Uproar over Interior Minister's fake degree

Oxford has not issued a degree

Above appears to a fake degree issued to Interior Minister Ali Kordan [LARGER IMAGE]. See analysis in Alef, which has now been blocked in Iran. BBC Persian reports that Oxford university officials have said no degree has been issued for Kordan. Also, Abtahi, President Khatami's vice president has condemned President Ahmadinejad for misleading the Iranian parliament with regard to the vote of confidence to his ministerial nominees.

* Asr-e Iran condemns parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani's secret endorsement of Interior Minister Ali Kordan and his lack of intervention against the Iranian president's abuse of the words of the Supreme Leader to get the parliament's vote of confidence for his ministerial nominees.

* Ministry condemns Alef News Agency's correspondence with Oxford University and claims the Interior Minister's degree from Oxford is genuine.

* Raja News, which usually supports the Iranian president, says Kordan should produce an Oxford degree to the Iranian public or resign.

* Five executives from Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting publish an open letter to Ahmadienajd and declare their support for Ali Kordan. In the letter the executives write that the fact that Oxford University's office for student affairs answered Alef News Agency's inquiry regarding Kordan's educational history at the British university shows the "happiness of the imperialist powers."


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I can picture it now.....

The dead flies and rodents on the premises exhibit no visbile signs of trauma, but the rodents appeared to have foaming at the mouth, indicating death was caused by some sort of poison gas.

There was an Indian market like that when I lived in DC. People there smelled so funky you had to cover your nose when you parked your car!! The smell of diesel exhaust from the buses was perfume by comparison!!!



by Majid on

I'm laughing my rear off about your last sentence.....

"Oh, and if you ever find yourself homesick and missing the smell of back home, just go to Wholesome Choice Market in Irvine on a Saturday, when it's crowded. Chances are very good that someone will stink so bad that the fruit flies in the produce section will head outside for fresh air."

There's a better place to sense that, it's called "Kheibar Baazaar" in Fountain Valley, as you can tell from the name, it's not an Iranian market, but...........holy moly !!! 

Going there one time is one time too many!

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Yes you got that right because, in the IRI version of reality, criminality, dishonesty, oppression, persecution, and corruption are rewarded.

As Martha Stewart would say. "It's a good thing."

Anon5...while I agree with some of what you're saying, sometimes in order to get rid of the disease you have to get rid of the symptoms first.

Oh, and if you ever find yourself homesick and missing the smell of back home, just go to Wholesome Choice Market in Irvine on a Saturday, when it's crowded. Chances are very good that someone will stink so bad that the fruit flies in the produce section will head outside for fresh air.



Anonymous 5 ( I have great respect for your dad).

by curly (not verified) on

Lets just say , I know him through this site!
I totally agree with you , even though you are sick of my view! We have to look inward, and these Moran's are our morons, our brothers, uncles and aunts.But by blaming corruption in Israel's government we are not really looking inward ,are we?
We are not inherently corrupt, but raised to be one. What is the root of it , I am not going to say it, since we all know it!
We should get so upset with this lier,fabricating a degree, and at the same time being informed that moral corruption happens all over the world. With the difference that in other parts of the world they look inward, we start to blame Israel, Britain and USA for our shortcomings.


Curly nazanin

by Hajminator on


You can't understand Farsi baba? (I don't mean fengilishi), as you're not blind read what Zion and other mocking foreigners wrote (it's in english) and you'll get the point. 


Sick and tired of Curly's point of view as well

by Anonymous5 (not verified) on

I guess this event is providing us with plenty of opportunities to note our shortcomings. Curly the morons you are talking about are our morons. We keep talking about these people as if they were transplanted from MARS.

You mean to tell me you don’t have relative’s that have idiotic points of view back in Iran? The problem is rather then to own them as the uninformed and ignorant hamvatans that they are, we like to suggest they were imported by Arabs. This disassociation has long been a staple of our culture.

We speak of Iran to westerners when we mean Tehran, and we speak of Tehran, when we mean Neeyavaran and Elahieh. We are horrified at the suggestion that some of us might have body odor and not use deodorant, quickly pointing out that Benetton in Fereshteh Street is right next to a wonderful perfume shop, and yet we conveniently forget the strong odor of sweat that will hit you at almost every place of public gathering.

These smelly uneducated people are our cousins, brothers, uncles, or great uncles. My father is one of eight children and while he spent his time getting educated abroad, he has a brother who was a mechanic. While my father was a politician under the shah, his brother was a revolutionary, and while my father wears Channel Anteus, his brother smells like stale sweat to this day!

We talk nostalgically about the times we had during the other regime, and reminisce about old “naneh kobra” who was our nanny and made our bed with Mickey Mouse sheets from Disneyland, and yet we conveniently block out that the Ahmadinezhads of this country were the sons of the naneh kobras!

