Give diplomacy a chance

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Give diplomacy a chance
by admin

We, the undersigned, represent the views of a diverse grouping of Iranian expatriates in the United States, the UK and elsewhere in the West.  Some of us have vastly different views regarding the current government in Iran; we are individually members of many different political parties; we do not all agree on how best to reach stability in the Middle East.  But we all feel a connection with both our homes in the West and the finest core values of the societies in which we are living, and with the country of Iran and its cultural traditions, whether we came by these ties by birth, heritage or friendship.

Moreover, we are united in our firmly-held opinion that military confrontation will do nothing to solve the problems that exist between Iran and the West, but rather that such an approach would create a ghastly long-term dynamic in the region.  Assaults, invasion, bombing, cross-border raids or destabilizing acts on the part of any of the players in the situation will mean that the present troubles will be eclipsed by far more destruction and loss-of-life than we have seen to date in the region.

The way forward must be through serious and genuine dialogue.  The rhetoric of mutual demonization, reckless threats and brinksmanship must be left out of that dialogue.  Negotiations must be based on the recognition of the legitimate concerns of all parties for physical security, economic security (including energy security) and national sovereignty. 

Just as stability and recovery in Iraq will not be advanced by sectarian strife that is a proxy for wider conflicts, neither will advancement of civil society in Iran be furthered by outside intervention.  Whether done with sudden, overwhelming and devastating force, or in a gradual, step-by-step series of increasingly invasive actions, a military assault on Iran would have catastrophic and long-lasting impacts on the people of Iran and prospects for democracy there, on the security of its neighbors including Israel, on US armed forces in the region and on US national interest and global standing, and on relations between the Muslim world and the West – already at an historic nadir.

We urge the leaders of the U.S., the U.K. and Iran to set aside all pre-conditions and resume direct and open negotiations on all issues of dispute, to bring about a lowering of tensions, to create an opening for meaningful progress toward understanding, and to envision a Middle East in which all its residents can coexist and together address the common problems of violence, poverty, illness and environmental degradation. 

We urge the people of the US, the UK and all countries in the Middle East - all men and women of conscience and character -- to press their leadership to be responsible and statesmanlike during this time of great danger, for it is the children, the innocents and civil society that always ultimately pay the price of our failure to do so.

For singing this statement as an organization contact:






thank you for this, peace is the only way

by Asghar J. (not verified) on

we have to support peace and dialog. it is always better to jaw jaw than to war war.


Give diplomacy a chance

by Ali (not verified) on

The money from oil exports most of it seems to be going to The mullah's lobbyist groups in the West. These lobbyists have become very adapt in towing the Mullahs line and playing on the public opinion. No sir one and everyone should lobby hard for removal of the mullah aparthied regime in Iran, which can only come with hard action. Only hard action will get rid of the Ahmadinejads, Khatemi, Rafsanjanis and the million or so mullahs ruling Iran today. Get rid of the Mullah regime one way or the other. War or peace the Mullah should go and this should be the motto of one and every Iranian where ever he lives.


Diplomacy with this regime? U kidding.....

by Ashkan (not verified) on

SHAME on those who advocate Diplomacy with this regime. However any1 has the right to express themselves. Don't agree with diplomacy nor USA strike...taking arms aginst the regime from within the country is the answer. The minorities in Iran has already taken this matter in their own hands and god willing that day will come (Democracy for Iran, autonomy for Kurdistan)



by Midwesty on

I don't agree with flagging the posts. First of all that's going to be an opening to a wider venue where we end up shut up the voices that we don't like to hear. These voice are part of reality so live with it. However, voices that are that violent and hateful don't gather even dust leave alone changing minds. As a matter of fact these negative voice(s) help our peaceful cause even more. I am sure the loosers that are posting this have no logical point to present, no new ideas, no guts, no spines. Insulting others is all they can do and the more you show your sensitivity about this subject the more they push on it for their personal satisfaction. I read through all the comments and imagine the life of the guy writing these claptraps. I feel really sorry for them.


