 هزار ايرانی رو کشته يا معلول کرده ،8 ميليون رو اواره،5 ميليون رو بيمار روانی يا معتاد ،800ميليارد دلار نفتودر 30 سال   با مافيا و تروريستايه عرب کشيده بالا،زبان فرهنگ پوشش سنن نوروز و تاريخ ايرانو سانسور و تحريف کرده ،30 ساله از موالی داره جزيه و پول گلوله خلاص ميگيره،هزار هزار دخترکان ايرانی رو به هم قومانش در بلادالعرب به کنيزی ميفرسته...تو از حمله بيگانه و امريکا واسم مينويسی و اين گوريل اشغالگر عربی بيگانه رو زير سيبيلی در ميکني..ملت اول حساب با اين بيگانه ها تصفيه ميکنن .امريکا تو صف وايسته

Mort Gilani

Chill Out. USA is here to stay.

by Mort Gilani on

It is indeed a very sad day in Iranian history when a piece of garbage like Hillary Clinton threatens to “obliterate” Iran.  I am a bit stunned that the Iranians have so far been silent on this issue.  I was disgusted when I heard it.  It is obvious that Hillary made the statement to portray a tough image of herself to tough ass voters in line with her kitchen sink tactic.

Having said that, I think the stupid Islamists in Iran who scurried like rats in two major elections to vote for the likes of antar ahmadinejad have sunk Iran to this point.  The image of Iran that conjures up in people’s mind in the world is the rouge state that feeds Islamic terrorism with the nonsensical rhetoric on whipping out Jewish state, holocaust and recently 9/11.  The ugly image of Iran has not been created by news conglomerates, but the regime that prides itself in supporting thugs in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and every other trouble spot in the world.  The Islamic regime and the wannabe Arabs have made Iran a target of cheap shots and bozos like Hillary Clinton are happy to exploit the situation.

Image is important, and if an individual, organization, government or nation cannot keep a good image, they are set for humiliation and failure.



by MeMory (not verified) on

or maybe Clinton was just trying to appeal to the Zionist AIPAC?... she said pretty much the same things in an AIPAC close room fund raiser, "no options off the table", she echoed the same words that Bush's speech writers crafted regarding Iran. AIPAC wants Iran to be invaded, that’s no secret, and as the 2nd biggest lobby in America, as a continuing source of campaign funds (for both liberal and democrat) the candidates are only pushed to say what AIPAC wants them to say. As far as action goes, it’s rather more verbal and diplomatic. Make no mistake, each country is in the end after its own self interest, but America has psychologically been entwined with the Zionist state. Hence shared rhetoric arise much easier, but when it comes to hardcore politics of it, it’s a whole different story, after all Israel never did bomb anything in Iran, while it did so with both Iraq and recently Syria. Iran is just a more complex piece, as the “regional superpower” and as “third Muslim country to be invaded” and as a “Shia’ country”… and that is all still ignoring the fact that without an American draft (draft is the only thing that could raise an anti was movement in America that actually has balls) the war could never actually go forward...


Hillary garbage

by nader11 (not verified) on

I think this is a very sad day in American history .
Look how wicked and bloodthirsty some segments of a population of a country are that for a presidential candidate to get their votes she threatens another country with destruction. evil, pure evil.


Jeegar talaa

by Abol Danesh, Author (not verified) on

You don't understand the sense of humor in moder age in post-industrial service dominated era...What Hillary means by obliteration is a humorous way of saying: "Irnian people are cool and I like them all like hell"

Drop your too serious shield at once and begin to speak the service dominated post capitalist green epoch by startling to learn its alphat bet...

Now tell me what this threatening & horrifc persian saying means in the green epoch: "The bezaa Jeegaresho bowkhoram..."



Maybe she is appealing to rednecks

by Alborzi (not verified) on

She wants to be nominated no matter what she has to do, if she has to give, she will do it. The irony in all this is that, she is less likely to be elected because McCain is a genuine redneck, whey would the rednecks want a whore.


Maybe, we've been too naive...

by Tafreshi on

   Maybe this is how empires fall. It's a painful experience. One feels sorry for the hardship of the people under attack in Middle East,
and at the same time witnessing the crumbling structure of United States is disheartening. We have lived here, many of us have raised a family here. We have sons and daughters and friends. We wish them the best possible future in the United States.
The solution to this madness exists out there but human beings greed and ignorance is over-ruling the logic. The situation for the people of Middle East and majority of Americans is looking worse by every passing day. What Mrs Clinton said is all a part of this tragic picture.