We die every day

Speaking out in 1992 video

We die every day
by bahram9821

This video was taken in 1992 at Ali Tabesh's memorial service. Fardin was one of the guest speakers. As you can tell he is not happy with the treatment of actors or actresses after the revolution. Fardin passed away in 2000 and at his funeral, a crowd of over 20,000 mourners gathered to pay their respects.

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more from bahram9821

God Rest jis Soul!

by FR (not verified) on

May God Rest his Soul!


I love this one line he says:

by SS (not verified) on

"har rooz mord, keh yeh rooz zendeh basheh, mesleh zendegiyeh sabegh."

or something along those lines....


God rest Fardin's soul

by AK (not verified) on

God rest Fardin's soul.
He and all those other "Honarmands" made millions of people happy with their work and films.
Where is Foroozan?


Burned Generation

by Troneg on

It is a sad statement. A burned generation who intelectuals didn't recognized in time and after revolution every body forgot. Fardin was a great Actor. He was our Errol Flynn with Abgoosht flavor

I agree with Behrooz. We Iranian are very Mordeh Parast. Today we speak about Fardin but nobody care about Behrouz Vossoughi ! 

Please M. Kadivar write something about him. What do you wait ? his death ?!

 Vive Behrouz Vossoughi. below some links for young people : 






let's pary for hajiaaghoa

by sexyironi (not verified) on

it looks like hoji the cartoonist is injured or passed away in a hospital in canada! :(
his ghost just put up a note up there. hey hoji akagha peace on you and wish you a fantastic life in heavens. do not forget us and if possible buy several condominiums for investment in heavens. I am sure we all have a due date to come to heavens/hell soon. If you did buy a condo then let me know so I can drop a big down payment for a 2 bedroom ASAP. BTW, make sure it has fireplace and a pool on the top floor. We miss you hoji and your cartoons. Peace upon you. Amin - RIP.


Please some one inform us about this man

by Victproa Hospital (not verified) on

He had iranian.com in His in his note book, Hossein Hajiagha
Was die in hospital in Victoria BC Canada ,40 minute a go
He die by car crash, We are did best we can to save life this man
Any one have any information about him or relative. ,
Please e-mail us
Attention: Hossein Hajiagha


Re: The Great Fardin

by jamshid on

Before the entrance of Fardin into the Iranian movie scene, Iranian masses were watching, almost exclusively, Indian Bollywood movies with the voice of Farsi dubbers. You know...  Raj Kapoor. Remember him? He was more famous than ANY Iranian actor among the masses. 


Then Fardin came along and everything changed. Almost instantly, Iranian masses fell in love with him. With Fardin's success, other actors could now enter the scene too. In just a few short years Indian movies lost their strong popularity in favor of Iranian movies.


Back in those days, Iranian movies were purely commercial and geared towards the masses who in those times were mostly uneducated. "Koocheh va bazaari" movies appealed to them more than movies with "serious" themes.


Fardin could have played in movies with a seious theme with his powerful acting talent. Unfortunately he was locked into commercially oriented movies and we never got to see that side of him.


As a kid I loved him. I grew up with him. He was "the" man! God bless his soul.


Khoda rahmatesh kone

by پیام on

We all have memories of this wonderfull guy who filled our hearts with happiness with his movies. May he has found the peace we all seak.


from haji

by Anonymous4 (not verified) on

no JJ do not publish my cartoons , he became boss
he became like mullahs , he order who's live or death,which cartoons publish or not?
and i am not jewess (juwish.)
I am a poor artist from Canada,
1- I don't like homosexually people, I don't like rich Mullahs, I don't like some one accompanier about Iran my home land when he live in a place with so many problems, like USA or Canada ,
I don't like selfish people, I don't like censorship, I don't like rich people, I don't like feminism, I don't like stupid western wild freedom,gangs and drugs ...i don't like war.
I like to date female any ideas where I date women< why we have so many lesbian single women out of Iran and in canada?


Let's have haji post his cartoons!

by sexyironi (not verified) on

Well, hey hoji what happened? you do not post any more cartoons here? did you give up or you didn't get paid?
a question, why did you leave Iran? could not you live there?

happy holidays to you.


Fardin & Cinema of the past was Great....

by Anonymous222222222222222 (not verified) on

The thing you guys don't understand is that Fardin was great in his type of movie making. Not ALL movies have to have a meaning or be simbolic, they can have romance, love, sex...And at this Fardin was great. Now about bashing the cinema of the past lets not forget that many of the great directors (mehrzu, Hatami) of today were educated and became known starting in the late 60's and 70's. Lets not forget of the great movies of the pre-revolution like Gav, Gavazanha or daie jaan napelon, hezar dastan. Or great actors like entezami, sayyad, nassirian, keshavarz. So please stop bashing the cinema of the past, because its stupid.


i didntknow....

by Farhad2008 (not verified) on

Hi haji. i didnt know ure juwish, until now. u never present urself as juwish. anyway this doesnt surprise me, juwish in iranian.com has many Eradat to iranian people, like other places.


booyeh abgoosh oomad!

by Anonymous VI (not verified) on

booyeh abgoosh oomad!


you came to hollywood to became famous ?

by hajiagha on


if you guys having hard times why not just move in Canada?