Bombing "just" the nuclear plants and Military bases

by Einollah (not verified) on

I agree with flagging posts. This is becoming a website where you can insult everyone and get away with it. Other people who can't do this on other websites, such as CNN, MSNBC, etc., will probably start coming here to just insult and laugh if for nothing else. Not to mention the farsi insults that no one understands on other websites, just here and for our "benefit". Hopefully JJ will not get overwhelmed and deletes them. It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it! right? The people who scream about "just" bombing a few sites are even less understanding than those who think ideas of intellectuals in posh parts of Tehran and diaspora are representative of all Iranians. They thought the same way for Iraqis. I've read that real estate is down significantly and expensive homes in rich parts of Baghdad can be bought very cheap now. Think real estate is bad in this country?! Think Iraq! Didn't US bomb the heck out of Iraq in Persian Gulf I? what happened there? in just a few years Iraqis added WMDs to their arsenal!! See how forgetful they are, over and over and over again? It's like playing chess with Forest Gump. They keep loosing their grip on Middle East and think by bombing more they get a stronger grip. They've bombed that place since 1990 now. It's not that you can't get rid of Iran's nuclear program by bombing, it's that the stability you're claiming to gain is even further reduced, just like Iraq. Middle East will turn into more turmoil and as a result the whole world become less stable and a more expesive place to live, if nothing else that these bunch understand.


All war lords and servants and beneficiaries

by IraniansAgainstIran!!!!!!!! (not verified) on

As the cynical George Carlin would put it: "Let's be a maniac attack Iran and Kill millions and destroy the country. the easiest way is few megaton Nukes (yea that'll do it!!!)....and then we can go back and collect the petroDOllars...Imagine only 0.5M Iranians returning to ruins and collecting $250M/day....the hec with all the innocent lives lost. I don't think they're real Iranians - they probably came from India or arab lands. The real Iranians are living outside the country especially in the LA-hood. I want everything for myself. The rest is just numbers like millins of ants!!!!! "

I wonder why Amir-Kabir, Farahani, and Mosaddegh were all elected by massive people's vote and later were brought down by the few thugs; In Mossaddegh's case, it only took $10k.

Have we learned from history?

Thet's vote for peace;


Hey Iran's illegitimate child

by LostIdentity+5thColumn+...... (not verified) on

Anyone who wishes for destruction ofIran and killings of 2M+ innocent deaths can only be maniac who has no compassion for humanity and Iran;

Peace within n' wihout;


It will be deleted soon,

by Q on

everyone please click "flag as offensive" on this a-hole warmonger who stinks like Ghool, and I bet it's the same guy. No one's life is that meaningless, so it's obvious who it is.


What a worthless loser you are. Too bad you wont' succeed.


Payback Time!

by Ridam too ruholah (not verified) on

I wish they bomb and nuke the arabo-shit islamists in Iran, and I don't care whether they're your relatives or not. They'll soon babaye arabe dayooseshoon miad jeloye chesheshoon.

Anolah and Ruholah and Tapalenejad are all the same.

Nuke em!


Farsi: A small correction

by Qumars (not verified) on

It's not the majority of this site or even the majority of the people in this page. It only appears that way because a small handful of known "dead-ender" Shahollhi's have nothing better to do with their worthless lives than to continue leaving messages under different fake names. It's been proven elsewhere on this site.


Why no other site?

by Farsi (not verified) on

اکثرشما با متن این مطلب و بسیاری از مطالب مشکوک این سایت مخالفند.
سئوال: چرا ایرانیان مقیم امریکا سایت اپوزیسیون ج.ا درست نمیکنند؟
چرا یک سایت نیست که بیانگر عقاید اکثریت شما باشد؟


How comes that Iranian com

by Iran's child (not verified) on

How comes that Iranian com sign with a bunch of mullahs' known lobbyist groups such a petition? Is Mr. Javid back to his old times when he was a pasdar and a progagndist for Mullahs' regime?

Are not all readers of this site drawn in a IRI's planned trap?


"Those who want war are 2

by Help stop more wars & murders (not verified) on

"Those who want war are 2 sides of the same coin". Exactly (and of course at the expense of others, as usual).


The fact that Israel wants

by Einollah (not verified) on

The fact that Israel wants US to attack Iran is nothing new. They wanted the same for Iraq. Has Iraq turned into a pro-American or Pro-Israeli country? We don't need Robert Zelnick or others to tell us this. Everyone knows it. We just don't want another war. BTW, looks like our farting friend has MKO dementia too. You see it's not just Neocons who want to have a war. It is also AlQaeda, MKO and other Islamic radicals who want to wage a war to have another base, just like Iraq. Those who want war are 2 sides of the same coin.


Goozidam behet Midwesty

by Goozidam beh rishet (not verified) on

Midwesty: "offsetting our hard working efforts for more than 30 years of progressive advancement towards democracy."

My Gooz! which lunatic asylum you moron have come from? 30 years of advancement towards demcoracy - where the hell you chosooneh learn such big words from or have they put it into your mouth together when you were sucking their dick? Mind you I agree with your last statement:"We die for our cause but not for yours." Listen, you die for any cause you like as long you die. Bazam Goozidam behet!


