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Akh akh

by HHH on

Waiii keh cheghadr loosam man

Aiii keh cheghadr loosam man

Akh keh ma hich talent nadarim

Waii keh LAX ro kaashki mibastan


worst thing i have seen in a

by prah001 on

worst thing i have seen in a long time... very shallow and stupid song!

Anahid Hojjati

Good figure and nice shoes

by Anahid Hojjati on

The way Persian and English words are mixed together is disturbing.

Mash Ghasem

Paykar jan, it gets worse!

by Mash Ghasem on

Imagine this:  on a weekend a few months back IC had Mahmod Dolat Abadi discussing his new novel. This gem got only 6 reads, same time Jamileh's rumor of death and her reply about 7000.  It could almost make you cry, if you take it too seriously.  That 'episode' kind of showed me what's the dominant  type of audience in here, cheers


P.S. Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush are two of may all time favourites. Gabriel's done a lot on World Music, and that's what we need to hear more of, perhaps.


seriously WTF? Sharareh

by alx1711 on

seriously WTF?

Sharareh BTW your boy-friend needs a hair cut and a shave :)


My @#$@ God

by Paykar on

This is the prime reason I have rejected my wife's repeated attempts to convince me to move L.A.

The expletive  was actually uttered loudly at 1.43 Am after stomaching this piece of shit for only 12 seconds. This @#$% gets front page and my beloved, world class, and avant-garde Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush get under 60 views; go &^%* figure.



by R2-D2 on

Shame on you ;) - Who put you up to featuring this abominable video, of all places, at the very top of the First page :) !!!!!

I mean ..... Really :) !




Cheghadar Charand....

by opinionpost on

Ma az susan roshan irad migereftim...ino bebin...

hajj khnom


by hajj khnom on

I am sure your wife meant what she said but Americans are politically correct. They think, is rude to let you know their true feeling. The problem is one night you come home and your spouse says I want divorce!!


Another sign of apocalypse! :-)

by Disenchanted on


      Someone said the end of the world is near!

      ....and the dude....whoa :-)

      I have to admit I am a bit surprise, pleasantly though, from the reactions on this site. Many times in the past, I have seen people admire junk as art!

       Well, we all had a bit fun...

Nazanin karvar


by Nazanin karvar on

در طول روز به آهنگ‌های جز زیادی گوش میدم که هرچند از تمام‌شون خوشم میاد ولی جرعت به آشتراک قرار دادنشون رو در اینجا ندارم 

و بجاش سعی میکنم که هر بار از روی کتاب‌های راه‌نمای و ... اسم و یا آهنگی رو انتخاب کنم، بعد از گوگل کردن و در ایتونز و امازون و چند جای دیگه رو چک کردن با ترس ولرز در بلاگم قرار میدم و بعد اگر اهنگ و نوازنده و خواننده بسیار معروف بود ۵۰- ۶۰ نفر به جز علاقه نشون میدن؟! و اگر که به صورت ماورایی خوش‌شانس باشم می تونم از کامنتی که شراب سرخ جان گرامی شرمنده می‌کنند و برام می‌نویسند کلی درس و اطلاعات عالی بگیرم   

(که بسیار همین جا ازشون تشکر میکنم ) :)


و حالا من شراره جان، کلیپ من فقط در ایرانیان دات کام ۱۴۷۵ بیننده داشته و ۵ نفر هم از این طریق در فیس بوک شیر\شر کردنش!!!؟؟؟ 

۱۸ دونه کامنت هم داشتم که از آقایونی هست که یا همیشه ساز مخالف میزنند و یا به من علاقه دارن و با کمی تندی سعی در بهترتر شدن کار من دارن




این مزخرف را


برای دومین بار...توی همین صفحه اول میبینم 


Red Wine


by Red Wine on


ما معمولا وقت خود را حرام این چنین حراماتی نمی‌کنیم اما ...

از آقای آواکیان اصلا در انتظار نبود که این چنین آهنگی را سازنده باشند و ضعف از کار شهرام بسیار به چشم میزند.

ولی‌ خوب عوام را با چنین شش و هشت خوش باشد و ما بخیل نیستیم... خوش باوران را این چنین سطحی زندگی‌ باشد.

استاتیرا ی گرامی‌ ، ما خانم جمیله را در جوانی‌ دیده ایم،باور بفرمایید این خانم با ایشان هیچ شباهتی ندارند.


wow! ohh! ahh! uhh!

by Fatollah on

tomorrow I'll obtain a satellite TV and tune in all LA persian channels ... 'm exhilarated by the thought...


Where can I get the DVD of this Art video?

by ComraidsConcubine on

I love this. I'm serious, this is brilliant, it's definitive. Someone ought to do a socio/anthropological study on this.

To me this is the ultimate in Art with a capital A. The honesty in itself is worth a study. 


Disclaimer: the above post does not mean that you should send me a ticket over.  


She looks so much

by statira on

like a younger Jamileh.


Shahram Shabpareh

by P_T_B_A on

Words and music by Shahram Shabpareh.  Need I say more?


LOL @ JJ & Faramarz

by deev on

BTW this isn't new, 2-3 years old already
JJ you need an Iranian satellite dish to keep up bud!



by IIAF on

This realy SUCKS.... Cheap, shallow, self-centered, ....



by Shepesh on

If you listen to this without your hair standing on end you are either dead or bald.  :-Z


human rights violation

by ComraidsConcubine on

 this is the sort of human rights violation I adore. 

Thank you, LAX for being more mashang than me and I truly love, love diss sonk very very!  


You are all jealous!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Of driving a 99 camry instead of a Hummer, and being bald instead of sporting that long "native american " hair style, and picking up your irate wife with four screaming kids from the LAX instead of this mini skirt clad ready for you know What. Well, I am!

But seriously, This is not my cup of tea either and does not follow the lines of socialist realism in art! However I showed it last night to my wife and her friend (both americans, both avid fans of classical music) and they both thought it was quite funny and lightly entertaining. no negative comments, no desparaging  remarks about the singer. I liked that reaction....   

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

makes me hurl my lunch!

by on

what the Farsi equivelant of the word cheesey? this video makes me wonder if the word even exsist. YUK!



hajj khnom

Ha Ha Ha

by hajj khnom on

My lady, your fit LA well. You landed where you belong!!



Which one is it?

by ali_aaa on



سر پیری و معرکه گیری!



تا شدیم فیس تو فیس

بهم خورد حال و احوالم!



by jasonrobardas on

   It reminds me of this old film farsi, in which Fardin was singing a song that was a medley of English and Farsi words:

   I thank you very much       kamtar bekon mano mach

   Come in here please          Bia bishin roo miz

    PS; I suppose the name of that film was "Gedayan-e-Tehran".I hope someone will correct me if I am mistaken.




by yolanda on

I recognized Shaq, LAX, Mann's Chinese theater, and some English lyrics!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

What a fantastic disaster!