Salame Akhar (for Neda)

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21-Jun-2009 (42 comments)

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by erreauk (not verified) on

we hate nagad more than you did withe million time soo keep withe that words to your self we dont hate any one in iran but we hate all the mulla and ther puppy najad ...




by iraqi on

I'm from iraq and I wass one of the millions who see the video of nada ...and i like to ask the god to mercy her soul ..and give her family the patience .before the last war on iraq najad and ali kamanaie wass spaek abaut how the iraqi old regem wass actink withe the shia and how is sadam is bad persom is and those shea of al al bait ...but now ther is another criminal and the moron kamanaie is more than happy to be silince abaut how is his criminals and yess i mean the pasije or what i like to call tham (women killer) is shooting on the 16 year unarm girl just because they want to kill some one protect ther islamic Revolution know what all those mulla can go to mars and speak abaut ther Revolution to the elians because if they dont respect the human live one need ther cheep words...  

And i like to say some thing to David ET on

we hate nagad more than you did withe million time soo keep withe that words to your self we dont hate any one in iran but we hate all the mulla and ther puppy najad ...


Jennifer. If Ahmadinejad

by cezare on

Jennifer. If Ahmadinejad was the anti-Christ then Christians would not be on earth. .."...that day shall not come except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed.. 2nd Thes 2:3 Besides, if Ahmadinejad is in the plan of God how can man stop him? Relax God is on the throne and He will be faithful to His Word. Go with Him, and He'll go with you.

in Him

your brother in the Lord



Ushering in the Imam

by Jennifer (not verified) on

Ahmadinejad will begin the end times in the coming months. Only then does he believe the Mahdi, the Imam, will appear to rule the earth.
He has moved warships in to key points in the last month. He will be starting an asymmetrical war which will bring mass casualties, death on a scale never before experienced by mankind.
He is the anti-Christ- pleasing to the eye, to the ear. His mouth speaks of mass annihilation and no one blinks. Next we will experience the smell, the raw stench of death around the world unless someone stops him and the Supreme Leader.
He must be stopped.
The supreme leader must be stopped.


Please !!!!

by Marco Fernandes (not verified) on

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for Neda ,for yourselves,for your sons and daughters PLEASE DO NOT STOP fighting,you have the whole world behind you and i only wish that i was fighting with yourselves,take this fascist regine out of power once and for all !!!!
NEda you will never be forgotten !!


Thanks Johnny

by wow (not verified) on

Thanks Johnny for this amzaing song for Neda.


She found peace in death

by Anonymous111 on

that she could not find on the streets of her own city. 

And to you Basiji animals and all your supporters on the streets and on the web:

What goes around comes around.  Your time will come too. 


Kachal Engelab

by Mosh bookorated Elahi (not verified) on


Inside the Bunker

Strong Wind blowing in relay summer...
Large and small trees
All bend and bow in music
And their branches full of green leaves
Move back and forth in an unease awakening in agitation
Some even break apart to descend
With the season of fall still way far in the background
The roots remain in standstill
Unshaken in the deep dark
Holding their ground
Without yielding to the wind
Even for a tiny bit compromise

ABol Hassan Danesh
Copyright ©2009 ABol Hassan Danesh


Great picture!

by Boboli (not verified) on

Look at this link that says more than tousand words.



check this picture

by hell with Ahmaghinejad! (not verified) on


The world must know that

by Mitra Khuzestani (not verified) on

The world must know that we will not rest till this SATANIC regime pays for the crimes committed on our brave sisters and brothers! IRI must be punished, we will not rest till they pay for the blood shed of NEDAS and NAVIDS.
Payandeh IRAN


US media compares Mullahs to Nazis

by futurist (not verified) on

Hey All,

The Mullahs are not Arabs. They are Nazis of the 21st Century according to Neo-Cons. Alex Jones did a documentary four monthes ago called Obama Deception. This summer we might have Martial Law like World War 2 in this country and he might have to resign as US President. The Neo-Cons are already attacking him. IRAN is not in a good situation. ISRAEL might strike sooner or later. Alex Jones did a new doc. called Color Revolution.