RE:Loverof Liberty

by Midwesty (not verified) on

"And Iranians aught to be willing to die for their cause" I have a problem with this statement. Not that I am a cocky Iranian who doesn't want to be told what to do and what not to do. What puzzles me the most is the way you look at things, black and white. I am not talking about you specifically I am talking about your school of thoughts, the necons’ mindset. Not to mention what your definition of “cause” is your limited view about that cause, seeing from your defective eyes. Again I am not talking about you. For this let’s see what the cause that Iranian should die for is, then see if Iranians has not died for the same cause throughout the history years after years. How dare you say we should die for our cause while you haven’t even bothered to look at our modern history. The most recent history was made at Bush’s speech of union putting us in an artificial axis resulting in offsetting our hard working efforts for more than 30 years of progressive advancement towards democracy. How dare you tell us to die for our cause. We die for our cause but not for yours.



by Bazam Goozidam behet Einollah (not verified) on

Einollah: dar shahr beh man pishnahaad shod keh az koone Ali gada bokhoram vali didam az koone ahmadinejad khordan khoshmaza tarah! Unlike you einollah kharaeh not only do I have relatives inside Iran but I have relatives inside the torture chambers of the IRI. You and your lot are eating from both toobreh and Akhor at the same time. The criminals and criminal supportewrs like you have filled up their pockets with the looted wealth of a nation and enjoy a comfortable life in the US and return to Iran to eat more of the molla bottom but this is not a luxury that we can afford. Hey, don't eat it all, leave some for Mashdi Hassan.


Iranian divide, intentionally or unintentionally, is condemned

by Mehran (not verified) on

Stop this bullshit in and out Iranian. Iran has affairs and every Iranian from everywhere is entitled to be concern. This Iranian divide, intentionally or unintentionally, is condemned and serves only those wicked ones playing with emotion of naïves and inexperienced.


Einollah, re Achmadinejad, Palestine, Holocaust

by Terentia (not verified) on

Robert Zelnick wrote an article here:


arguing, essentially, that by attacking Iran, Israel can solve its Palestinian problem and continue its planned total colonization of Palestine. Achmadinejad, of course, thinks that the way Israel is treating Palestinians is wrong. Much of the rest of the world thinks so as well. I have to agree with Achmadinejad on that point.

Sanctions the US is imposing on Iran, and threats it holds over the head of Iran, have less to do with helping the Iranian people achieve the representative government they desire and more, in fact everything to do with supporting Israel in establishing hegemony over the Middle East. If Iranians are angry that Iran spends so much money on Hezbollah, know that Americans are angry that so much of their money goes to Israel.

Smart Persians need to figure out a way to turn Zelnick's argument on its head. Insist that, just as George Bush claims, ALL people wish to be free: Persians wish to be free of tyrannical rule and desire self-determination; so do the Palestinian people. All people are entitled to self-determination. Zelnick is exactly wrong: the key to 'solving' Iran is by solving Palestine, and that means that Israel must cease its human rights abuses of the Palestinian people.

When you buy into the "Achmadinejad denied the holocaust" canard you play into the hands of the people who want to destroy Iran in order to promote their own agenda. Achmadinejad may be a Muslim but he's also an Iranian with an innate sense of fairness (okay, so charity begins at home -- Mahmoud needs a little work). I don't think the guy is a hero, but he would not be the target of such intense demonisation if he had not struck a vital chord in the zionist rationale for their continued oppression of the Palestinian people.


Iranians died for liberty in

by Einollah (not verified) on

Iranians died for liberty in 1979. That was just less than 30 years ago. They also died defending their country throughout the 80s. Meanwhile, they went from a strict and nononse Islamic rule, to liberties during the Khatami era and unfortunately fooled to vote for Ahmadinejad, like Americans voted for Bush. So we are down now and making an issue out of Ahmadinejad is nothing special. No one likes him anyway. Iranians are struggling daily for better lives. Remember the riots after gas rationing? they didn't allow reporters to report it, but it was there, struggling against oppression. How would Iran be portrayed if another reformist is elected in the next election? Of course like Khatami he is not going to change everything, but will not anatgonize the whole world, denying holocaust and homosexuals in Iran!


