Bizarre music video by rock band in Iran


by Party Girl

Atashbad (Firey Wind) rock band was founded in 2005 by Reza Khalili in a high school in Karaj, 20 miles west of Tehran. Site under construction: This unnamed song is from their album "Mazraeh Araam" ("The Calm Farm"):

گروه آتشباد در سال 74 در دبیرستانی در کرج به سرپرستی رضا خلیلی تاسیس شد . این گروه فعالیتهای خود را در آن زمان با نام گروه آوای مردمی(public voice) آغاز نمود و این اسم تا 10 سال با گروه همراه بود . از سال 77 فعالیتهای گروه در زمینه اجرای کنسرت متمرکز شد وتا سال 82 گروه در شهرهای مختلف به اجرای کنسرت پرداخت . بزرگترین کنسرت این گروه مربوط به سال 81 است . کنسرتی در باشگاه انقلاب کرج با جمعیتی حدود 7000 نفر اما این اجرا به دلیل مسمومیت رضا خلیلی بهمن خلیلی و پوریا پورناظزی دقایقی قبل از اجرا کنسل شد و کنسرتی که در 8 ماه گروه برای آن زحمت کشیده بود برهم خورد . تا آن زمان اعضاء اصلی گروه : رضا خلیلی سیاوش فلاحی علی خلج بهمن خلیلی و پوریا پور ناظری بودند .

در سال 83 آلبوم فرار از تاریکی بدون حضور نوازنده کیبورد (سیاوش فلاحی) ضبط گردید . آلبومی که با مشکلات فراوان و نابسامانیهای زیاد در گروه همراه بود . این آلبوم در سال 84 توسط شرکت آوای باربد با نام فرار از تاریکی وارد بازار موسیقی گردید . در سال 85 به دلیل مشکلات فراوانی که گروه با نام آوای مردمی پیدا کرده بود نام گروه را به آتشباد تغییر دادند. در آن سال صالح زارعی نوازنده گیتار بیس گروه بود که بعد از حدود یک سال ، برای ادامه تحصیل به انگلیس رفت این اتفاق باعث شد اعضاء سابق گروه برای ضبط آلبوم جدید دوباره گردهم جمع شوند و این بار آلبوم مزرعه آرام را ضبط کنند .

در 2 سال اخیر گروه دو خواننده تعویض کرد . حدود 5 ماه گروه به خوانندگی محسن نامجو فعالیت داشت که به دلایلی ، همکاری به صورت گروهی را پیدا نکرد و حدود 7 ماه خواننده این گروه علیرضا تهرانی بود . ضبط آهنگ پیپ به خوانندگی محسن نامجو و ضبط آهنگ اسیر آزادی به خوانندگی علیرضا تهرانی از فعالیتهای آن دوره گروه بود .

در حال حاضر اعضاء اصلی گروه را رضا خلیلی ، بهمن خلیلی ، پوریا پور داخلی تشکیل می دهند و برنامه های گروه توسط این سه نفر دنبال می شود . سبک کاری گروه راک می باشد و تنظیماتی که برای ملودیهای قطعات توسط رضا خلیلی انجام می گیرد اکثرا بر پایه ریتم و ملودیهای بلوز می باشد .




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آخه این وب سایت شما یه اتاق مخصوص نداره که ما بریم اونجا و بزنیم تو سر و کله همدیگه، برای همین به همه جا سرک میکشیم و سر هر موضوعی یکی‌ رو گیر میندازیم .

تا اون اتاق دعوا رو درست نکردین پس ما چکار کنیم؟


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Dear Participants

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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

This "Farsi" person certainly has more than their fair share of issues.




Ay baba

by . (not verified) on

In the very simple words of a great humanbeing (OK, he had DUI issues, but it doesn't take away from his remark & character, and this was when he was unnecessarily almost beaten to death):
"People, can we get along?" - Rodney King

1. Farsi has a legitimate beef.
2. Farsi doesn't have a legitimate beef.

What is it with some jumping the bandwagon and trying to degrade her or him? Consider changing your tone when you express your disagreement and explanations. As for some individuals who jumped the bandwagon by making fun, that wasn't very classy.

