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ZedBazi rappers' anti-war song



The eight year war should be a lesson for those who doubt

by lucifercus (not verified) on

The fact is: that war should be a lesson for american nation. americans have to stand up and make the table clear. I think this is the only solution for all nations. thausends american recruits and soldiars run away. mostly to canada. united states get them back to war-court. american soldiars and officers - I mean commanders - in Irak start to cry when they get in some difficulties. So did also the commander of SARRAKHS operation 1980 as the choppers and airplanes statrted to burne and escaping from the scenery was not so easy any more. he was a Vietnam "VETERAN". I read in times magazin: HE SAT DOWN ON THE GROUND AND CRIED: I read this passage again and again. Iranians operate only in defence and in the sake of God. They fight not for more money, not for more expensive alcoholics and not for a grats sex with some whore and not for a better sallary. Only for the sake of God and they want their reward only from God and that only if HE means he can be mercyfull and clement, also to these soldiares. I think neither america nor isreal nor any other country would ever dare to behave respectles against honorable Iranian nation. The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has no other choice unless to prepare for defence. Since 30 years stand strang creatures arround keeping barking and grunting against Iran and Iranians. It is better one is prepared. And Iranians - thanks God - are prepared. Every body can watch it on behalve of actual maneuvre.


اگر حمله به ايران آورد بوش

Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified)

after KHOMAINI EY EMAM, VATANAM and EY IRAN this is the best I have ever read in "IRANIAN". I had spontaneously and heartly to laugh. I have printed the poem. Greeting


Basiji hero? No those that

by kofri (not verified) on

Basiji hero? No those that they had to serve in army and didn't go to war to get the key to behesht are hero.



by Anoyed (not verified) on

Most of Iranians do not really like the Islamic government, but if any countries such as US or Israel should dare to attack Iran, all Iranians would be behind the Islamic government fighting the aggressor.

Let US and Israel keep all the options on the table...MAYBE the time has come for Israel to be WIPED OFF the map...


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If you watch Iranian Tvs from the Internet, please use Thanks!


Hamid jan

by Hajminator on


Bravo! very clever and easy to read. For those who think that war against Iran by a mozdoor would be salutary, Sa'di has also said:

بد انديش تست آن و خونخوار خلق

كه نفع تو جويد در آزار خلق


حميد ايزدي


This is really great. loved it. Thanks


اگر حمله به ايران آورد بوش

حميد ايزدي (not verified)

يه شعر از هادي خرسندي اينجا واجبه:

اگر حمله به ايران آورد بوش
نماند بهر او شاخ و دم و گوش

کند برگشت با شاخ شکسته
دمش در گچ، دو گوشش باند بسته

تو که بر حمله ي او بسته اي دل
گمانم هستي از يک نکته غافل

سيا هرگز به فکر نفع ما نيست
وگر باشد، دگر اسمش سيا نيست

عزيز من! سيا در طول تاريخ
کجا ديکتاتوري را کرده توبيخ؟

رژيمي گر که مال ملّيون است
ز اعمال سيائي سرنگون است

ولي وقتي که شد جبار و خونخوار
سيا شد آن حکومت را نگهدار

بنابر اين مپنداري که شايد
سي آي آ. بهر تسکينت بيايد

که تا وقتي که شير نفت بازست
سيا از اين حکومت سرفرازست!

وليکن گر نداري دانش و هوش
بمان باقي به عشق حمله ي بوش


يو ,

YoYo (not verified)

يو , يو......نميدونستم بچه آخوند رپر داررررريم ..... دشمن تو خونمونه ووووو اوضاع قمر در عقرب ووووو جونامونو ميگيرن آفتاااااابه گردنشون ميندازن, يو , يو بعدش هم چه حالي داره تماشاشون وقتي بالاي جرثقيققل , اون بالا دست پا ميزنند ووووووووم چوب بيسبال تو اونجاشون Ye Ye Ye دشمنهاي ما تو خونه ما رو اسير كردن و ايران رو كردن توالت عمومي اهم اهم اهم هر كي مياد يه تر تر تر ميزنه و ميره و ما هم ميگييم ماماماشاله ......دشمن تو خانه است بچه , تو خانه است



by Abarmard on

I agree. Iranians would not allow Iran to become anything like Iraq. The eight year war should be a lesson for those who doubt it. The basij, otherwise not too popular, similar to the last war, will become the center of producing heroes.