Ey mah e man

05-Jun-2010 (14 comments)

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Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Didn't know Ozbaks also sang in dastgah e esfehaan. Is this common? The drumming is different, which is the biggest twist from what we're used to in Iran. One of the best and most interesting music pieces I have viewed on IC. Many thanks GS!


The beauty of Persian....

by alborz on

... speaking Caucasians.  Thank you, GS.



She is great and bringing a lot of good memory back

by Bavafa on

Thanks GS for bringing this to us. Loved it.


Little Tweet

Very nice

by Little Tweet on

Very nice song done over so beautifully

Jahanshah Javid

Voice of an angel

by Jahanshah Javid on

So beautiful...

Wyatt Earp

The answer to "What happend to us"

by Wyatt Earp on

The answer was posted here by someone last year and I loved it so much that I decided to keep a copy.  Here it goes:

Iranian nation in millions is still (after 1400 long years ) mourning the death of few renegade criminal Arabs consist of : Ali, Hassan Hossein +8 more fake loser Imams and not to mention a total fraud and imaginary 12th and last Imam called Mahdi that is even more ridiculous and preposterous imitation and version of yet another imaginary man made character called Messhia in christianity!!!! The saddest part is that these 12 idolized characters by millions of Iranians today are not even accepted in the present backward Arab/Muslim's world!!!!  How low, stupid, Ignorant and sad can we be as a nation in this world and century today!!!! We look even worse than Arabs now!!! Nation, this is not a joke anymore!!! This is a shame on Iran! Shame on us Iranians to let this psychopath bastards rule Iran and Iranians!!! These criminals want to accelerate and welcome an apocalypse!!!! Total destruction of the world and masses on earth




mahmoud jan

by Fatollah on

we f*** up, that's what happened to us! kar kar ma bod na englisa, but we will rise to our true potential once again.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Mahmoudg Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

for thousand of years they were also a  part of the  Persian  empire.   What happened to us ??

Islam: We or at least the rulers of Iran became real and practicing Muslims.


here is a Muslim country who has

by mahmoudg on

so much repect for its women to allow them to sing and have their hair shown in public.  for thousand of years they were also a part of the Persian empire.  What happened to us??


lovely and amzing

by Fatollah on

made me feel good, thanks for the post GS.


Thank you

by benross on

One of my favorite songs performed beautifully in such heart warming circumstances. That made my day. Thank you.

maziar 58

Thank G S

by maziar 58 on


I salute the true Iranians every day.               Maziar

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

درود و آفرین بر این هنرمند زیبا و خوش صدا ...

مونا :)


which is better?

by MRX1 on

a closer assosiation with these former soviet republics who apparently stiill have a residual of Iraniuan culture left in them, or 7/24 obsession with palestine, lebonon and jews aka big nose zionists.just a thought.......