A certain person who also jumped the bandwagon here is in not in a position to teach and preach about manners to others, according to that person's very own discourse manners. Aval khod-e shomaa beraveed sare kelaas, bad khod raa aamoozegaar baraay-e deegaraan entekhaab bekoneed.

Maybe this is wishful thinking on my part, but I do try.

Az tah-e kelaas



by IRANdokht on

To attack someone, track her comments and write such long posts about her, taking an accusatory and abusive tone with this lady only because she corrected your spelling error is just not normal behavior. 

You have not behaved in a decent way and you should apologize but instead, you write an entire post to Majid and say "it was her fault"?

I don't care who you are, whether you get paid for writing on the site or not, whether Favahar50 is Majid or not, or any of the nonsense that's been brought up. All I think as an observer, is that you attacked someone for correcting your spelling error: if it was a typo, you could have explained that or you could have thanked her for being helpful and moved on.

Your obsessive behavior shows that there are a lot more issues or maybe personal problems than you're not willing to admit.

If you're really so busy that you don't have time to deal with this then DON'T! what's with spending so much time and writing so many comments and claiming you have a life?

stop contradicting yourself!




by far_si (not verified) on

Majid, I replied politely to your nasty email and I was not sure which one of my 19 lines in the email hurt you really bad that you HAD to come online and bring it up, I guess it was the line about “I get paid for every word I type”..If knowing this makes you happy you should know, yes I did get paid for the time I spend to search for her entries but it took only 1 min.

You wrote this to me:

SO........What the heck is your problem ? "mesl e sag e haar beh par o paache ye in o oon mipari?

Go get a life , you loser!

Get away from that frigging computer, talk a walk , let some fresh air get into your head, that "may" help!

And I replied with the following:
Dear Farvahar50,

Thank you for your email,
I am not sure what are you referring to by your email to me(see red below). I rarely come to this site and when I come I rarely post a comment and when I do post a comment they are all nice and polite.
I more or less know a lot of people on this site and since I don't post anything people don't know me. I have been using "Farsi" for a long long time and I am not sure I might actually be registered too, but since I never post anything I have forgotten my password etc...

I have nothing to hid, the reason I don't register the name farsi is because I guess I do not know how to do the registration and it's more like registering is not high on my to do list for the day so I don't care about it.

This incident is her fault if you look at the posting at:

you will see that for 5-6 days in a row I did not reply to her postings, I am actually an extremely busy person. I do spend a lot of time on the computer but trust me every word I type I get paid for it. I believe she has no right to correct my spellings here, I even ignored her posting about this and did not say anything for another few days, but this has to stop now.

I am not sure which user you are since you did not sign your email.
Thanks anyway,


Faa maazhor

by Anonymous 77777777 (not verified) on

If this band likes to play heavy metalesque, that is their choice and it should be respected.

Since the topic is music,

Look at Blues music and how many different musicians and bands were inspired and influenced by it and how they created new music derived from that old Mississipi blues, rock and roll and with it's many different branches and variations. Look at that Gospel music and what was derived from it, soul music, which from the prionees of soul music itself led to many new branches.

I suggest Iranian musicians, for once, at least some of them, to consider doing the same with the wealth of that which is called Persian music as whole and from its many different older styles (dastgaah-haa). Take it to another newer level, derived from the older styles. That's what American musicians and bands did. Now, that's something to really look up to, at least for me. This comment isn't against Atashbad or any of the many tens of pop (or rap) Iranian musicians and bands, just a general comment and food for thought.

I always wanted to say this somewhere, my wait was in the scale of the decades.


VERY good point Majid!

by skatermom (not verified) on

VERY good point Majid!


Ebi, IRANdokt.............

by Majid on

While my wife is making a killer "loobia polo"...I'm reading about   people   who "make money with every word they type and their time is very valuable"....yet they find time to back track other people's foot print for a WEEK ! .......LOL

It was a lot fun " dude, dudette or......... none of the above" !

I'm done.


Ebi jaan

by Majid on

You crack me up bud...LOL...