We were our brothers’ keepers and we are the reason our family (Iran) is in disarray. Interestingly I was 5 at the time of the revolution, but I consider myself as much to blame (at least as a shareholder in a culture that has produced Mohammad Ali Shah and Khamenei).

Like I said in the post below, the drug dealing criminal that’s my brother is a member of my family whether I deny his existence or not, and whether I attack those who point him out simply because they are not from within my family (this is not a real world example but illustrates my point nonetheless).

Did you know that the fake doctors and mohandes’ I was talking about below are from the Shah’s time? We have been

I just recently found out that one of my father’s friends we keep refereeing to as Dr. ******** has a Bachelor’s degree in law from Tehran University (he’s 72), when I asked my father why they call him a doctor, he responded that the man was enrolled in the PhD program with my father and his friends but dropped out to practice law, and they just kept referring to him as a doctor.

In fact during that conversation I found out that several of my father’s friends (some were deputy minister during the previous regime), were not PhD’s.

We keep talking about Ahmadinezhad and akhoonds like they are the disease. I believe our society and its practices are the disease, and the akhoonds and Ahmadinezhad are a mere symptom of the disease.

So long as we look in the mirror and see Cyrus the Great, and look at Ahmadinezhad and see an Arab we will not be mature enough to address the truth of our dilemma.

We are a culture that states “ghadametan rooyeh cheshm” when we mean “please don’t come I am busy” We are a culture that states “ghabeleh shoma ro nadareh” when we charge three times the price. We are a culture that says “man mikhastam begam” when in reality we stood silent.

We are a culture that conveniently gestures to a child on the phone “begoo neest” teaching them to lie. We are a culture that screamed “death to the king” and “long live the king” in the same 12 hour period! Yet with all the dishonesty we conveniently call “taaroff” or “cheshmo ham cheshmi” we are shocked when our people lie!!!

I say we look inward and fix us because nobody else will, and no amount of criticizing Bush, Blair, Olmert or Sarkozy is going to cure what wrong with Ahmadinezhad and me!


Why are we surprised?

by curly (not verified) on

As long as blind people like Azgil, or Hagiminator, start attacking Israel to cover up the dirt in IRI why are we surprised that this Moran printed a fake diploma ( a bad fake!!! too ) and no one even cares.
As long as Iranians follow mullahs and their nocheh like ahmaghinejad, they deserve to be triked by these corrupt government.
khalayegh har cheh lyegh!!!!


Wait... Am I getting this

by Bravura on

Wait... Am I getting this right? Our Interior Minister had a fake degree but instead of getting fired, he got praised?



What’s the point?

by Mazloom on

If his degree is a forgery then he makes a good Interior Minister.


همه قبول داریم


همه قبول داریم که این مفـت خورها یا دزدن یا جانی ولی فضولیش به این اجنبیا نیومده

همي بر سختيم سختي فزودند
به بدبختيم بدبختي فزودند

David ET

چرا مرتضوی وزیر کشور را تحت تعقیب قرار نمی دهد؟

David ET


Sick and tired

by Anonymous5 (not verified) on

I am sick and tired of us (Iranians) getting bated. The fact our responses to point out what's wrong with Israel is nonsense. Who cares what Israel is doing? As far as I'm concerned the rest of the world can be lead by a consortium of Jackasses, or Nobel Prize winners, how does point this out absolve our responsibility to ourselves as a nation.

The argument below is like someone pointing out to me that my brother has been arrested for dealing drugs, and me responding with "yeah but your brother is a child molester!"

Even if that is true, in the end I am stuck with a brother that can cause pain and heartache in my family because he has a drug problem and he’s a criminal. Far too often as Iranians we want to say “hey, I may suck but not as bad as you. . .or I may suck but checkout Cyrus the Great!”

I submit that the solution to our problem when faced with criticism is to remove the cause for criticism, not to get in a verbal spar. How logical would it be if we reacted in the same way in the following analogy? Let’s say I’m walking down the street having just jumped in the sewer for fun. As I’m walking down the street there is an overweight unattractive man walking by and he rudely says, “you smell like s*it!” rather than to pay attention to the message and go take a shower, I would content myself by telling him he’s fat and ugly.

Just because he’s fat and ugly doesn’t negate my smelling like a sewer, and establishing his weight and appearance problem doesn’t take away my odor! Come on hamvatans! This guy is not even remotely

Every single one of us know someone who is a friend of the family or relative in Iran who is called Doctor or Mohandes and isn’t one. Our emphasis on titles rather than substance is not new.

Why is it when it has come to light in the most public way, we cannot embrace the opportunity to address something that is a deeply rooted problem of ours rather than to address whether Olmert is corrupt.

When are we going to grow up as a people and not concern ourselves with the house next door being dirty when ours is burning down!!!!!


