War veterans & benefits

"If America cheers what you are doing, you must be doing something wrong"

University students arguing with Dr. Hassan Abbasi and comparing himself with fellow war veterans whom he believes sold themselves to the West, such as Aghajari and Ganji. Abbasi also talks about war veterans recieving certain benefits and preferences in Iran today and how their hardline views are imposed on society. Abbasi is head of the Center for Doctrinal Analysis in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.


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How ironic...

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

that Abbasi uses the same expression the Shah used to use so often: "Iran will become Iranestan" to end. Are these nationalistic pangs felt by unlikely characters?


براي من همين

Anonymous123 (not verified)

براي من همين كافيه كه سنگ دين و اسلام رو به سينه اش ميزنه , اگر اسلام و عقايد محمدي و كتاب راهنماي او" قرآن" كه هر از گاهي يه چيزايي ازش بلغور ميكنه كه حقانيت بده به تلاوتهاش , آمال و انديشه هايش هست كه اين را كه داريم. اما نه اگر منظور اسلام" ناب محمدي" ست, كه من از ته د لم ميخوام كه خدا اون روز رو نياره كه منم مثل خيلي هاي ديگه بايد بگم بدرود زندگي . دروغ ميگه و من كه اصلا حرفهاش باورم نميشه .


Smart Method

by Abarmard on

The Islamic Republic understands the importance of the Universities in the Iranian society and challenges that they face from the students. It's interesting how the IR has been trying hard to keep the students and their questions open for discussions. This methodology is a "Steam releaser" of the regime against a possible uprising. The justifications of their actions becomes more understood rather than unanswered by the majority of the students who otherwise would be more angry and feel helpless.

Based on this strategy, many students feel that they are part of the system regardless of how much they can influence it realistically. You may read more in to this, but generally this strategy is a good strategy for any regimes or governments, especially in Iran and the results have been good.

I would suggest to see this video in its entirety so you get the philosophy of the system, since this guy is one of the intellectuals and ideological pillar of the regime.


He's lying, plain and simple.

by Zereshk on

For all those of you who think this guy is "smart":

Regarding the video of Mr Abbasi posted below: 

1. "Mammon" IS NOT "Mahdi". Where the hell do people get these ideas from? Read a fuckin encyclopedia, for cryin out loud. Check the references. And think!

2. Lucifer doesnt come down to Constantine because he calls for help. He comes down to take his life. Constantine makes a deal with Lucifer. (why the hell do u think Lucifer pulls Constantine down and prevents him from ascending to heaven? Doesnt exactly fit Mr Abbasi's interpretation now, does it)

Therefore, this guy, smart he may be, but he's lying. He's selling people BS, and people are buying it.

Well then the people of Iran deserve to be a back-ass-ward country until eternity for being so naive and stupid, falling for another charb-zaboon of the regime.


The word of thruth

by Qioumars on


I Absolutley agree with Payam: dorood-man if you want to build Iran don't have a binary judgment of what is right or wrong, be positive and accept others who point of view even if they don't share your ideas. Payam, my respects to your family.

Elsewhere, Abassi beginning his speech to present Aghajari and Ghanji as american agents (that is what he meant) is not, in my point of view, a tolerant person. All long his speech he tries to paint himself as a faithful person, respecting others, darwish in life, ... but if you look deeper, all he does is to bamboozle people. If he admits to speek with Ghanji respectufly so why the IRI regime imprisoned the guy for more than 5 years? Perhaps Abbasi went to jail for discussions? we don't know


Whether he has no self interest or not....

by پیام on

... the guy is misinformed on number of issues. Furthermore he is a fanatic muslim which could never be a good sign.


@ Dorood bar Abbasi: Pls, do not fantasize out loud that everyone here is a coward and has left Iran during war and thus has no right to critisice Abbasi or whoever. To start with I can speak for my own family ( and I am sure there are more like mine), we left Iran way after the war. My father was an air force homafar, one of my uncle's was a Jet ranger Bell and later Cobra gun ship fighter pilot and a third one worked in "sanayehe defa" of sepah. My dad being a SAM (surface to air missile) specialist, has shot several Iraqi Migs and Mirages above Iranian sky. He is a decorated war hero. My pilot uncle was murdered during the war by goverment elements because of his diffrent views. Following that my father was imprisoned for 3 years, despite his war records. After being released we left Iran.


I think that you sould not prejudge people the way you do. Be able to tollerate critisism and be not offended by it. At the end we Iranians will define the type of ruling in Iran and the way you go we will end up having the same intollerant system in Iran for much more time. The only positive point I think Abbasi brings forwards during his speeches is that he wants every Iranian to be involved in the duscussion, even people that oppose him. Whether this is sincer or only to unmask the IR-haters, time will judge.


He's one of the few who does not believe in self-interest

by Fatolah (not verified) on

Power brings corruption....he seems to have managed stay away from it.



by ABBASI ABBASI DOOSET DARIM (not verified) on

Dr. Abbasi yeki az bozorgtarin mokhaye jomhuree eslamee ast. hala hokumat o dost nadari, nadashtebash. vali een mard besiar bahoosh va agah ast. alaki nist ke amreeka va doostash shekaste kordan to lebnon, felesteen, va iraq, bekatere tafakori ke abassi avorde to sepahe pasdaran


It is even worse if you were

by Fatollah (not verified) on

It is even worse if you were a member of Bassij/Sepah and now reside in good old Satan -US of A. What makes you then?


