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Everywoman - Stories from Iran

Aljazeera's Everywoman looks back over our coverage of women in Iran. We meet three of Iran's most successful female authors, and the Iranian female football team showing off its skills.




by Amir R (not verified) on

I am absolutly proud of Iranian women! They are so great. I wish Iranian men could learn from their sisters, daughtera and moms.
Ferdousi's Shahnameh is full of these women.


fucken aljazera arabs have

by Anonymous666666666666666666666666 (not verified) on

fucken aljazera arabs have no right to talk about oppression of women in iran.


Reply: Mind versus Crap

by Unregistered chicken (not verified) on

Please please get real! For god's sake this documentary focuses on 3 successful Iranian female authors. So what? This doesn't mean that all woman in Iran are successful! Go to small cities in Iran & it's there were you will see what the majority of women in Iran are like!!! It's silly to compare these authors with "Iranian 'ladies' that live in Vancouver". To make the comparison fair please compare Iranian ladies living in Vancouver with the 'majority' of Iranians women living in Iran!

It gets on my nerves when some Iranian men talk about women's freedom in Iran. You haven't even experienced what it means to be a woman in Iran or have you?? So Please please don't condemn what Iranian women are doing aboard!


Mind versus Crap

by Kamangir on

I very much liked and enjoyed the first part of the documentary. Very interesting words were said and what really called my attention was the point one of the writters made: That the real-censorship was the self-imposed cultural-social one, not the one 'Ersashd' or the 'government' imposes. We can apply that to every single aspect of our social ills. In other words, this was another confirmation of 'Az mast ke bar mast'.  Another point I'd like (I need) to make is that all three writters in the documentary make me proud as an Iranian, when I compare them to the vast majority of Iranian 'ladies' that live here in Vancouver, I'm ashamed of myslef for belonging to a community so full of empty minded, every week concert goers, the 'shootoole malangi' white-wanna be type that forget their farsi as soon as they get off the plane. Do you see the diference? A bunch of jackasses whose only art is to show off their Mercedes and BMWs, along other attributes, concert from concert, whose main concern is that you actually see their fashionable tatoo (in their mid 30s and 40s) Yes! I know, it's a free country, it;s none of my concern, but it just makes you wonder, is this why they left everything behind? I do not and cannot hold the IRI responsible for this, mainly because as we saw in the documentary there're many Iranian ladies in Iran that make us all proud, ladies that have only seen the IRI.





by sarve (not verified) on

1-father and his wife( mom)
2- husband and his mom
3- son and his wife
must obay of this 3 , generations
leave next your grave ,


Long live Iranian women

by Majid on

More power to our mothers, sisters, and our WOMEN, period !

They can put your head and your body under "chaador", but they can NOT ! and I mean they        CAN NOT           oppress your free spirit and your soul!

BEDERAKHSHEED Iranian women! and SHOW the whole world who you are, against all odds.Don't ever give up.

Long live my hamvatans.


This is a good one for those

by XerXes (not verified) on

This is a good show for those who think it's all IRI that keeps women and society back. While the families and society is traditional and needs to grow too. Please keep this video for a while so more Iranians can see it


We must remember

by Abarmard on

The progression of women in the economical field has translated to many political advances, but not enough. Also the dress code has been a big issue for the women who live in a more relaxed and modern part of the country.

We must realize that Iran is in a transitional state. If you would like to day dream about the glorious Persia be my guest but the realities of today Iran is a complex one. I have no doubt that women along with men will reach the level that is fit to be called Iranian.


if you don't

by MRX1 (not verified) on

consider what is going in Iran an oppression of women, well there is some thing wrong with you! just to feel what women go though, just put a chadoor, burka, rupush what ever and start walking in 100 degree weather and see how you like it!

Darius Kadivar

See Part II with Shappi Khorsandi

by Darius Kadivar on


How Dare?

by Sibil (not verified) on

Some people claim that women in Iran are oppressed. I don't by that. Look what women are accomplishing and doing in Iran today. I believe our people, men and women are far more sophisticated to accept any mistreatment. Compare to the females in neighboring countries and farther more, our women are more advanced in any field including behavior, judgment, relationship and etc. Please don't try to portray our females in a way to provide feeding frenzy for the true enemies in outside. Don't feed their hidden agendas. Just look at this video and judge fairly. Payandeh baad Iran e aziz.