Heavy metal band from Mashad.

23-Feb-2010 (7 comments)

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what language is he singing in?

by azadi5 on

I can't understand a single word, is it english, persian? But they do sound good, if i played this for someone without telling them who they are, they would probably think this was some american band.


همه دست بزنید


آقا میشه مو یم با زنبورکم با شما موسیقی اجرو کنم.  قوچعلی هم می‌خواد برقصه.

Ari Siletz

When did they become Arsames?

by Ari Siletz on

A Mashad heavy metal band called ArthimotH was interviewed in Mashad(here). The logos are very similar, but not the same. In the interview the band leader, Ali Azhari, talks about a totally sound proof studio, 80 lash penalty and so forth. Two women are briefly seen (one dancing) at the end of the video and "Sex is natural," is mentioned. Scandinavian feel.

Nader Vanaki

مشهد شهر مقدس یک بار دیگر درخشید

Nader Vanaki

واقعآ که راه حق رو رفتن...ایول و مرحبا


Liked it

by divaneh on

Well done.


Hmmmmm, "not" bad....

by ThePope on

Honestly, they're 'not' bad. Thrash W/ a 'Death'[ish] vocal...
Pretty good musicians (strong bassist), but they could (should) be more original... 

Their logo in the back (on theDrums) looks like a rip off of the Thrash/ Death Metal band Arsis.
The singer's T-Shirt with their name on it (Arsames), also looks like a rip off of the Classic Death Metal band Obituary.
And what's with the act! The singer acts as if he's in a Harcore/Punk band..., the bassist thinks he's Tom Araya..., ...., etc...
As for their music goes, they should be much more original,,, they sound cliché,,, like nothing new...
But overall, 'not' bad.(impressive!)

They should come and see me in Tehran at my studio, Studio ArAr, we could do.... 

Here's the Best (most succesful) "Iranian" Metal (Thrash/Crossover, Hard-core/Punk) band (known as a joke band):
FIFH (Fearless Iranians From Hell)

PS  anyone has any idea what happened to their singer, Amir?!  ;-)


دم بر و بچه‌های همشهریم گرم،


اما خداییش باید اهل این نو موسیقی‌ باشی‌ تا بتونی‌ تحملش کنی‌.