87 days and 50 pounds

How is my diet going?

87 days and 50 pounds
by Siamack

4th update on my diet.


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A true race horse now

by red faced (not verified) on

Siamak jan
I once called you a "shetland pony" on your video blog on making roast duck. First off, I want to extend to you my sincerest apology. Secondly, congratulations on becoming a thoroughbred. Losing 50 pounds is an awesome achievement and you deserve to be recognized for it. As for myself, I am truly embarrassed for my comment and you have put me in my place.


My turn next

by ramintork on

I'll try to lose a few pounds but after the Norouz food munching is over.

This is great inspiration for all fatties like me!



by Anonymous12221 (not verified) on

zendeh baad siamack!

The two anecdotes about your pants falling and your son's means of stabilization had me in stitches.

Don't listen to these negative people like "KillJoy" who say that you shouldn't diet. I think that what you are doing is admirable because it's for "women." Dieting is for anyone who is overweight who wants to be healthy. Why should women be the only one's with that goal? If being healthy is your primary motive in losing the weight and looking better an added bonus then I salute you, sir.

As an aside, I put on 50 lbs in the last three years of college - 165 to 215 - and after my mother told me I had gained weight tonight (as I was eating sabzi polo mahi) I announced to the whole family that starting tonight, I am on a diet. Then we had dinner. And dessert. And more dessert.

Your video gave me an unbelievable amount of motivation and the fact that you said you did it gradually over time made me all the more determined. If KillJoy was more familiar with weight loss techniques he/she would know that the reason you will most likely keep the weight off (knock on wood) is because you did it gradually by adjusting your eating habits over an extended period of time. Again, I really congratulate you.

aide shoma (o tamami'e hamvatanan) mobarak


Love your Indo/Iranian accent

by hassani (not verified) on

hassani x x x


I am stunted

by Sibil (not verified) on

Absolutely astonishing. You actually lost a lot.
Keep it up and try to crush the Subway guy.


lose wieght feel greet

by esterlize (not verified) on

cute accent but you R still "beh khoshgeli behdeh kari", hhehehe, but congratulations on losing the ponds. ur kids needs ya.
chao topoli...:)


No More Second Helping Syndrom/Fork & Mouth Disease

by n.zanincanadai on

What an inspiration to all fats. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't over eat again. Save your soul...



by Anonano (not verified) on

Killjoy, You made some good points, but are you just a teeny little bit jealous too?

Those great fat people you mentioned are DEAD, most recent one Pav--now you know his pancreases was way overworked cos he ATE TOO DAMN MUCH!

I do agree with you, though, I also like a man who eats a good amount of food. ;)

I'm staying anonymous too--so I can say it like it is.


I tell you...

by Midwesty on

man when you got up and I couldn't see your face anymore I thought I was looking at a different person...you have renovated yourself and that does NOT happen all the time! Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep it up! Eidet ham Mobarak...


What a bore!

by killjoy (not verified) on

honsetly, can you imagine someone's sole challenge in life to be losing weight! after all what is wrong with being fat? how many great people you can name who were portly and proud? from buddha to brando, from pavarotti to the pope (well, the previous one) they all had problems with their weight but did they do a video diary of their dieting efforts? no! they all preferred to be fat and famous than shapely and schmuck! siamak you are so sad. come on man, stop this bull shit and act like a man. dieting is for women who have nothing better to do than shaping up to attract men. you seem to be happily married (or are you?) so you don't need it. so:

siamak do't be sad - stay fat!

ps - good news is that you will definitely revert to twice your prevoius weight before the end of this year. Happy New Year :o)


Great job!

by Anony mouse (not verified) on

Indeed a Great job and quite inspirational!

Keep it up!



by Guest (not verified) on

Siamack, what a fantastic job! Looking so much better now. You must continue to be in shape, healthy, and happy not only for yourself but also for your lovely wife and the beautiful boys. Cheers to YOU!


Way to go Siamak Jaan !!!

by AB (not verified) on

You can do it, you have already done and proved you can. Bravo.

Abbas Zeineddin

Great job!

by Abbas Zeineddin on

Salaam Siamack jaan,

You look great man, very inspiring.  Eideh to ham mobaarak.  Have fun in Orlando.


Well done old boy

by MKB (not verified) on

Most amusing clip, great job shedding 3 stones.

I have to admit though, I did laugh out loud when you told the story of your son and the urinal. As a father of two, I have had similar experiences.

Keep the vids coming.