I am sick about all this propaganda

your answer is here


you know I know in Iran artist and art are receiving better respect and treatment as in north America, and they not working as dishwasher or cleaning washroom to make money and for living may money in not so big or not big as Hollywood in Iran but there is lots of the opportunity in Iran for artist which is not here in north America, I am one of the those guy I left Ghol agha magazine and my job in north America and became homeless and in past 12 years I never had a single art show in Canada because of racism, why you guys just so much complaining ?

why each years so many artist or educated Iranian are going to back in Iran?

if this is haven ?


Bozorg Marde Cinema

by Sleeps2 (not verified) on

Ya know, its interesting, after the revolution many actors were allowed to pursue their careers, not to same extent, not immediately, and with many many many restrictions but surely it happened. I didn't follow many of their careers, but Iraj Ghaderi directed and played in the movie Aquarium, and even Saied Raad (who I've heard had his son killed by the Islamo's) continued his career in cinema eventually.

Many fled Iran and had no place to back to like Beyk, Morteza Aghili and many more

2 prominent names remained in Iran and were never given the right to perform their art, Fardin and Naser Malekmooti. To me, it seems like the IRI wanted to hide their faces and presence from the public, partially because they are so admired that people may have listened to what they had to say, and because they represented a better Iran and lifestyle through their work.

And as for Behrouz saying we are Mordeh Parast, yes Iranians normally are Mordeh Parast, but people always remembered Fardin, just not you.

Interesting, only after his death did the Islamic Republic allow his pictures/posters to be sold legally.



by martin (not verified) on

I also agree with Behrouz, although we had many talented actors and actress before the revolution, i.e. Fardin, Parviz Sayaad, Forouzan, Imanverdi, Malak Motiee, etc., but the quality of the type of movies they made lacked substance. The Iranian movie industry has definitely flourished and improved over the past 20 years but we are not using our talented artists to their fullest potential due to currently harsh religious and political climate in Iran.

Fardin, may he rest in peace.


He was loved by an Iranian Arab kid

by Ayoobi (not verified) on

In late 60's when I was in high school, there was an Iranian Arab boy that he would literary attacked you by squirting the ink from his "Senator" pen if you would have said anything insulting to Fardin. He had this solemn expression on his face and wouldn’t hesitate to chase in the school’s court yard to give you a dose of his nasty ink on your new shirt. Gee that was 40 years ago.


wonderful actor

by Hello hello (not verified) on

One of my favorite films is with Fardin, and it is sad that many of our talented actors have not been able to fully exemplify their gift in front of the camera in post-revolution movies. The quality of the films just isn't the same, and Fardin, along with many of our other great actors and actresses, will be remembered more for their pre-revolutionary films.


I have nothing against

by behrouz (not verified) on

I have nothing against Fardin and actually respect him as an artist although never liked his movies. I remember back in 60's and 70's many used to critisize those types of movies as "abgooshti", with no substance, dubbed even in Farsi, with a "band-tombooni" type of music often sung by someone else (e.g., Iraj) instead of the actor. But those were the kind of movies that the average ("kooche-bazari") people (now turned Hezbollahis) liked the most, not definitely people in the class of Darius Kadivar.
It is interesting that we Iranians are so "mordeh parast". If Fardin was still alive, nobody probably even remembered him. And to Anonymous (with many 2's), the Iranian film industry and many talents have actually flourished after the "ugly" revolution. That's why we see a lot of Iranian movies winning or getting nominated in major international film festivals even in the Oscars Academy Awards nowadays. If you don't believe me, ask Darius who is an expert in this field.
Anyway, God bless Fardin's soul!


Good actor

by Abarmard on

I think he, like many other actors at that time period was great but very under used. Most of the Iranian movies were just horrible, pure and simple.


We all loved him!

by Milan (not verified) on

Growing up in the 70's, we kids just adored Fardin and Beyk. I suppose, now looking back, I can see how Fardin through his art created a new image of masculinity that our fathers lacked for the most part. His character afforded much more respect, sensitivity, and innocence (relatively speaking)toward the female characters and toward life.

Darius Kadivar

One of the Greatest !

by Darius Kadivar on

Certainly one of the Greatest Iranian Legendary Stars. He won't be forgotten.




Rooohesh Shaaad..........

by Anonymous222222222 (not verified) on

Wow, that was sooo emotional and heartfelt. This is another example of how the revolution ruined lives and futures of our soo many talented people. People like Fardin, Sayyad and many others who had soo much potential but this ugly revolution took it away.