Agha Qioumars, it did not

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Agha Qioumars, it did not occur to me that I was being as you put it a "Moghaled", anyway, it was unintentional! :-)


He is talking and analyzing

by azadi55 (not verified) on

He is talking and analyzing a Hollywood film like it's happened in real life. Are some people really that stupid to actually listen to this guy and believe in his words and sincerity? He is just a mouth piece for IRI but in a contemporary manner. He's trying to get in youths' heads by using what the youth watch and listen to in Iran. Smart of IRI, and unfortunately stupid of those who sit and listen to him.



by DOOROD BAR ABBASI (not verified) on

I love how all the people who are writing comments here are all the type of people who FARAR KARDAN DORANE JANG and they talk crap on people who stayed, defended, and fought for their country. these people have more of a right to determine countrys policies than ye moosh bache sosool karej az keshvar!


now I understand

by IRANdokht on

now I understand the extent of brain damage some war veterans have suffered...  Mowji keh migan ineh? 



To Fatollah ...

by Qioumars on


I saw the video, I had a doubt on the madness of the guy. But now, I'm sure that "Abbasi is really crazy". By force to interpret every sorat, he interprets the film Constantin like if it was written by the prophet.


So to resume: Abbassi is mad, he seems also to be a 'Good Muslim' as the subject here says, so ... don't try to be a "moghaled"


judging out of context

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

i think, he is tolerating the unjustice done to him, because ultimately he believes the regime is Mardomi!


The bigger picture

by BK (not verified) on

Dr. Abbasi is the head of a think-tank for Sepah. And Sepah is the biggest instrument of repression in Iran. Sepah is also Islamic Republic’s primary entity responsible for the fleecing of nation’s wealth for the past 30 years.

Does more need to be said?


He is in the business of

by Fatollah (not verified) on

He is in the business of misinformation, that is enough for me to rule out his points! He has an agenda! Please, see his other videos on youtube. Nevermind, his insults towards the reformist camp! By mentioning the names of Rafsanjani, Khatami, Rohani in his other videos and warning the leaders of IRI for not doing enough because "Shia" girls are smuggled to Emarat for prostitution purpose, he wants to draw a line between the good "ghayour" camp and the bad "not so ghayour" camp (Hardliner vs. Reformist) in IRI. Please correct me if I am wrong, some Iranian women travel freely to Emarat for the very same purpose he mentions and nobody is forcing them!

But, I would ask this man the reason why some of our sisters are travelling to Emarat for the purpose he is mentioning?

Ahmadinejad has a few points too in his speeches, but that doesn't make him a good man, a good muslim or simply a logical mind!

In Iran today, Bahais are under tremendous pressure, why? Young people are stopped in bazarcheh'ha "shoping mals" and asked what they have in their bags and the content of their mobile phones are checked, why?

Do they have that kind of resources to control everybody in Iran, I am glad they don't have access to the kind of technology that America possesses, otherwise "vay be hale mardome Iran"!

Most if not all people in Iran are suffering in one way or other and I don't need this man disguised as jackal to tell me about it.


Something wrong

by Qioumars on


Mr Abbasi says that something goes wrong with Aghajari who was Basiji like him but is approved by US now. What I wanted to ask him is "why the regime that you like so much has empeached you to do every thing normal that you want (travel, ... )".

He claims that it is because he has faith and what motivates him is research. For me that is a no-sense: How can a researcher accepts to be paid 250 000 toman (lower than a taxi man), be empeached to do what he wants, and to have nothing in exchange? I'm lecturer and I can say that science don't makes you blind, either Mr Abbasi is crazy or a regime's bird to undermind Aghajari and Ghanji actions.


The guy belives in alot of khoarafat including imam zaman.

by پیام on

I think he believes in eastern bunnies as well.


Abbas is a good man

by Abbas is a good man (not verified) on

I actually know Dr. Abbasi and he is not a "shayad, "actor" or any of the false allegations you give him.

I simply have a problem when someone disagrees with someone they start calling them names etc. In fact Dr. Abbasi is one of the few hardcore guys in Iran that is not a hypocrite. He lives very meagerly. Hasn't benefited from regime or anything. He doesn't care for these things.

In fact he is one of the smartest guys in Iran, reason why he is head of think-tank for Sepah. HE makes a lot of good points if you be objective about it. Just lsiten to his speeches and you will understand what I am saying.

Notice he said he ws AGAINST the hokm against Aghajari! I dont think people pay attention


why is he a shay'yad? on

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

why is he a shay'yad? on what grounds are u judging him??
what he said was logical and made sense.



by Keanu (not verified) on

Thank you!
I laughed so hard! who is this guy?!
Loved Costantine, and never thought it had so many people confused LOL
Too funny! imagine those guys who are actually buying this crap!
Just a proof that if you look hard enough you can find conspiracy in everything, even in entertainment!


I support him

by Anonymous838283 (not verified) on

you guys need to stop living in such a black and white world.


He is a Shay'yad!

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Not to be trusted! And a very good actor.


but he makes a good point!

by Anonymous22 (not verified) on

but he makes a good point! doesn't he?


Please see :

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Please see and be the judge!


Good Muslim !

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Shut up baba! This man is a phoney. I am not sure whom he obeys? But, he seems to have a benefactor!