US-Iran policy shift

US envoy to meet Iranian nuke negotiator

Undersecretary of State William Burns will participate in the Iran nuclear talks with Iran on Saturday, on a "one-time" mission to underline Washington's conditions for ending the atomic stalemate. (AFP/Getty Images/File/Mark Wilson)

NIAC Welcomes US Participation in Nuclear Talks
July 16, 2008 Washington DC (NIAC) - NIAC welcomes the State Department's decision to have Undersecretary William Burns participate in nuclear negotiations with Iran this weekend in Geneva together with Washington's European allies. While the State Department characterizes the meeting as a "one-time deal", it signals a significant shift in U.S.' long-standing policy and demonstrates a positive step towards reducing the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran.

“The missing ingredient in curtailing Tehran’s nuclear ambitions has been the absence of U.S. participation in the talks” said Trita Parsi, President of the National Iranian American Council. “Undersecretary Burns’ presence at the table will provide the major boost, that to date, has been missing.”

"For all practical purposes, the Bush Administration's precondition that Iran must suspend uranium enrichment before the U.S. will hold talks has been shelved," Parsi added.

Still, Burns' presence at the talks in Geneva doesn't in and of itself signal the imminence of a resolution.

According to Parsi, "there are no quick fixes in the nuclear talks and expectations must remain moderate in the short-term. The immediate objective must still focus on creating an atmosphere that enables diplomacy to succeed." >>>


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No-return point

by Hajminator on


Mullahs have reached the no-return point for US. They've first done and spended millions to overthrow the IR regime and now see that the price to pay for this is much more than they can aford


its actually positive

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Both these countries have (tried) to dehumanize the other. In as much as this move (inadvertently) lead to some humanization of the enemy, its actually a positive move. It will not accomplish what either side wants. US started a war with Iraq when Scott Ritter (an ex-marine) was sending reports that there are no WMDs in Iraq and we all know that Iran is just haggling with these guys. But its positive.


Mullahs will strip 'em naked and leave 'em at the alter

by Luciferous (not verified) on

حضور معاون سياسي وزير خارجه آمريکا در نشست مذاکرات هسته اي ژنو فرصتي براي ان کشور است .


Peace IS POSSIBLE. Iran and US CAN restore their friendly relati

by Luciferous (not verified) on

Peace IS POSSIBLE. Iran and US CAN restore their friendly relations
سخنگوي رييس جمهوري آمريکا مي گويد پيام حضور ويليام برنز در نشست ژنو اين است که واشنگتن به ادامه راه ديپلماسي در قبال ايران پايبند است. every beast gets sometimes tired from barking and grunting. Then i is time to get activ. And Iranians are activ. As 1978/79 the honorable Iranian Nation throew the imperialism out of their country I was sure in my lifetime happens not so many more likewise things. Now it seems to be possible that many many other countries follow the Iranian Way of life and do the same as Iranians did 1978/79. The arab nations have allready begann. The next is europian`s turn.


For True Peace and Propsperity

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Agaha Mehdi try to say it:

For True Peace, prosperity!
Cverthrow IRI, Khook-e Vahshi!!


Mullahs will strip 'em naked and leave 'em at the alter

by Lucifercus (not verified) on

دولت بوش با کنار گذاشتن سياست پيشين خود مبني بر خودداري از ملاقات با ايران در حقيقت تسليم فشار تحميلي وزارت امور خارجه و متحدان اروپايي شده است .


Is IR on US side

by Abarmard on

One must ask what it is that the US or the west requires of Iran and why is it that IR is bad for them?

IR has kept Iran isolated and poor. A country that otherwise should be a main transportation, touristic, economically advanced country. Why would the US want IR gone?


US & israel cannot surive in mideast w/o iran's cooperation!

by gol-dust on

The purpose of the american and zionist military exercises in the region is to intimidate iran and force it to submission at the negotiation table! They can dream on, since the religious people are the most stubborn, and we won't allow the repeat of the past 100 years by UK & US whereby they stole our oil, helping them win the WWll and expand their territories, leaving us in poverty while they lived lavishly with our oil income!! Well, they are planning the repeat in Iraq today! But in Iran, forget it! 

Mr. mostaghel, I appreciate your patritism, but let's not push it! we don't want to become another imperialist as they are. we want to be left alone to live in peace and prosperity! our beloved iran has a great future if we want it badly enough. Having secular, uncorrupt nationalist leaders would be a big plus in getting there!            peace on earth!



by Happy Boy (not verified) on




by Happy Boy (not verified) on



Why Now?

by shirazie (not verified) on

Timing is too strange. Obama's Jab - " outsourcing foreign policy" - got to these guys

At end of their repulsive' s reign. They will also open an "interest section" in Tehran.

what a marriage- Mullahs and Republicans. My money is on the Mullahs. Mullahs will strip 'em naked and leave 'em at the alter.


Congratulations NIAC!

by Mehdi on

For your hard work for peace and prosperity of Iranians, Americans and everyone in between. Peace IS POSSIBLE. Iran and US CAN restore their friendly relations. Hard work does pay off! Hope to see direct talks with Israel too. No war for Iran, or anywhere.


It is about time ....

by mostaghel on

A fraud president presided over a great nation of America. He has basically ruined this nation, either he had good or bad intentions. As far as Iran is concerned, whether there is a war or not that great nation of Iran WILL survive. The sad thing about it will be that history will say something like this "Once there was a great nation with a strong government called United Stated  of America. Due to incompetence of its leaders its domestic and foriegn policies fell in the hands of bunch of blood thirsty individualsc alls Zio-Nazsis. Then the downfall of that great nation gegan. Among their crimes was an illegal war on two nations of Iraq and then Iran both of which have today suvived and florished like two great nations combined in one. These two nations then combined forces after the war and with many othe small countires in the region formed a formidable nation that we know it today as Great Persia. The Zio-Nazi blood suckers' leaders left and their nation is now part of Great Persia".....