Woman resists arrest

Vice police unable to arrest "bad-hejab" woman

This movie is recorded by an Iranian in Sa'adat Abad located north of Tehran ,15th of May 2008 7 pm. In this movie a policewoman wants to arrest a girl because her clothes are "un-Islamic" and but she resists and refuses to go with them. She struggle physically with police.


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Where are the IRI supporters?

by jamshid on

Where are the IRI supporters? I'll tell you where the cowards are. They went to Youtube and flagged the video as "inappropriate", or did something similar to prevent anyone else seeing it.

Their cowardice has no limits.


Nabood bad Jumhuriye Islami,

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

Nabood bad Jumhuriye Islami, Only misery and shame. Nothing good comes out of religion when is mixed with government.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

If you try to click on the video to watch it now, a message appears stating that it is no longer available.

This moment of censorship has been sponsored by the IRI, purveyors of corruption, death, chaos and general trouble since 1979.


You hear from other Iranians

by Anonymous in dc (not verified) on

You hear from other Iranians that it safe to go back and visit and things have changed. our country will never change unless we get rid of this shameless regime. i have not set foot there in 30 years and refuse to do so, how dare they treat woman like this, we are gods creatures as well.


My heart goes out to my

by Yek Irooni (not verified) on

My heart goes out to my country and to this innocent girl who has to live in what I still call my country.


my 2 pennys worth

by Agha_moshe (not verified) on

This is indeed a sad situation. Days of Mullahs are hopefully numbered. But we are very wrong sitting and hoping USA is going to save us. We all should know by now that it was the USA and Britain that put Mullahs there in the first place for their own gains. So If there is anything to be done, must start and end from within Iran itself. I personally do not trust anyone coming from abroad to save Iran. Because if they cared they would have been in Iran right now, fighting not sitting in the security of some western country and shouting. It's easy to " Paye goud beshini va begy lengesh kon".


Just wait, just wait

by miz abdol azim khaneh shahvat panah (not verified) on

for the price of oil to crash. Then your dreams will come to reality! The end is near...


اينجا ايران است


اينجا ايران است.خانه از پايبست ويران است. حكومتش کشکی ،حكومت امام زمان است.کشکی بر مبناي قرآن است. رهبرش رهبر مستضعفين جهان است. کورشش در بند ديوان سيوان است .دولتش پر از دزدان است. رييس جمهورش علاف در ايران است. قبله اش چاه جمکران است.اصلاح طلبش حيران در بند نقش ايوان است.دشمنش زن ,امريکا و جهودان است. دوستش از باب توده ای و رندان است. صنعتش يک قراضه پيکان است   دادگاهش خود از شيطان و مفسدان است...قاضی اش خود از قاتلان است. هدفش شستشويه مغزی جوانان است. جواب جوان ايستاده تيرباران است. بسيج و سپاهش از جنس طالبان است. قوت غالب مردم نان است. بهاي نان،به قيمت جان است.فرهنگش برايه عربان است. ثروتش براي فلسطينيان است. ملا در فکر لبنان است .بچه ملا خارج از ايران است. دانشگاهش ،ستاره باران است. جاي روشنفكرانش ، زندان است. هر كه فرياد بزند ،از كافران است. سكوت نشانه مسلمان است. شركت در راهپيمايي بزرگترين نشانه ايمان است.آنچه هرروز ارزان ميشود جان انسان است. ، ايراني اين را براي ايرانيان بفرست  اری, اينجا ايران است




yes this is a true islam

by Iran doost (not verified) on

since the creation of islam 1400 years ago by barberian arabs we seen only the distructioin and killing by muslim ,I hate this religion and thoes who sayes this is a good religion go and live in Iran for aweek.or any other muslim country.down whit Islam.



by MRX1 (not verified) on

I mean if five guys would have intervened on behalf of her, she wouldn’t have gone through all this. Where is this suppose to be “Gheyrat” that we were keep hearing in 1970’s? where did all that go? how can you just stand and watch some one's mother sister, or wife publicly being humiliated like this? It’s utterly sad.



by kam (not verified) on

I would like to know what Mr Hossein Derakhshan AKA HODER has to say about this?


