How time flies

Family video

How time flies
by Siamack

Christmas is my time to reminisce about the past and look forward to to next year (a little like psyching myself up). I usually look through old pictures and clips to get a sense of accomplishment and time lapsed. One clip stopped me in my tracks. It was made when my twins were 3 months old... they are 4 years old now! An often repeated phrase is, ‘How time flies!’. But step into my shoes and the clip will feel like it was filmed 2-3 days ago. That’s not flying, that’s teleporting. So here is that ‘twins’ film from Christmas 2003: The lesson is to spend more time looking forward to the new year so you don’t feel so old... We hope you have a wonderful time during your break and we wish you a fantastic new year. -- Siamack Salari


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Time indeed does fly!

by Zumba is it! (not verified) on

Siamack jaan,

Thanks for sharing an extra fun & precious video of your lovely family; must have watched it ten times already, never fails to produce a happy grin on my face!

And thanks for having taken us intimately into your life over the years. Jahanshah must be there now, devouring the long anticipated specialty of Zereshk Polo & Duck. I trust he is having an absolutely super time.

Keep these awesome videos coming!

Happy Holidays & a healthy, prosperous 2008.