Sports/ski complex

If you wanna enjoy great nature, Skiing ,tele-cabin, mountain climbing and many other sports don't miss Tochal!



We have really lost our

by n (not verified) on

We have really lost our identity....why is he speaking english? On an Iranian site...!!!!



by MM (not verified) on

I think I saw some UFOs in the sky. Minute 1:14.

Curious Joe

Where is the Apre-Ski bar with live band, dancing and cognac?

by Curious Joe on

Given a choice between Tochal versus the Alpes in France and Switzerland, or Aspen in Colorado? -- I'd take the latter anytime.

Who wants to be surrounded by a bunch of chaadori, roosari, and naamoos-parast moral police -- without the freedom to have a  whisky at a bar with fire place, and the choice of night clubs to go dancing/relaxing after a day of skiing?

Why does the IRI regime insist that people may not have a glass of wine with their dinner at the restaurant in Tochal?  Why?  Do they expect people to go and prey to Allah at a recreational place?

How stupid...



onvaght begid akhonda badand

by morcheh barbar (not verified) on

bebin chi dorost kardan een akhonda. dasteshon dard nakoneh. vaghean ke adam ehsase khobi peida mikoneh ba in hame pishraft. che hoteli che jaye khobieh. kash man ham onja boodam. khosh be hale tehrooniha ke hame chiz darand. mane bichareh to in ghorbat bayast zarf shoei konam delam khosheh ke omadam kharej. poof.



by Zebel (not verified) on

Why do you use anonymous name? Anonymous6 ?!!


old and rusty equpment for 10 million Iranian ?

by Anonymous6 (not verified) on

look ate emerat Arab and other's country. where are money go from oil? out of Iran to private bank of MR, Mullah's and rafsanjaniha
he told at 7000 meter, must be Iranian mullahs meter if you pay me I never back in Iran after 12 years I be out is sucks with this regime


Wow, what a view!

by farokh2000 on

It is really amazing what they have done. When I lived in Tehran and did some hiking and climbing, we climbed up to Tochal.

This was about 30 years ago. No lifts and no skiing. It is so great that they have done all this to make nature accessable, and enjoyable to people.

Looks like the News is not all that bad there, even with the criminal Mullahs still hanging in there.



I was there also

by Steven (not verified) on

What an amazing country. I also visited there. Nice to see it again, lot's of memories.


7000 meter above sea levels?

by no_name (not verified) on

Did I hear the idiot correctly. At the 5th station he said he is at 7000 meter above the sea level. Where does he think he is at, the Everest's Advanced Based Camp?


The reporter needs to show some enthiusiasm!!!

by farrad02 on

The reporter needs to show some enthiusiasm!!!