I could not have said it better my friend.

T and I had a great laugh about your comment to this "dudette" !


ebi amirhosseini


by ebi amirhosseini on

 Dear Jaarchi :

Az Fazleh Pedar to raa che haasel?!

Get a life dudette!.


Dear Partygirl,thanks for posting but,the music $ux !! the band,a cheap imitation of KISS !.


Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Aatash Bas

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

With all due respect to any manifestation of Art and by any artist, I ask for Aatash Bas (Sieze Fire) instead.... :0)


farsi underscore one at yahoo dot com

by farsi (not verified) on


are you Iranian?

by to FARSI (not verified) on

you embarrass us if you do. this nice lady never says anything mean to anyone. i read these posts, every one, and more of them too and i think you have a bigger problem then with her. iraniandotcom is welcome to all visitors especially if she is american with a iranian husband.



by IRANdokht on

I actually think it's a dudette ;-)  I always thought the programmer was  a chick too anyway.

Whether it's the one or the other programmer that I suspect, I am pretty sure Farsi is only jealous of our wonderful T. 

I'd tell ya' those American chicks are always too popular ;-)

IRANdokht-e hassood LOL



by Majid on

I have a feeling that we have a "programmed" dude here !

Don't you think?


It doesnt say much for Karaj

by javaneh29 on

I dont know that it lives up to its title 'the calm farm' ... my nerves feel jangled after listening to it!

As for the comments about perfect or not perfect english, followed by allegations  of delusionary husbands ..... give us a break from this eternal nit picking perleeeeeese. Farsi, you should write a piece about how to annoy ppl..... you'd be good at that.




by Majid on

Since you're not registered here I can't send you an e-mail, wish I could.

I'm for real with a registered name and a pic.  are you?

All I see here is a lil fishy and a fake alias who could be anybody.

Yeasterday you were a chicken (avatar), today you're a lil fish......

 And since it's hard for you yorself to decide who you are, JJ will pick another avatar for you tomorrow, until then... be busy in your little pond!


American wife

by IRANdokht on

well well well  what is this?  you got a secret admirer who's so obsessed with you that they follow you around and track all your comments... 

it looks like some chicks have all the luck ;-)  LOL

imagine how much time and care was put in just that last comment!  I wonder if your iranian husband would be curious to find out who this secret anonymous stalker of yous is.

I know I am! :0)   



AMERICAN WIFE(if there is actually a husband around)

by FARSI (not verified) on

Dear Lord,

All I EVER wanted in my life was for an American wife to tell me where to live, and I actually got it what are the chances on that one??!!
You are absolutely right, “do not sink to my level” is a very good strategy since it is really nasty and ugly down here, so stay the hell away up there.

by American Wife on Wed Sep 10, 2008 05:49 PM CDT

by American Wife on Tue Sep 23, 2008 05:47 PM CDT

mccain-palin supporter
by American Wife on Thu Sep 25, 2008 05:42 PM CDT

by American Wife on Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:53 PM CDT

I'm dying to get home
by American Wife on Thu Sep 25, 2008 06:12 PM CDT

Mash Mandali
by American Wife on Fri Sep 26, 2008 06:22 PM CDT

what a sad feeling I came away with...
by American Wife on Mon Sep 29, 2008 06:06 PM CDT

This is only going back 7 days...

You know what, this imaginary husband of yours is real, sure he is. And he comes home to dear American Wife everydsay after 5, sure he comes....

American Wife


by American Wife on

Dude...  you need to chill out.  You're spending WAAAAY too much time trying to provoke me.  And I simply don't intend to sink to your level...:-)

Listen... I have no idea what your beef with me is.  You jumped my shit on the wedding blog when there was absolutely no cause for it.  I said nothing critical at all... I said "more power to them".  I've said nothing critical here.  I "corrected" your spelling after you wrote several nasty comments to me. 

You seem to be following me since you know how much I post.  I'll point out to you that you'll rarely see a post from me after 5:00.  That's because I AM spending time with my husband rather than on IC.

