Women act against repression

Amnesty International report

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: The Iranian authorities should cease their harassment of women human rights defenders and take urgent steps to dismantle the discriminatory legislation they are seeking to change, Amnesty International said in a report published today >>>FUL TEXT

Video below on One Million Signatures Campaign:

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: The Iranian authorities should cease their harassment of women human rights defenders and take urgent steps to dismantle the discriminatory legislation they are seeking to change, Amnesty International said in a report published today: "Iran: Women's rights defenders defy repression" (PDF)

"Instead of using its powers to repress and intimidate those who protest and demand their rights, Iran's government should address longstanding legal and other discrimination against women, who make up half of the country’s population," said Malcolm Smart, director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International. "They must release imprisoned women’s rights defenders and stop detaining and harassing those peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly."

Amnesty International’s new report comes as Ronak Safarzadeh and Hana Abdi - two Kurdish Iranian activists - continue to be detained without charge or trial, or even access to a lawyer. They were arrested in October and November 2007 for peacefully exercising their rights.

The organisation also published details of 12 women's rights activists, 11 women and one man, who are currently being detained or are otherwise facing persecution because of their peaceful efforts to lobby for legislative change >>>FUL TEXT

Amnesty International has called on the government of Iran must take urgent steps to:

* dismantle discriminatory legislation
* release imprisoned women’s rights defenders and stop detaining and harassing those peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly.


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by Ayatoilet (not verified) on

David ET, thanks for quoting Shah's Fallaci interview. You see the man was indeed right about everything, OK let's say almost everything. I admire his honesty. If you do not believe him then please check again, make sure those women you have known are real women. SHAH SAID IT RIGHT AGAIN ON THE RECORD.


not only anti shah

by markux (not verified) on

I am anti Monarchy in general and anti shah in particular, I don't believe in cult of any kind and will no worshiping any person.
I flow the Jeffersonian creed, that says "I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every
form of tyranny over the mind of people"


یک فعال حقوق زنان به زندان و شلاق محکوم شد

Anonymous/she (not verified)

دادگاه انقلاب تهران مرضيه مرتاضی لنگرودی از فعالان ملی – مذهبی و از مدافعان حقوق زنان در ايران را به شش ماه زندان و ده ضربه شلاق محکوم کرده است.


David ET

To: Markux and iri

by David ET on

Amnesty International issued many statements during Shah's reign about widespread torture and the political prisoners in Iran.

By 1976 they reported that Iran had the “highest rate of death penalties in the world, no valid system of civilian courts and a history of torture which is beyond belief. No country in the world has a worse record in human rights than Iran.”

Your comment that Amnesty was silence during Shah's reign is completely unfounded.

As for women , although they had more social freedom during Shah's era, but many of the same laws of unequality existed back then including unfair family laws. Not to mention that both men and women had no political freedom.

Even Shah's view of women were less than equal which you can view in his interview with Oriana Fallaci and his writings:

Here is an excerpt From the interview of famous Italian Jounalist Oriana Fallaci in her book interview with history 1976:  

Oriana Fallaci: Majesty ... you’re a Muslim. Your religion allows you to take another wife without repudiating the Empress Farah Diba.
Mohammad Reza Shah: yes, of course. According to my
religion, I could, so long as the Queen gave her consent. And to be honest, one must admit there are cases when... for instance, when a wife is sick, or doesn’t want to fulfil her wifely duties, thereby causing her husband unhappiness ... after all! You’d have to be hypocritical or naïve to think a husband would tolerate such a thing. In your society, when a circumstance of that kind arises, doesn’t a man take a mistress, or more than one? Well, in our society, a man can take another wife. So long as the first wife consents and the court approves...

Oriana Fallaci: I am beginning to suspect that women
have counted for nothing in your life ...
Mohammad Reza Shah: Here I am really afraid you’ve
made a correct observation... women are important in a man’s life only if they’re beautiful and charming and keep their femininity and... this business of feminism, for instance. What do these feminists want? What do you want? You say equality. Oh! I don’t want to seem rude, but... you’re equal in the eyes of the law but not, excuse my saying so, in ability. 

Oriana Fallaci: No, Majesty?
Mohammad Reza Shah: No. You’ve never produced a Michelangelo or a Bach. You’ve never even produced a great chef. And if you talk to me about opportunity, all I can say is ‘are you joking? Have you ever lacked the
opportunity to give history a great chef? You’ve produced nothing great, nothing! ... You’re schemers, you are evil. All of you.

It is best to study before making false claims.


to markux (and all anti-shah's)

by iri (not verified) on

women enjoyed unprecedent freedom and respect during Shah's reign ... although i agree w/ your comment on amnesty international.



by markux (not verified) on

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL is a bankrupt organization that was silenced during the brutal rein of SHAH. Although I support the Iranian women struggle, I will not give any credence to such a western leaning organization which picks and chooses its fight based a narrow criteria. Iranian women have always been in the forefront of Iranian struggle for freedom.


due to religious brainwashing or selfish economical reasons keep

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

to the Regime? No reason to worry. Thanks God there is stil the, surely not any more so greate as before, satan who knows how to fight them - over 3ty and half Million - a very small number and in all cases negligible "minority". Please acknowöedge the following:
Iran: Hold int'l summits outside US
Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini
Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman reprimands the US administration for barring a female Iranian delegation from attending a UN summit.
Mohammad Ali Hosseini criticized the Bush administration after Washington refused to issue visas to the delegation scheduled to partake in the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women.
The Iranian Spokesman pointed to numerous similar incidents and called for reconsiderations regarding holding future international summits in the United States of America.
Hosseini said preventing the Iranian delegation from taking part in the summit was a blatant example of Washington's disregard for the freedom of expression and women's rights.
"Denying visas to the Iranian delegation has stopped the Islamic Republic from delivering a report on women's progress in the country, and therefore, from this point onward Iran will be in no way obligated to respond to further calls for reports on women's status, " Hosseini concluded.
On behalve of all these most intensive activities in- and outside of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN it is very probable that the honourable Iranian Nation, who founded its ISLAMIC REPUBLIC 1978, and is living there will give up all its achievements during the last 30 years and invite the allready in its death bed laying satan to come back and take again away as in the time before 1978. Greeting.


Well done Zaneh Irani

by yet another ex Muslim (not verified) on

Well done Zaneh Irani.
However for every enlightened Iranian woman fighting this regime, there must be one or two who either due to religious brainwashing or selfish economical reasons keep it alive.
This campaign must also reach those individuals.


Ah oh, ah jon oh, ah omad

by canada33 (not verified) on

we need freedom for women like in Canada to women get in power and fu,,,,,,the man
200.000homeless man in street of canada most of the victems of divorced


Shameless IRI

by *Anonymous (not verified) on

David ET,
Thanks for uploading this video, and reminding us of existing repression which has been imposed to Iranian women by shameless IRI.

I will gladly forward this, and One Million Signatures Campaign link to the people in my mailing list.


سهميه بندی جنسيتی دانشگاه

Anonymous/she (not verified)


* اگر قرار باشد ترکيب جمعيتی دانشگاه ها طوری باشد که در زمانی زنان تحصيلکردهای داشته باشيم که خواستگارانی تحصيل نکرده داشته باشند، مشکلاتی به وجود خواهد آمد که کيان خانواده را تهديد می کند.

احمد توکلی، رييس مرکز پژوهش های مجلس



soopoor (not verified)

آسوده بخوابيد مردان كه زنان(و كمى از مردان) بيدار اند