Topol Khanum

11-Mar-2012 (15 comments)

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اوج ابتذال فرهنگی‌!


Coulden't they afford Auto-Tune?! The vocal are so annoyingly off-key!

Anahid Hojjati

Credits noted; story and directed by Shahnaz Tehrani

by Anahid Hojjati on

lyrics by "arsalan sarfaraz". at first, i was almost horrified because i thouight i read lyrics by "ardalan sarfaraz". fortunately, it was by arsalan not ardalan. however, it was a playful song, i am just glad ardalan did not write its lyrics.


It is sad to see that 40 years after debut

by JavoonDeerooz on

of Khanoom Samantha and Leylaye Samad by Shahnaz Tehrani, some of us still have the same frame of mind. By the way , in case you did not notice, she is the director of this piece. 


بکوب مشتو رو


بکوب مشتو رو پیاز که آبگوشت یخ کرد!



lahaf o doshak for skinny iranian guys hahahahahah

by Yana on

shad zee



One word: Revolutionary!

by Disenchanted on

This 5 minutes video broke all the taboos, brought down all the traditional social barriers, Shook the IRI foundation and emancipated all the women fat or skinny! It also put to shame all the crap made to day by all Persian and foreign "artists" in the category of "shamelessness"! Nominated for "most nausiating" video award 2012! ;-) Ladies & genlemen, fasten your belts. WE ARE GOING DOWN!



by azadi5 on

is this afghani?

Do Not Shoot Me

She is cute.

by Do Not Shoot Me on

She is cute.  

Sheila K

she's sexy!! deletoon besoozeh

by Sheila K on

not that saying Topol is bad at fact this video makes it a sexy complement...but would be good to make a video about Topol Agha...oh but wait! he's singing it himself.


استعداد چاقی داره!



وای حشمت

مردم از کرشمه ت!



by پندارنیک on



جهانشاه ما انگلیسی‌ نبشت

تو گوئی شکسپیرست و برتولت برشت

قلم از چپ بر صحیفه میتپاند

تا تو خوانی، هر آنچه او نوشت

تا که روزی آمد به باغ

چن تا نقطه..راست کرد، کینَست بهشت



Oon Yaroo

Topol Khanum remindes me of Suzanne circa 80's who got...

by Oon Yaroo on

acquainted to a bunch of classmates in one of local Discos around Boston.

She was at least 300-350 lbs! :-)

Without getting into the nitty gritty details of the encounter, two of the guys had to use a long weightlifting belt to hold her tummy up for the other guys to be able to discover various compartments....!?:-)))))))

Since then, we [the guys] refer to that incident as "Suzanne tesmehee*!"

I wish I had taken a picture of the incident! :-)))))

* One of the guys was from Shiraz and according to him, in Shiraz they refer to "belt" (kamarband)  as "tesmeh!?"


Inspired by JJ's comment

by anglophile on

چنین گفت فردوسی پاکزاد

تپل را خداوند آسان بزاد

بدادش ز هر سؤ یکی‌ لنبره

فرو کردش اندر تغار کره

بدادش ز سینه دو گوی درشت

دو قنبل همو ماه گردون به پشت 

تهمتن نگه کرد در سالاره کون 

خروشید و غرید: آخ جوووون! آخ جوووون!


جوووون! :)


I'm still laughing at JJ's most sincere and unconditional kudos to the beautiful lady for her admirable self-confidence, her natural look, her unbleached hair..............her "irooni pasand" figure...........and I am still laughing..........

btw, the opening scene of the video comment on the song and singer..........

Jahanshah Javid

بقول فردوسی سخنسرای نامی ایران:

Jahanshah Javid

جوووون! :)