Wine, ney & guitar

Mohammad Nejad plays the "ney" on a wine bottle, while drinking from it!

Amazing! Mohammad Nejad is a virtuoso. See him play the ney in these two other clips also with Freddy Clarke [one] [two]


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by 135 (not verified) on

Force of habbit at 01:51.

We Iranian:

Mey, Ney, and being kharaab. This is just in our blood.
Who can party the way we do?
We begin stiff(cheshm roo ham-ceshmi),
through wine & dancing(khaltoor level) we loosen up,
when mastee hits, the prejeduice is over and
this is the point where our mind conduct spiritualy, falls in trance and all become one.

This stage is, the beyond, and no matter where or who,
it transforms to a Kharabaat,
the place of being, Kharaab;
Singing Haj'v, reading poems, playing Daff & Ney and doing the Sama'a.
This is the real Erfaan.

Nejaad & CLarke are right in the middle of a kharabaat. Particularly Nejaad. Look at his Vajj'd.



by Anonymously (not verified) on

very interesting.