Navid K

She is a true Heroine

by Navid K on

I love Iran and Iranians


Long Live Iran 


"Doktor" McCue, may I ask...?

by Ostaad on

What does monitoring "email accounts" mean? Who is monitoring them? How do you GUARANTEE BluMail accounts are not monitored?

We have a saying in Farsi that says, "khar khodeti". Literal translation: "you're the donkey".  In plain English: You can't fool anyone.

That's all.


Saddam Hussein

by shirazie (not verified) on

They also loved Saddam Hussian while he was invading Iran..

The Arabs have strange ideas about the world.. They love strong mucho dictators


sign the petition

by Areyo Barzan (not verified) on

Ask for international arrest warrant on Khamene-e Ghaatel

Just go to the following link and sign the petition

As a patriot Iranian this is your national duty


Anonymous Observer

JJ Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I appreciate Gormeh Sabzi's effort to keep Neda's memory alive, and I support him / her in that effort.  However, can you please remove, or at least blur, the photo of her bloody face?  It's just that it's a little disrespectful to her memory to be seen like this in her final moments.  There is another video of her walking in the demonstrations that I saw on CNN.  perhaps a still of that should be posted, or even a still of her face before blood pours onto her face....  

God....what a bunch of can they do this to an innocent human being....

My heart goes out to her family...I wish there was something I could do...  


She is a symbol

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The Iranian girls and women for years (the coward idiot started it with his famous chef comment) Neda and Shirin Ebadi and ... show that the Iranian women can not be stereo typed. They are great and gorgeous at the same time. Go find one.


عزا عزاست

Ameerah (not verified)

عزا عزاست امروز-------روز عزاست امروز
حکومت اسلامی------ مسلم کش است امروز



by nilou70 (not verified) on

I have not stopped crying for neda and her beautiful face....You will live for ever.

Navid K


by Navid K on




by Anonyed (not verified) on

HOPE for the day that we take REVENGE for NEDA and ALL FALLEN YOUNG IRANIANS from this ARAB ISLAMO FASCIST REGIME in Iran...

Yadeshan geramy

The Prince

Her Killers could be these. Please circulate

by The Prince on


David ET, why are you surprised? arabs like hezbollah love him!

by gol-dust on

i have a few egyptian, palestinian, lebanese who love ahmadijead and they are surprised why we don't like him! This is not something new! I kinda of understand them, because i know they just look at him on the surface when he does good, but they don't see the dictator part.

David ET

Some Muslim Arabs want Ahmadinejad to kill all !

by David ET on

see how some muslim arabs love Ahamdinejad , want Neda to go to HELL and want all Iranian infidel protestors killed.

Read comments below the article


But they want support for Iraq, Palestine etc!

Hypocrites cheering to murder more Iranians and want sympathy too ! 

What they really want is more Iranian oil money to support their terrorism otherwise they never liked us for 1400 yearsbecause we didnt assimilate like others did thanks to Ferdowsi's , Babaks,...and Neda's 



Get off the Street...

by No Advice (not verified) on

Your comment is not just out of place and irrelevant but confused and assanine. 'Let someone bigger' meaning what? That you know or understand something the rest don't? Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.
No one asked you nor you seem to have any insight, intelligence or anything else to contribute. Go 'tend your life'.


I love Iran

by Ramin R (not verified) on

My heart is aching thinking about all the bloodshed in Iran. The thing that surprised me here is that finally I see people here on are united and are getting along with each other.


get off the street

by Hamsade (not verified) on

Those who choose, as Neda, will act any which way they can. Others will stay home and 'tend their lives'.
Yet, there is a third group like you that will not be happy with either choice and wishes to stop others from acting and speak for Neda. There are times when ignorance is not bliss. Doshmane dana beh az nadane doost.


Get off the streets. Do not

by cezare on

Get off the streets. Do not use this girl as the poster child of your revolution. Let her rest in peace. get back in your houses and tend to your lives or else this brutal regim will send you more coffins. Let someone bigger than you fight the tyrants.