If I've offended you somewhere, please accept my apology.  If I haven't and you're just anti-American and taking it out on me, then please... for YOUR sake... find somewhere else to live.  Somewhere where you're not so bitter.


TO Esther Brooke AND american wife

by FARSI (not verified) on

Sorry, party girl for going off the topic this comment has nothing to do with your clip.

I know as Iranians we are famous for showing hospitality and making everyone welcomed to our place, etc…but, frankly I am sick of you or anybody else who comes to a site called IRANIAN DOT COM and tries to teach a bunch of ESLs some correct spelling or usage of the holy language of English. I know people like you 2(EB and AW)think the whole universe should learn proper English(spelling and grammar)and if they don’t they have no right to post comments here or anywhere else…….but I think it’s time someone here (at Iranian dot com) tell you to BACK OFF. We don’t post comments here to show off our perfect command of English, in fact most people come here to FORGET about the damn language of English and the bloody countries they have to live in (for various reasons, not every one lives out of Iran by choice) and think they are some how amongst Iranians……
“AW” has challenged(// spelling mistakes before. Well, that little conversation with you was not worth my time to run the spell checker, if you want to read perfect English I suggest you go to the Chapters down the road and pick up a copy of MACBETH. One min wasting time talking to you, is one min taking away from the time I could spend with my family,,,,,so no, I did not use spell checker when posting that comment. By the way, this lovely husband of your, has anyone beside you seen him???Looking at your many many posts going back and forth here, it seems like, you spend an awful amount of time at your pc hanging on this site,,,, when do you find time to show some love to this poor husband, whom you are apparently married???

There are people in my office who spell English perfectly but I make 3 times more than them and they are called “secretaries”…
I know AW wanted to somehow challenge my intelligence by pinpointing my spelling mistakes but, ON IRAIAN DOT COM, writing perfect English doesn’t make anyone more intelligent or not writing it makes no one stupid. The whole country of Iran doesn’t speak English, you think they are all stupid?? AW, you should know, the day I don’t have to speak in English would be the happiest day of my life.

As usual you can reply to me here but I am not giving you the pleasure of writing back. Trust me, it is not because I can not handle arguing with you, there are only a few people who can manage to keep up with me when arguing and they are all Iranians so you are not one of them,,,I have a job, a life and a family to spend my time with that’s why I am not going to write back.

The PROUD “worst English spelling person” on this site and on the face of the universe.


Its funny and great!

by toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

God I hate all the nay sayers on this site, who made you doctors of music? I dont like heavy music, but I loved the sound and the video, especially the kid haha


To the post below...

by Ironman (not verified) on

I agree with metal girl on this. This video is poor in both music and production content. I understand how it can be hard to make a good music video with limited resources, but the main problem is the song itself. it's unoriginal and boring. I haven't heard any good persian metal but one of the best persian rock songs (i believe) is Namjoo's Toranj.

to the guy who wrote the "If you insist on posting comments...":

you obviously have nothing better to do than pick on people's typos, which is what those errors that you pointed really are, not bad English. Go get a life!


If you insist on posting comments...

by Esther Brooke (not verified) on

Here are some English usage tips, Metal Girl. "Armature?" I take it you mean "amateurish?" And, just fyi, "nowadays," is the term you're looking for when you write "now days." Now, what would life be like if the only people allowed to post comments were ones who wrote and spoke perfect English? Hmmm...? How about a little more charity all around?



by Ali Parsa (not verified) on

30 seconds was all I could stand to watch this pathetic piece. Just what is the band trying to prove or teach us? Sad,,,,,to the nth degree!


Why is Alice Cooper trying

by skatermom (not verified) on

Why is Alice Cooper trying to steal that kids stuffed animal?


there has to be some boundary!

by Metal girl (not verified) on

Seriously guys, this is way too armature! I don't understand why we should like and "support" every copy cat BS it's provided to us now days, just because it is from Iran!
I understand why Mohsen Namjoo didn't want to be a part of this band and the ugly part is that they are probably using his name for their fame without his approval!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Poor .


Its so cliche'

by Sucks (not verified) on

Sorry but sucks, really so cliche'