Tower of Silence

Peace delegation's visit to ancient Zoroastrian site in Iranian desert


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Spirits vs. Analytics

by salar (not verified) on

This a classical example of a hopeless discourse between a analytical mind and a “spiritual” one (whatever that means, I guess you can see what that means by her pointless question) , the lady keeps asking a contradictory and irrational question from the guy in the hat. “if you had not known what this site was about, can you imagine what you would have felt?” duhhh!! She doesn’t even understand her question can’t be answered since the guy already knows what this site is about therefore he can’t say what he would feel if he didn’t know and he keeps saying that and saying before knowing, coming up to the place he was taken by the structure and shape of the tower. Since she doesn’t hear the answer she likes to hear she keeps repeating the question several times without even knowing that her question is totally illogical and pointless. Now, why is it that people like her always keep feeling things and people like the guy keep analyzing things, discovering things, building things, engineering things and don’t wait for feelings and spirits to improve humanity and the conditions of human life.


I remmember 2 imamzadeh in 2

by maa ol shaa eer (not verified) on

I remmember 2 imamzadeh in 2 different cities in iran that had the out of this world magnet. what this dude is feeling is the rays of love emanating from a spiritual source, he is feeling divine love that is eternally showered on the personage intombed in that place. it does not have to be particular to a riligion, it is universal though the personage must have been a saint in his own religion. It is Love that is attracting the receptive heart and it is the heart that intones and magnifies that love in its joy of being the recipeint of such a perfect Love.


its all cool and all

by Maedeh (not verified) on

but this dude is like on another planet... he is feeling spirits from miles away? idk, he dodges off as a bit off balance. maybe he is super spiritual?? who am I to judge? Im sure that there are much better videos portraying the beautiful zorastrian religion...


Where is this palce at in

by mohseni (not verified) on

Where is this palce at in Iran? Does anyone know?



by GOZBABA (not verified) on

I agree that zoroasterains are very nice and spiritual people. I have two very good zoroasterain friends that are great.Wish Iran was all zoroasterain again...


A little more info

by Dakhmah (not verified) on

The ancestral Zoroastrians (Mazdaists) were extremely concerned with purification rituals concerning the mixture of elements, especially upon death. The bodies could be neither buried nor burned because it would involve mixing with the elements of earth or fire and air. So they were left on the roof of the Dakhmah (also transliterated as Dakhmeh) known in Europe as the Tower of Silence, Tour de Silence, etc., to become carrion for predatory birds. Once the flesh was eaten, the bones had to be disposed of through a chemical process which would rapidly dissolve them so they would completely disintegrate and thus not be left to rot, which would also be impure.

That's my understanding, anyway. So yes it's spiritual but I think it has more to do with purification than with actually sending the souls to heaven. After all, crows and vultures...well, you see what I mean. Of course, I'm no expert either.



by devaneh (not verified) on

Zoroasterains are such spiritual people and I love these people.Beautiful religion full of love and happiness unlike you know what...


قابل توجه 90 %

Anonymous123 (not verified)

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