We iranians who are inside the country

by Daryush on

We Iranians who are inside the country don't need lessons
from high school minded of LA style punks. We do however welcome reasonable
suggestions. Generally speaking, we are much a head of our time and our
democracy is growing. Iran is a powerful country and nation, thanks to the
people INSIDE Iran and one cannot discredit the regime. I have said this
before. We must keep the goods that this regime offers and gradually fight to
change the parts we disagree on. But just reading comments on this page will
tell you that it is not easy to agree on issues. Therefore the Iranian regime
at this time is the best answer until we are certain about the changes that we
want. I live in Iran and can tell you for sure that things are not that bad
(Economically bad, but that's not all governments fault) actually most of the
things are good and people are happy. I am not talking about 5% population in
northern Tehran; I am talking about most of the population all over Iran. Those
who want a quick answer to the Iranian dilemma are punk LA boys who are the
worse of the both worlds (Iran and US), there is no quick answer, We have to
work hard, try and error our experiences to reach a solution. West has shown
that cannot provide us with an answer (From 100 years of experience with them)
but we Iranians will find our own. I am willing to die for Iran so what I say
comes from total dedication, unlike some punks here that their mouth still
smells like baby food and giving us recipe for freedom.



be as vocal against Islamic Mafia Republic of Iran

by name matters? (not verified) on

Be against war and be as vocal against Islamic Mafia Republic of Iran.

Being as vocal against Islamic Mafia Republic of Iran is missing in most anti war posts.



RE: RE: LoverOfLiberty

by LoverOfLiberty (not verified) on

History is filled with examples of why, at times, "the ends justify the means." And, whether the average Iranian trusts me or anyone else is meaningless since, instead, the average Iranian aught to trust him or herself.
In short, I believe that the average Iranian wants change to take place in their nation. They want freedom and democracy in their least much more so than they have today.
But, if you ask me, if they are willing to defend their nation solely in self-defense, even in the current political state that it is in, then they are no better than cannon fodder since they are simply defending the system that they despise rather than their ideals.
Again, as Mill once said, war is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. And Iranians aught to be willing to die for their cause, if they truly wish to be free, rather than die simply defending themselves.


War and Peace or War or Peace?

by Einollah (not verified) on

Of course if someone attacks your country, you wage war to defend your country and get peace. Iranian and American people have already decided they don't want war. Americans especially. Forget about pre-emptive strike doctrine. Aren't you following the news? (not Fox news :-) American people want to get out of Iraq. How are you equating that to start a fresh new war with Iran? Weren't we told that Iraqi oil will pay for the war and even reimburse us? Gas will be cheaper and bunch of other nonsense? A war with Iran will not affect just Iranians and Americans, it'll affect the whole world with rising prices on everything, just like the Iraq war did. Economic sanctions like the sanctions imposed on Apartheid may work, but in the end it won't bring us democracy. People in Iran have to find their own way. There is no other way.


RE: LoverofLiberty

by Midwesty (not verified) on

I was censored once replying to someone in this article and I hope this time they let me speak.


Stuart Mill was a utilitarianism philosopher from 19th century. In the simple word he was looking at everything as a tool. Even simpler, he believed “the ends justify the means”. If in this modern world you believe the end justify the means you won’t have any friend because your ethical work frame is so wobbly that no one dares to trust you on anything. On the same basis who is going to define what the liberty is? The end of course, but you haven’t seen the end yet. What you portray as an end is your imagination, your wish list, you Iraq before 2003. But this is not the question, since you are a self-proclaimed definer of liberty how Iranians should trust you should you decide to adjust your means based on the new end results?

Jahanshah Rashidian

No Attack, No Sanctions, Political Isolation!

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Despite of increasing poverty, unemployment and inflation in Iran, the IRI has a high budget for its vast networks abroad to neutralise opposition activities. Besides foundations like Alavi Foundation in NY, Imam Foundation in LA, Muslim Student Associations, Mosques, Twaheed centres…, the IRI has also lobbyist groups and individuals who oppose economic sanctions or military attack on Iran without caring about the fate of 70 millions Iranians who are the de facto war prisoners of The IRI.

A fair opposition would firstly condemn the IRI which has occupied and destroyed our country, and then would propose appropriate international assistance to get rid of the occupiers.

A democratic and secular opposition would rise campaign for the following requisitions:

The IRI must be internationally isolated, all diplomatic, culrural, and sport contacts with it must be internationally suspended.

All foreign accounts of IRI’s officials must be frozen.

Their mafia activities in the Persian Gulf and around Iran must be internationally under controlled. International mandates must be issued against IRI’s officials for their crimes against humanity. So, there are many other sanctions that can be proposed on IRI’s officials, but neither military nor economic sanctions must be accepted.

The UN and the Council of Europe should be demanded to approve resolutions putting the IRI and the political Islam on an equal status of fascist, racist, and criminal organisation.

Such resolutions are not either beyond the legal competency of these organisations nor the judicial facts. This is an active contribution to elaborating a charter of principles for an IRI’s isolation.

