Cooking for friends

V and I preparing food an d sipping great Spanish wine

Cooking for friends
by Siamack


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Wine, cooking and British Iranians

by O. on

More food/cooking videos please!



You look like profosor

by hotchick (not verified) on

You look like profosor baltazar and the food is wonder you're fat


Hi are you guys fro Mashad?

by Siamack on

Arash jan are you guys from Mashad?

I can't recall an Akmal Salari...


Siamack Salari


Dear Sia Me and my son

by Ramin and Dariush (not verified) on

Dear Sia
Me and my son enjoyed watching your video.Now when you are enjoying this beautiful wine you might as well pronounce it in spanish as well.They call it riogha just like our kh as khoob!
Keep up the good work
Regards from uk

Alahazrat Hajagha

Very Nice

by Alahazrat Hajagha on

very nice as usual. can we see the guests please? ;-)


Hassani you're a cowboy..

by Int. (not verified) on

First of all I really enjoy watching Siamak and his lovely family, so thanks for that! As for you HASSANI, you crack me up. you just DO Not generalize with "us Iranians" you have no right to comment on behalf of Iranians.


relative hunting

by arash naseri (not verified) on

siamack jan
after your recipe I am not interested in Gordon Ramsey's programs anymore :)
you probably don't know my mum but you should remember my grandma, Akmal Salari. I'd heard about you from Oranus, my mum, and I'm glad to see your photo. I think you are my mum's 2nd cousin. I am living in Cardiff @ the moment but intend to move back to london.
hopefully see you then.


let Iranians be free Iranian.

by What a heck do I know (not verified) on

I am amazed by Siamak. It feels great watching another Iranian stepping into new world. He is very bright Iranian and these videos are his line of casual advertisement business. With this clip, THE WINE was advertised.

To my fellow Iranians, let Iranians be free Iranian.


Hassani GET A LIFE

by urstruly (not verified) on

you suck. obviously you are jealous of his life.

siamak is funny and he can do whatever he wants with his kids, beh to cheh?

the music was perfect too.

fan who has lived all over the world.


I get you

by FanFromUSA (not verified) on

Siamack Jan:

You look great. The food looked fabulous. I love your generosity for sharing your life with us. Mr. Hassani does not represent me, who also love in the US, love your accent, "get" all your jokes, and really appreciate your sense of humor and view into the world. I let my kids taste wine when they were about five, too.

Shirin Vazin


by Shirin Vazin on

The food motivated me to cook today! I didn't like the music though but I can listen to something else :-)

I enjoy watching your videos.




Hi Sia, its your old friend Hassani

by hassani (not verified) on

Hope this time I can pass through JJ's censorship :) So I keep it civil.

But seriously, I have a few pieces of advice for you:

1. You always look unwashed and messy. Why?
2. You try to be funny but, my dear fellow, it ain't working. The British sense of humor with which you have been brought up is not undesrstood or appreciated here in the States, and even less so with us the Iranian-Americans. So please spare us the quips.
3. As some of us have noted, you insist on speaking in your received English accent with a residual Irani base and pinch of Indian added to it. Obviously, having been brought up in England from an early age, you have naturally acquired the accent you have received but so have millions of second generation Pakistanis, Indians and Afro-Carribeans who have gone through the same schooling you have. So back in England, this is no news. The point that you have misunderstood is that although some Americans think this accent is cool, us Iranians don't think that way. But my guess is that your Farsi is no good and you can't make yourself understood in Farsi without plugging 5 English words in every 10 words you say. But keep trying Sia, it is not too late.
4. It is not legal to give a child an alcoholic beverage.
5. I liked the background music it was tastier than the food.

Thank you and toudaloo .


Don't trust in spanish wine

by ImTheKing (not verified) on

Siamak jan, don't understand why you don't speak persian as "sia shookheh tar as inay" for speaking english with an english accent. Else, you may try a 14 year 'Bordeau' and give us your impression after.


More videos of food please!

by Anonymousfan (not verified) on

I love watching people in the kitchen and cooking and anything food related and I like Siamack and his fun family. (warm greetings to 'V') Thank you.


very nice...

by urstruly (not verified) on

all of it.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

First of all you look great. Obviously you are sticking to your diet, it seems. And you look like a Spanish artist, with the headband, sibil and rish bozi :o)

The food looked great. But what caught my attention was the wine. I'm going to buy a bottle of Rioja and try it even though I just can't enjoy wine as much as beer. Such a bloody shame that wine behem nemisazeh for some reason.