"The Wrestler"

"Latest in a long line of perceived insults and anti-Iranian prejudice suffered at the hands of Hollywood"

The Guardian: To its director, cast and seasoned critics, it is a tale of sporting redemption redolent of the Rocky Balboa character played by Sylvester Stallone - an ageing wrestler down on his luck staging an against-the-odds comeback for one last stirring victory. But for Iran's notoriously touchy media, it is the latest in a long line of perceived insults and anti-Iranian prejudice suffered at the hands of Hollywood. The new target in Iran's long-running grievance about its negative portrayal in popular western cinema is, "The Wrestler", a film directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Mickey Rourke, due for release in the US on December 17>>>



You guys deduced all that

by desi on

You guys deduced all that from watching the fuzzy 2 second clip that barely showed the front of that guys loin cloth/banana hammock.  You folks are good.  And a history lesson to boot:)  Begzareem, why does Mickey Rourke look like dog the bounty hunter?  Darius is right.  I know 9 1/2 weeks was 20 years ago but the amount of botox injected in to his face is criminal.


Have to see full movie and research director, screenwriter, etc

by Niki on

It is hard to tell anything from this trailer. Of course I wouldnt be surprised if this turns out to contribute yet another piece of subtle (or not so subtle) piece of propaganda against Iran, but I think we have to wait until the film is out and we've had a chance to research its making before making final judgement on it.

Darius Kadivar

He looked better in 9 Weeks 1/2 ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Gee what a downslide ...

What happened to his good looks ?


I don't think any of his films since has made any impact. He looks more like a tortured soul today ...


Anit IRI not Anti Iranian people

by Bache Bahal (not verified) on

When Government of IRI goes against the entire world, it is deemed to be ridiculed and put down. Lets separate IRI form Iran and Irani. IRI does not represent Iran. So lets not fall in to their hands in this hoopla the want to create so that they can claim they have the support of the people of Iran.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Justice with the oscar nomination - this film failed

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

It did not get a nomination, while many were expecting it to. There ya gooo.



by SALTY on

This was how Iron Shiek or Hossain Khosro Ali Vaziri would start his matches. He and his  his partner Nikolai Volkoff won the double team championship. But he lost the singles title to Hulk Hogan. This is just a movie people. And it looks like a good one for that. Dont be fooled by the Islamic government bull. Since when they care anything about Iran, Iranian interests and pride?


This movie touches my heart!!!

by wow (not verified) on

A racist group of hollywood hollow profiteers producing content to coordinate with task masters desperately trying to guard their hold on the gates of another coast.

The irony here is that they've chosen a "so called sport" that's as artificial as their propeganda.


don't get a heart attack

by Moha (not verified) on

He couldn't even speak Farsi, if you are so adamant that he did possess a great command in the language why couldn't he even deliver a 15 minute speech at Friday prayer or his house Jamaran without any grammatical error.

The guy couldn't even talk.

Second, the people who showed up at Khomeini's funeral were mostly military, basiji and pasdaran. In addition any public servant and school kids.

In Iran you have to attend rallies organized by the government else you don't qualify for the monthly or daily rations set by government for the public, military and any governmnet official.

Your birth certificate must have the stamp by the governmnet officials on so you get coupon for the next ration.

I don't make it up I still have my birth certificate to prove it.

So not only me any historian will argue that IRI is a fake regime and anti Iranian.


..The flag in the film was

by moha (not verified) on

..The flag in the film was the IR.Iranian flag, it's still the Iranian flag. And the whole point of this sort of stuff is to prepare us for attack on Iran, which would be outrageous regardless of who is in charge in Tehran.

Khomeini not an Iranian? I hate to use peoples argument against them but...thats just and ignorant comment. Weak command of Persian ayy? his books, poems and speeches would all beg to differ.

Khomeini's flag?? More Iranians turned up to Khomeini's funeral than The shah's funeral; a few million times more. By the way the previous flag had Islamic roots too.