Zion koochooloo

by Hajminator on

Kordan has a diploma delivered by a shepesh univerity in Qom called Osskford (in persian it spells like Oxford) but, compared to the skills of your prime minister who is in charge of corruption or your previous president who was in charge of raping innocent little girls like you or all other blood suckers who rule you, that's nothing, no?



Hey John

by Azgeal (not verified) on

Yes, but all that you said won't affect the people of another country or another race. The ugly dress of a leader does not kill innocent people of a neighboring country. I'm not crazy about the Iranian regime. Yes, they have done many things terribly wrong, but they have never invaded another country, they have not started a war, they have not annexed anybody's land, and they have not put other people in the largest concentration camp in the world.

And my analogy was in response to a Zion's criticism of a stupid minister who has cheated about his diploma, whereas the honesty of the leaders in his beloved country is not any better.


First, just because someone

by ashamed! (not verified) on

First, just because someone chooses zion as a name does not make him "anirani." Are all iranians with arab names arab?
Second, there is no question there is fraud in other countries. The difference is everywhere else, when it becomes evident someone has wronged, they have to face consequences not like in Iran where they just say go f... yourself.
Third, regardless of what other people do in other countries, lying is not justified. If you feel that there is so much that is wrong with Israel, then you should naturally hold yourself to a far higher standard.
Fourth, in summary it just seems that azgeal etc.'s comments are the common Iranian reactionary comments that yes we keep making the same mistakes and acting like retards and it's no one's business. Guess what, the only people who suffer as a result are the people of Iran for having such retarded morons governing them as all other countries gallop towards a better life.


Inane analogy

by John on

Hey Azgeal, since you chose to utter an inane analogy, then the other side of the argument could just as simplistically say that when an Iranian minister lies about his diploma, then all female citizens lose their rights to equality and self-expression, homosexuals are publicly executed, women are barbarically stoned to death, children are put to death for real or imagined crimes, rampant inflation occurs, the country elects a poorly-dressed doofus to be its leader, the country regresses two centuries instead of joining the modern world, and the country willingly and seemingly joyfully makes itself a target for military intervention.

Let's all quit the crap and at least attempt to see both sides of a story without resorting to name-calling and childish playground taunts (i.e. "I know you are, but what am I?").


There is a priceless point here

by Bacheh Tehroon (not verified) on

I was born after revolution and know Iran very well!

There is a point here: look how superficial our society is; fake certifications, illeterate politicaians and so forth.

If this happens in other countries, people will pull down the whole government (btw, we deal with a central ideology in Iran, not a government)


The difference is

by Azgeal (not verified) on

When a stupid Iranian minister lies about his diploma, no land of a neighboring county gets annexed, no homes of innocent people are destroyed, no international law is violated, and no collective punishment is exerted on masses. When a stupid Israeli minister lies, all of the above happens. That's the difference.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on


That document is not even worth the paper upon which it is printed.

True and 1234, what does Zion have to do with the fact that this Kordani idiot has a faked document?

How does this document have any correlation to Netanyahu or Olmert or anything else?

Come up with something first. The "dey are Zionist" sher-o-ver is older than Iran itself. Trying to create an entirely new issue out of this is proof that the IRI is a fraud, as is your argument.


Olmert vs Kordan!!??

by aaj sr (not verified) on

-Olmert is accused but not convicted yet.
-Olmert's accusation has nothing to do with Kordan's fixation of diploma, if Olmert is accused, does it mean Kordan's behavior is justified?
-Kordan's honorary certificate is his conviction document.
-Kordan was supported and confirmed by, Larijani, the Speaker, Ahmdi Nejad, the infamous President and few other top brasses in the regime.
-Ironically, the regime call itself "Islamic Republic" and we see Interior Minister is a stupid crook. How can a nation trust the entire of circus of government and operation?.
--The entire Parliament endorsed the Minister, simply accepting Mr.Ahmadi Nejad endorsement and adding that Ayatollah Khamene ee have been informed about the candidate, otherwise, probably the investigation committee would have find something before the assignment.
-The whole scenario move us one step closer to democracy and transparency.
-Another irony is that most officials running the country , are illiterate, crooks or stupid, starting from Ayatollah Khamenee to bottom. That makes me more hopeful that this regime will not last long.

Where are the defenders of IRI in this site?



by TrueIranian (not verified) on

Also, please tell us about your dear Benjamin Netanyahu and his past fraudulent activities and all other crooks in your country. Please leave us Iranians alone.


Hi Zioni

by Anonymous1234 (not verified) on

tell me more about Olmert. love hearing a zionist opinion on persian sites!



by Zion on

Wow! Just Wow!
Isn`t this just respectable? How can anyone not respect that?
Another reason why the Islamic Republic of Iran is so worthy of respect. Definitely above comparison to any kind of hole whatsoever.

(Was my tone respectful enough? I hope I have not insulted your honor this time around?)