U.S. should bomb Iran?

Buchanan asks Lieberman about attacking Iran

Fast forward to 3:40 minutes: Senator Joe Lieberman is Senator John McCain's foreign policy adviser and Pat Buchanan is a former presidential candidate and political commentator.


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hahahaha... funniest line

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Bush forming "a special committee to put facts together"

what a freudian slip!


Idiot vs Idiot

by salar (not verified) on

Liberman is an idiot, the guy he is supporting is one too. The rest of their government goes down the same category BUT idiots are needed to fight idiots like antarinejad and his velayat. It’s sad but true and sadly it works. It sucks I know but that is what happens when idiots get to run governments.


Lie Berman

by cyrus- (not verified) on

This jerk was a so called democrat but has always voted with republicans from the time of reagan till now. And when the democrats found out that he is a republican inside out and using the democratic party just to braek the votes in favor of republicans , they threw him out . Now he becomes an indeopendent just to save face , why can't he be honest and call himself a republican once and for all.??


Such hypocrisy!!

by Blue-eyed Canadian Sheik (not verified) on

Lieberman actually said "Iran is violating Iraqi sovereignty". Huh???? Didn't the US illegally invade Iraq? Isn't the US still illegally occupying Iraq more than five years later? Hasn't the US killed untold tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians? Isn't the US full of the biggest hypocrits in the history of mankind?



by Majid on

As soon as you type the first 3 letters.........ZION  shows up !!

For GOD's sake, even if you want to say JULY, he pups up!

Like " moosh ro aatish meezanee"!.....LOL 



Lieberman is repulsive!

by benbagheri on

Am I the only person who finds Lieberman repulsive! His head is so far up the pro-Israel lobby, he couldn't see the light of truth if it parked 2 inches away from his baggie cheeks!


Is Lieberman the Sith Lord?

by LUKE of Tehran (not verified) on

Is it me or does Lieberman really look like the Sith Lord in StarWars Episode III in this clip? Why is he so red? Maybe trying to get Oboma to join the Darkside and then get him to disslove the US Senate -then he can attack Iran - so he can go to the Imam Reza Shrine and pray for more money? It has been done before. I mean the praying for the money part.


Pat Buchanan has a very

by sadegh on

Pat Buchanan has a very short memory - Nixon's extension of the bombing campaign into Cambodia and Laos achieved absolutely nil, except for killing innocent civilians (well over 3000 raids were undertaken illegally and secretly without the authorization of Congress, and at too high an altitude to discriminate between civilian and so-called 'guerilla' targets), and even weakened the Cambodian government to such an extent that the Khymer Rouge were able to seize power with relative ease, and we all know what happened next: the KILLING FIELDS. However, just as a result of the bombings some 350,000 civilians lost their lives in Laos, and 600,000 in Cambodia. I don't think this means anything to individual's such as Zion, baraye inke fekr nemekonam irooni bashe va ma'naaye ensaaneatro nemedoone. The only benefit of an attack on Iran is that oil prices will shoot up even further and initiate the US's economic meltdown and the end of Pax Americana. As they say every cloud has a silver lining.


He is also a criminal

by farokh2000 on

This is the same guy who was called "Loserman" when he was running with Al Gore, right?

He is such a loser that, to survive he has changed his loyality 180 degrees at times and Yes, he is also an agent of AIPAC and has a ton of blood of innocent people on his hands.

These people have no integrity, huamnity or shame.

Fortunately, they have no credibility either.



by Daha (not verified) on

See how Sen. lie....berman associates Obama with Hamas!!



He is right .

by Zion on

Many good points he raised there. Thanks for sharing.


Is Sen. Lie.....berman a turncoat?

by Anonymous Ironi (not verified) on

May 12: Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter discusses Sen. Joe Lieberman’s constant defense of Sen. John McCain’s foreign policy.


Lieberman, Zionist fifth column traitor

by Jaleho on

Eversince the Zionist fifth column traitors in the Pentagon like Doug Feith and Wolfowitz, and their spies like Franklin have been kicked out, the Zionists have been pushing to have Lieberman get Rumsfeld's position. They are hoping that either under McCain or Hillary the Rep-Dem mogrel can do Israel's bid in the Pentagon.

Clearly, Lieberman who has been disgraced time and agin by the vote of American people in the presedential or vice presidential candidacy, would not be able to hope a vice presidential appoinment under McCain. He was the factor that made Gore lose depite running on the successful legacy of Bill Clinton. So, American people are obviously sick and tired of the Zionist agenda of Lieberman and Israeli Lobby. But, Lieberman has NO SHAME, and continues to push Israeli wars, paid in blood and money of Americans, this time as the REPUBLICAN foreign policy advisor :-)


Dokhtar e Iran

by Abarmard on

No one buys these guys lies anymore, only Zionist and neocons. neocons have been added to the endangered species.


beating the drums of war...

by IRANdokht on


According to Gulliver cartoon

by Abarmard on

man midoonam inaa maro bomb mizanan, man meeeeedoonam