Please read and educate yourself

by antiIRI (not verified) on

First of all that is not a symbol of Allah on the flag, and it has been argued by many of study symbols and flags.

If you know the history of Khomeini, he was born in khomein Iran (his father was a senior cleric Mousavi, who was killed by Savak) but grew up in the sate of Punjab, India.

That symbol is the Sikh Symbol and their identity of state of punjab.


Khomeini was raise amongst the Sikh, he adopted many of their culture and tradition. If anyone who has studied Khomeini knows he had a very weak command of Farsi language.

Khomeini was never an Iranian or raised in Iran.

He was trained, educated by the french and British to one day be used against Iran and Iranian people.

Please educate and read instead of feeding yourself from others and just write rubbish.

Understand how IRI system and its judiciary work and how they came to power. Educate yourself who was Khomeini where was he born and raised?


Read this book:

The Political System of the Islamic Republic of Iran/M. Mahmood. Delhi, Kalpaz Pub., 2006, 264 p., ISBN 81-7835-520-5.

IRI is the most anti-Iranian government ever ruled Iran.

Even the mongols and the Greeks respected our culture and tradition.

Only Arabs burnt down every Persian Education center and libraries.

This regime is much more close to Arabs philosophy and culture/tradition than Iranian culture/tradition.


haha, feed them

by share Farang (not verified) on

iranians should feel very good about themselves since they are feeding the starving HWood actors/directors...hence...bad..bad economy! It is all about business if they make money out of your national origin or your looks then you/we are the instruments.
It is the new business technique Open Source Business. where Source can be anything! hah

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

It's not just IRI. Iranians are ridiculed all the time by Hwood

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Tell me a positive depiction of an Iranian in Hollywood please. I've even seen Andy Samberg, on Letterman, reference "gay Iranian ravers" to talk about how he looked in a commercial for Honda. Iranians are just rag dolls in Hollywood. Face it. Ayatollah or not. 



by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

The story of the hard working patriotic American, that is a loving father and a loyal partner that loves his country, but feels so all alone.. Now add some sad cheezy concert music, some ugly make up on mickey Rourkes pig face, and you have a nice arrow to pierce Iran with.

I dont give a #### about it being an Allah or a Shir Khorshid. You think Americans stop and think politically correct as you people? The above is a warm piece of crap tossed at the whole of Iran, including YOU.

But let me add, we Iranians burn American flags in Iran each time we have a kebab throw in, which is equally disturbing.

This idiocy should stop on both sides, really.


Nothing to worry about!

by Anonymous9999 (not verified) on

He thrashes a flag with that vulture Allah written on it. That is not the Iranian flag that is Khomeini's flag.
I wouldn't worry about loss of dignity when thinking this enemy and that enemy is spreading propaganda against us when our real enemy are the Mullahs. Worry about the bastard inheritors of a paedophilic bandit, a genocidal maniac, destroyer of the innocent, repressor of women who turned a crazy cult religion that despises humanity into a religion who are ruling in the name of a barbaric God and its culture and have done so for 1400 years.


Just take a look at the names at the end of the preview......

by poorzad (not verified) on

These days any moment is used in the movies to demonize our culture.

I guess whether you want it or not when there is a bashing in the movies against Iran, it is against the nation (including Government). All Iraninans pay for it one way or the other. In this case, Shahparasts, cummies, mojaheds, IRI, kharej-neshins and all are victimized.


BS Complaints by IRI

by Anonymous888 (not verified) on

This is all BS! Do you remember the Iron Shiek? This is about wrestling foe heavens sake. This is the same country ruled by dirty akhoonds that organizes holocaust denial conferences inviting the likes of David Duke.


If you know who run Hollywood!

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

If you know who runs Hollywood you know who makes theses movies and what is the reason for making these movies.Even when Arab countries were selling dirt cheap oil to USA,Hollywood was making anti Arab movies and calling them rag heads.Do not bite the hand that feeds you oil.