ای بزرگ موندنی


ای بزرگ موندنی ای طلايه‌دار روز
سايه گستر رو تن از گذشته تا هنوز
ای صدات صدای نور تو شب پوسيدنی
ای سخاوت غمت بهترين بوسيدنی
واسه اين شرقی تن داده به باد
تو گوارایی حس وطنی
تو شقاوت شب قرن يخی
تو شكوفایی تاريخ منی
اگه شعرم زمزمه توی بازار صداست
طپش قلبم اگه پچ‌ پچ شاپركهاست
تو رو فرياد ميیزنم ای كه معجزه گري
اي كه اين شبزده رو به سپيده می ‌بری
واسه اين شرقی تن داده به باد
تو گوارایی حس وطنی
تو شقاوت شب قرن يخی
تو شكوفایی تاريخ منی
ای تو ياور بزرگ همه قلبهای شكسته
ای تو مرهم عزيز هرچي دست پينه بسته
رو كدوم قله نشستي تو كه دنيا زير پاته
غصه‌ء دستهاي خالی لرزش پاكه صداته
توی قرن دود و آهن تو رسول گـل و نوري
تو عطوفت مسلم تو حقيقت غروری
واسه اين شرقی تن داده به باد
تو گوارایی حس وطنی
تو شقاوت تو شقاوت شب قرن يخی
تو تو شكوفایی تاريخ منی
تو مفسر محبت تو طلايه‌دار صبحی
فاتح تاريخی من تو خود سردار صبحی
اسم تو اسم شب من به شكوه اسم اعظم
متبرك و عزيزی مثل سجده گاه آدم
واسه اين شرقی تن داده به باد
تو گوارایی حس وطنی
تو شقاوت شب قرن يخی
تو شكوفایی تاريخ منی
واسه اين شرقی تن داده به باد
تو گوارایی حس وطنی
تو شقاوت شب قرن يخی
تو شكوفایی تاريخ منی


I feel like screaming

by Anony (not verified) on

I feel like screaming and screaming and screaming............ and I just did!
That does not help though. It does not help me nor the women (and men) in Iran!


Fascist and animals

by amir nasiri (not verified) on

A group of animals and savages are ruling and governing our country.

They have done nothing but harm and injustice. They are hurting the people, the economy and the whole conutry.

Their form of Islam is full of hate, racism and savagery.

Islam is a beautiful religion but not their form.

Amir Nasiri



by Rouzbeh (not verified) on

What is with all the "Iranians deserve this" comments on this site? Iranians outside Iranian borders commenting on how those who weren't lucky enough to escape "deserve" this? Do the people that write these comments "deserve" whatever prosperity or misfortunes come their way? What does it mean to "deserve" anything? Is it not choosing and accepting the result? Did we choose anything? In the past 2000 years of Iranian history, when have we "chosen" anything to deserve its result? Was the revolution really an islamic revolution to put this government in place? How can they possibly say that the Iranian people "deserve" anything? People show their dissent and end up being imprisoned, tortured, pushed into obscurity, even killed. The 18 Tir's weren't enough? These type of comments are appalling and do nothing but prove their author's apathy to this country's 30 years of misery.
This video brought a tear to my eye. The simple act of all those people honking their horns, people closing in, it's something. The simplest acts of dissent are immediately associated with retribution from the government. These people simply doing what they did was taking a step forward towards collective interest, as opposed to their individual interest. However, people aren't trying to prove how brave they are to some self righteous commentators on the internet, they're trying to live their lives without endangering themselves and their families. All these ideological comments about cowardice and "deserving" only demonstrate a lack of actual experience in and/or knowledge of our society and its recent history, or any society for that matter.

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

In the name of GOD,the Merciful...

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

After seeing this horrific clip, I know for fact that had I been there, with all my power, I could have seriously killed few people ( to say the least)... You know which ones of course... And I know! Most likely & ultimately, I would have been killed myself ... It's impossible to be so indifferent and scared when you see so much pain, anguish & injustice... And it is impossible to approach such tragedy by simply being civil & non-confrontational about it... I mean, God bless Ghandi & his followers, but I personally can't do it! I along millions of Iranians want JUSTICE, before Peace ...