In the meanwhile, such an Iranian democratic movement would try to avoid any military and blind economic sanctions on Iran.  



War...or Democracy? It's time for the Iranians to decide.

by LoverOfLiberty (not verified) on

“But war, in a good cause, is not the greatest evil which a nation can suffer. War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing worth a war, is worse. When a people are used as mere human instruments for firing cannon or thrusting bayonets, in the service and for the selfish purposes of a master, such war degrades a people. A war to protect other human beings against tyrannical injustice – a war to give victory to their own ideas of right and good, and which is their own war, carried on for an honest purpose by their free choice – is often the means of their regeneration. A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. As long as justice and injustice have not terminated their ever-renewing fight for ascendancy in the affairs of mankind, human beings must be willing, when need is, to do battle for the one against the other.” - John Stuart Mill (Written about the American Civil War.)

So, the question is, I think, "Will average Iranians in and outside Iran be willing to go to war with the Iranian regime in an effort to remove tyranny and injustice from their nation?"

Or, "Will that task be left to better men and women than themselves?"

(The truth is, I believe, that this discussion wouldn't be taking place if Iran's government was truly representative of its people and lived up to the ideals of her people. And, the real issue the West has with Iran is much greater than the discussion surrounding Iran's nuclear program.)


The leader of Iran is

by Einollah (not verified) on

the Iranian people. They'll find their way and their Leader(s) again as time goes by. They have done it before and will do it again. It may not happen in our life time, but it will happen. Many of us are so impatient that we forget that it's been only 30 years. Regime change would have sounded better if Iraq wasn't such a disaster and a catastrophe waiting to happen next. This guy who needs an operation to help him stop farting all the time, probably doesn't have anyone in Iran or anyone who he cares about. He wouldn't care if millions die. See how 'touchy' he is?! So we just have to say F**k 'em, to him and all like him. Anything more is just inappropriate.


Is there leadership waiting in the wings

by Terentia (not verified) on


Is there a leader or leadership waiting in the wings who is not Muslim and who is not Pahlavi?

I'm not Iranian, I'm an American of Italian ancestry; my passion for the Iranian people developed from 2 Iranians who became my friends in Virginia. Since meeting them I have worked very hard to learn about Persia, Zoroaster, Persian art, architecture, history, & culture. I wish I could live in the undoubtedly romanticized place that is Persia in my mind.

The Iranian situation is complex; unfortunately or even tragically, the American people are somewhere between simplistic and stupid. Most Americans think they know all they need to know about Iran when they can say, "Iran is Shiite."

I've heard & read Trita Parsi & Ray Takeyh speak about Iran, and I'm encouraged that there is an intellectual nucleus forming to advocate for what Iranians really want. As I understand it, what Iranians really want is to solve their own problems.

The impressions I have about the American people I get from listening to C-Span and reading blogs from several different points of view -- dailykos as well as free republic, for example. If I were to make a gross generalization, I would say that the American category that understands Iran best is America's black people (I am not Black). Blacks also view Iran with less jingoism and more "critical compassion"--hard-headed reasoning combined with an understanding that every human being requires autonomy, self-determination.

The American right, driven by neoconservatives, some of whom are allied with Pahlavi, have an agenda in mind for Iran; the theory is spelled out in Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism." Read about it, read it. Persians should understand the millenia-old basis of Friedman's and the neoconservatives' thinking inasmuch as Jewish concepts of despair and reconstruction were first thought out and written in Hebrew scripture during the Babylonian exile, then the return to Jerusalem as a Persian colony.

You Persians have got to out-think the people who are planning your destiny for you. Reassert your historic legacy; remind Christians everywhere that Zoroaster contributed as much, if not more, to Christianity than did any other single cultural tradition.

pendar-e neek goftar-e neek kerdar-e neek

Write books, pool your money and create think tanks -- I am funding an Iranian think-tank to try to educate the American people on the depth of Persian culture. I'm not doing a very good job because I am just one person and I have a lot of learning to do before I can be effective. Help me out!



Person by the name of Yes,

by abc (not verified) on

Person by the name of Yes, you crack me up. Two points, what's keeping you from going back to Iran and to start your revolution? you want others to be in harm's way and for you to sit very comfortably far away and be a Monday morning quaterback, don't wait, go back today. On another subject, you said that Reza Pahlavi "he's not interested in money", LOL!!! (I look forward to reading your commentaries, hilarious!). To those who want and keep on trying others to overthrow the mullahs and to start a revolution, why don't you yourselves go back and do something about it? you're hypocrites, or foreigners (definitely one of the two).