For now, from this great distance, IN THE NAME OF GOD & IN THE NAME OF IRAN, Let's all pray for Freedom of our People & Freedom of our Motherland, Especially Freedom for our Mothers, Sisters & Daughters of Iran who have been brutlized to such an unjust & terrible extend by this savage and barbaric regime & their collaborators... It has been too long & can't go on any longer... Basse' digheh!!!

Free IRAN & our People .


Women of Iran

by Zion on

It is no surprise that the greatest victims of the regime in Iran and the source of greatest resistance towards the `culture` they have been trying to impose on Iranians. I think, just like the Jews, the Iranian identity is primarily feminine, it is transmitted in gradual intangible ways by mothers and has been able to survive during centuries through its women. This might perhaps sound ironic given the traditional view of these cultures as prime examples of patriarchy, and there are clear patriarchal elements in both cultures, but the traditional view is a superficial one. There is even a mention of this in Jewish literary tradition: Tzion(Zion) and Paras (Persia) were seen as mothers of their people (and they are both feminine nouns in Hebrew.)

One of the key elements of the survival of these two cultural identities must no doubt lie in the exceptional resilience of their women.

I tend to think that it will primarily be the women who would free Iran this time around as well.


They are Iranians

by Alborzi (not verified) on

This clearly shows that Iranians will resist and change their environment. They have done it for thousands of years and they will do it again. Its in their blood. I remember when I was a student in Washington, the Iranians
despite all the discriminations were the most active and vocal.


Iranians can not be Iranian in their own country

by Iran and Iranian (not verified) on

It is terrible, and it will get worse if we do not do anything about it.

Stop genecide of Iranians and Iranian culture.



by Mazloom on

...motherfuckers, your end is near.


Nice movie made in Tel Aviv

by almo5000 on



Chee boodim va chee shodim!

by Ex-Proud (not verified) on

I am sure those who chanted "MARG BAR SHAH" are very happy now!


It is strange ....

by Anonymoush (not verified) on

that there is no comment from Mammad or Q about this post to defend what is going on in Tehran. If you had included any anti-americam comments in your posts they would have come out of their shells and poured in all sorts of reasoning why US is evil, Shah was goh, and IRI is the solution to protect Iranian identity.

Great post Mr Naficy, to remind those chicken-shits, what they are defending. We gave up our soul and integrity to a bunch of idiots and fanatic criminals from the 7th century to run our beloved land of prosperity.

What a shame....


very sad

by urstruly (not verified) on

and ridiculous... what is to become of our lovely iranian women? i mean i left iran when i was a child and i have certain hang ups about men, clothing, etc. that sometimes effect me deeply. what a waste of a beautiful, intelligent culture.

and i agree with azarin.


Islam in a

by rz (not verified) on

Islam in a nutshell............


This is not about politics -

by RIdiculous (not verified) on

This is not about politics - don't be mistaken!!

This is not about BUTTING into anybody's lack of a country!

This is about the oppression, inequality and lack of human rights in a backward culture/religion that has taken over a country.


Shame on the on-lookers

by observer (not verified) on

for their passive and pitifully slow reaction. This nation is desrving of its present rulers.


There is no solidarity

by Iva (not verified) on

After 10 minutes of begging for help, a few drivers decided to lay on their car's horn ... Wow ...

I have heard of instances where people actually stepped in and help the women in distress (i.e. harrassed by Iranian police) ..
Of course, islamic laws allows killings of innocent folks and everyone needs to be careful.


Can you hear the car horns sounding in solidarity

by farrad02 on

That's all it takes guys. Did you hear the car horns sounding ever louder towards the end of this clip. Everyone seeing this event was sympathizing with the woman!

I swear to you; one of these days the agents of this repressive regime will make that one move (kill an innocent person on camera or do something else) that will ignite the end game for their Islamic Republic! 

Ben Madadi


by Ben Madadi on

People are afraid to get involved because the IRI militias identify them and go after them, kill people, arrest them and so on. Poor woman! Very sad reality of a beautiful country trampled on by some fools.